holy crap i'm finally done

a semi-improv medley of a ton of homestuck songs. features showtime, unite synchronization, doctor, penumbra phantasm, a taste for adventure, homestuck theme, and the song of skaia (or whatever that theme is called). i don’t own anything or intent to profit off of this, i just really love the music. hope you enjoy!

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So, this is the short film that I wrote and directed! I’ve been working on it for months with my friends Ryan and Nick (they’re the actors and we composed the soundtrack together,) and I’m really proud of how it came out, and really proud of them for all the work they put in!

It looks way better in HD which is the format I filmed it in, but I’ve been having some problems with file conversions so this is how it’ll be until I get a chance to fox the problem.

You all should let me know what you think! :D