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I just really like Vampire Cookie, okay?


Alright guys, so here’s a few spoilers from @crewefox‘s next chapter in Star of Ceartais, which he will be posting later on today! Be sure to check it out when he posts it. Things get REALLY intense in this chapter like holy crap. I honestly can’t wait to read it. Hope you enjoy the comic in the meantime to leave you guys on a cliff hanger! 

Oh also before I forget, if you haven’t read the story and are wondering why these two look a little, well -different-, it’s because they are HYBRIDS. So yeah they’re supposed to look like that. Byeee

Comics to Read 12/10 - The "Holy Crap Image is Killin' It This Year" Edition

Despite the name hanging on the door of this blog, I’m a fan of a lot more than just DC Comics. And in particular this year Image has just been killing it with their titles. This week, one of the last of the year, has another great debut this year joining Wytches, The Fade Out and Wic/Div.

Kelly Sue DeConnick takes no prisoners (see what I did there?) in this new comic about an all woman prison. Kelly and I reviewed it on 3 Chicks this week and I just hope you reserved a copy if you are a floppy reader because I think this one is going to sell FAST. DeConnick is, of course, tells a terrific story but the artist in this,Valentine De Landro is just fantastic. That’s the variant cover by Jamie McKelvie by the way.

Also debuting this week with a first issue is The Valiant from .. who else Valiant. The team on this is top tier both in writing (Lemire! Kindt!) but Paolo Rivera is doing art and as someone who adored his art on Daredevil it makes this a must read.

I mentioned that Image is having a killer year, here’s some of the other books they have coming out this week I’m reading:

I would pay good money to be on a con call with Fraction and Zdarsky when they are coming up with they are writing an issue of this.

Space Cowboy take done really well.

Police Procedural in Space. 

Rachel Rising continues to thrill. I can’t believe its been 30 issues from Terry Moore.

That is a very nice cover by Tommy Lee Edwards. In this issue the Batmobile loses more than its wheel. No reports on if the Joker gets away.

That’s if for me - what’s on your list?