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roleplay meme || accepting

😤 : Worse role play-related encounter and what advice you would give to others to avoid similar situations?

this is pretty hard since in my 5+ years of being on tumblr, there’s really only been like three big encounters that have stuck with me and p much all of them involved people who… a) have no idea why boundaries are set and b) really need to sort out their priorities because spending all that time and energy holding a grudge for years just because someone doesn’t want to roleplay with you on tumblr is ridiculous. 

like the sad reality is that the longer you’re on tumblr and the older your blog becomes and the more notoriety it gets the more likely you’re going to run into people like that. and honestly just completely ignoring them has been the only method i found that works. don’t acknowledge their anons because they want you to react, don’t rise up to their bait. 

you think you can be the adult and sort this stuff in private, but these are the types of people who will forever be victimising themselves and five years down the road you’ll have moved on and completely forgotten about this one time some person on tumblr couldn’t let go of something, but they’ll still be fuming over something as ridiculous as roleplay. so just… forget about them, move on and have fun because honestly they’ll still be stalking your blog a year later and there’s nothing sweeter than knowing that they really meant nothing to you. 

Hi, Friends!

Just checkin in for a second! Finished most of my tarea de Español, so I hopped on for a bit. I’m gettin ready to make the 400 mile move back to Memphis here in a couple weeks, so I’ll likely still be pretty spotty, but come August, I’m gonna me takin some me time (save studying for and taking the GRE), so I hope to be back around. If you need somethin, shoot me an ask or text me if you have my number. Love y’all and miss you! Can’t wait to have some time to devote here again. 

Side note: holy crap my follower count went up in my hiatus! 

an announcement

yo my dudes. i’m gonna be gone for a couple days (5 to be exact) 
so if i don’t reply to messages, i’m at camp, and that’s why. 
sorry! i’ll get back to you asap

(side note: holy crap i got a lot of followers really fast thank you so so so much each and every single one of you fascinating people)