holy crap look at how perfect they all are


just look at my ot3 over there, mob and reigen with their mouth open, did they do this unconsciously?! their habits are killing me!! and mob is leaning on him, his hand, and in-between his legs like HOLY CRAP the reimob!!! /SCREAMS/


lookit security guard Dimple (SO FINE) and that ekurei connection /CRIES/  look at his frickin face all up by reigen’s ear (damn you earmuffs but i also kinda like you bc you make reigen really cute!) and reigen is being cradled by dimple’s LEGS and im just dying MY OT3 YESSSS and Idk how to match but i see matching with my ot3, very small like Mobs orange pants and the orange on reigens earmuffs and the green of reigens shirt and the green on dimples tie /CRIES/


i love height differences I LOVE THEM so much and i love seeing the ot3s height difference it’s so perfect i feel inspired 

Teru, if i could ask you to push against them a bit more so they could be even closer :”D that would be perfect~

  • Narcissa Malfoy: Ok, you know what? I’m tired of this. I’d rather be normal than this.
  • [imitates Snape]
  • Narcissa Malfoy: Ooh, dear how are you. Gillyweed in a can, so much easier than homemade. Look in that potions cabinet . Whoa, smells like there wasn’t anything good in here for a while.
  • [imitates Lucius]
  • Narcissa Malfoy: Kill all the Mudbloods! Holy crap. I’m not listening anymore, doo dah, doo dah…
  • [imitates Draco]
  • Narcissa: Oh, everything’s turning out perfect for Harry.
  • [increasingly frustrated] Oh, lucky Harry. Everybody loves Harry. EVERYBODY loves Harry. EVERYBODY LOVES Harry. EVERYBODY LOVES HARRY!
  • [everybody laughs]
  • Draco Malfoy: Do me, now!
“Side Effects May Include...”

Summary: She’s taught him everything. All the things he’s missed. How to live and thrive in the future. How to be a SHIELD agent and a black ops soldier. How to be her lover. She’s taught him everything, and everything is perfect. But all it takes is a little white lie and Natasha descends down a crazy spiral of self-doubt, worry, and misery, all leading to one inevitable question: does Steve even need her anymore?
Rating: E
Characters/Pairing: Steve Rogers/Natasha Romanoff
Link: AO3
Author’s Note: Well, I’ve noticed a trend with this series that the stories keep getting longer (I mean, look at this monstrosity - holy crap) and smuttier (… yeah, I make no excuses).  Warnings for a lot of sex :-).  Definitely not safe for work.  At any rate, enjoy this!  Special thanks to @faith2nyc for everything.


              It’d be alright.  It wasn’t like they were ending their relationship.  It wasn’t like that at all.  It’ll be alright.

              So she knocked on the door.  A moment later, Fury’s muffled voice answered.  “Come in.”  She grabbed the handle and pushed open the door.  Fury’s office aboard the helicarrier wasn’t nearly as big or airy as his office at the Triskelion, but it was among the most sizeable rooms aboard the ship.  Everything was still gunmetal gray, chrome, and steel.  The SHIELD Director sat at his desk, flanked by computer screens that were arranged much like his station on the bridge.  His one good eye flicked to Natasha as she stepped inside before returning to what looked like a mountain of work.  She couldn’t tell if he was surprised to see her.  As good a spy as she was, she still couldn’t touch his level. “Agent Romanoff.”

              “Sir.”  She stood at ease before him.  SHIELD wasn’t entirely a military organization, but there were times and places where it was appropriate.  This felt to be one of them.

              Fury glanced at her again.  “What can I do for you?”

              This was it.  She hesitated a moment, because as much as she knew this was right, getting the words out was much harder than she thought it would be.  “I’d like to… request reassignment.”

              Now Fury stopped.  He set down the tablet he’d been using, swiped his data away on his monitors, and looked up at her squarely.  She fought to stand motionless under his analytical stare.  There were a few people in the world whose mere disapproving glance intimidated her.  Fury’s always had been and always would be one of them.  He’d given her a chance, against the wishes of the World Security Council, when Clint had brought her into SHIELD.  He’d looked beyond the horrible left she’d led, the countless murders and robberies and arsons and worse in her history, and had seen a good person beneath who deserved a second chance.  She’d grown to respect him greatly since then, so much so that disappointing him was truly a painful prospect.

              She couldn’t tell if she was disappointing him now.  He leaned back in his chair with a crackle of leather shifting on leather.  “And why might that be?” he finally asked just as the moment of silence was bordering on excruciating.

              She swallowed.  “I think it’s time, sir.”

              “Time for what?”

              “Captain Rogers is ready,” she explained.  She had to get this out before she lost her nerve.  “You assigned me to oversee his training as a SHIELD agent and integration into modern society.  He’s excelled at both.  So my mission’s complete.  It has been for a while.”

“The cast.  HOW DID THEY FIND THESE PEOPLE?“  Am I dreaming?  I knew they were good.  I’d seen so much.  But not good.  PERFECT.”

“THE SOUNDS.  Holy crap.  The sounds.  From the Grievers to the Maze itself.  THE VISUALS.  Seriously.  Stunning.  You’ll be blown away.

“The musical score, people.  So awesome.  By (@johnpaesano).  You’ll all want the soundtrack.  Not one pop song to be found.  Classic.”

“People may think I’m biased until they see it for themselves.  The Maze Runner movie is SPECTACULAR.  That word looks really weird in caps.

“Never in my wildest, most optimistic dreams did I ever think the Maze Runner movie could be that good.  I’m stunned, trembling, crying.”

-James Dashner‘s Twitter rant about his first time watching The Maze Runner