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I’ve been drawing some ghost ‘mons recently so here is one of my many children. His name is Lloyd and he has a Bashful nature. 

Speaking Moffat - Darkness, Light, And A Blind Doctor

(Or: Holy crap, I finally got that)

The Doctor’s current blindness is part of a long-running light-and-dark theme in Doctor Who. Many Whovians, including myself, have analysed it to great lengths, but I have never quite gotten it in terms of metaphoric meaning. Until now. And holy crap - the implications.

So here is how it goes: Darkness and shadows stand for virtual reality. And being blind, then, is a metaphor for being inside the Matrix. 

Remember the name of the Veritas-test in Extremis?

A test of shadows. The test whether you are being kept in the dark or not.

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9.06:  I failed at being an angel. Everything I ever attempted came out wrong. But here … at least I have a shot at getting things right.

(technically I’ve come back around to a point near where I started this rewatch project a few months ago, but of course things in s12 have also come a long way… I don’t even recall when I started making formal rewatch notes, but I know I only started TAGGING these post when it looped back to s1… so here you go, have some wild comparisons to where we stand after 12.21…)

CASTIEL: It’s a fever, Ephraim. It will pass.
EPHRAIM: You remember my name? I was just a nobody when we met, but you – you were a legend. You’ve been here before. This is my first time, and it’s … intense.
CASTIEL: You know, there’s a lot you don’t understand about humanity at first. If you would just stop—
EPHRAIM: Stop? I won’t stop … until I wash the planet clean of all suffering.

It struck me that Ephraim had a very similar ideology to the nephilim, with far less power to influence people.  Ephraim’s solution to end suffering was to end the person’s life, while the nephilim’s is to remove the source of their suffering…

Ephraim had come to fix Cas’s soul-deep EMOTIONAL SUFFERING in 9.06, just as he’d “cured” the other humans who’d been suffering from emotional pain in that episode (interestingly enough all were emotional wounds caused by broken hearts, failed love, the pain of loneliness.

DEAN: Yeah, but this last victim was not suffering. She was just a normal, moody kid.
CASTIEL: But he just got here. The ebb and flow of human emotion – Dean, I’ve been on earth for a few years, and I’ve only begun to grasp it. To him, pain is pain.

Meanwhile we also learn that Abaddon is playing fast and loose with the natural order, collecting human souls before their contracts with Hell have come due. From where we are in s12, I think it’s more of a problem than just Crowley’s “business ethic” that keeps him from breaking deals and just taking human souls to fuel Hell’s power with. Everything in due course, you know? Otherwise MAKING a deal in the first place would upset the natural order. The balance is in the fulfillment of the terms of the deal itself.

CASTIEL: Do you really think you’re doing Heaven’s work down here?
EPHRAIM: I know I am.
CASTIEL: Well, you’re wrong. Earth can be a hard place. But these humans, they can get better. They’re just doing the best they can.
EPHRAIM: Is that what you think you’re doing, Castiel – the best you can? Well, I’m sorry. But if this is the best that the famed Castiel can do, you’re a more urgent case than I thought. I used to admire you. You failed more often than you succeeded. But at least you played big.

Thing is, the nephilim is powerful. It doesn’t need to kill people in order to take away their suffering. But it also doesn’t understand that not all suffering is bad. It serves a purpose. And despite his current suffering, Cas would ALWAYS choose to live:

EPHRAIM: Shh-shh-shhh. It’ll be over soon. I’ll take the pain away.
CASTIEL: I want to live.
EPHRAIM: But as what, Castiel? As an angel? or a man?

and there we have the origin of my Cas vs humanity tag…

But he’s been learning this FOR YEARS at this point, Ephraim is “new” to this lesson. Remember 4.22 (and heck I have made this comparison so many times now):

DEAN: Destiny? Don’t give me that “holy” crap. Destiny, God’s plan… It’s all a bunch of lies, you poor, stupid son of a bitch! It’s just a way for your bosses to keep me and keep you in line! You know what’s real? People, families – that’s real. And you’re gonna watch them all burn?
CASTIEL: What is so worth saving? I see nothing but pain here. I see inside you. I see your guilt, your anger, confusion. In paradise, all is forgiven. You’ll be at peace. Even with Sam.
DEAN: You can take your peace… and shove it up your lily-white ass. ‘Cause I’ll take the pain and the guilt. I’ll even take Sam as is. It’s a lot better than being some Stepford bitch in paradise. This is simple, Cas! No more crap about being a good soldier. There is a right and there is a wrong here, and you know it.


So I say again, in what universe would Cas EVER turn his back on this? In what universe would Cas EVER surrender to destiny as easily and completely as he did to whatever vision of the future the nephilim showed him?


He was willing to DIE in 4.22 for this (and he did). He was willing to stand up to Ephraim for it in 9.06. But he still felt responsible for helping Heaven. Or at least helping his fellow angels… even if he was struggling with his identity at that point. And honestly he’s STILL struggling with his identity even now.

He loves the Winchesters, and feels more a part of their family than Heaven, but even so, he still has a sense of duty to his chosen family rather than a sense of true belonging. It’s a fine line of difference, but it’s still there…

EPHRAIM: You say you want to live. But you can’t see what I see. By choosing a human life, you’ve already given up. You … chose … death.

But is choosing a human life really choosing death? It was for Ephraim, who couldn’t understand humanity.

Any time people start fervently talking about a single being as Kelly and eventually Cas began talking about what the nephilim could do for humanity (lift it to its feet!), it rings every alarm bell I have for CULTISH FANATICISM. And I worry…

Again, I’ll say it. NOTHING about how Cas is behaving now at the end of s12 leads me to believe that he is in possession of his free will. Including the fact that he healed Dean. Because that’s how cult leaders make converts. They go after hearts and minds.

Neurodivergent Lewa?

So , I remember seeing something a few months back about a headcanon of Lewa being autistic. I didn’t think too much about it at the time since there was no discussion/elaboration of the idea, and it didn’t quite line up with the image of Lewa I had in my head…

But I reread the Hapka books recently and holy crap, I can’t unsee it- so many of his behaviours seem consistent with Asperger’s, I could almost swear he was coded that way on purpose. So, I’d like to expand on that idea a bit. I’ll start by clarifying that I’m not autistic myself (to my knowledge), so this headcanon is partly inspired by the experiences of friends of mine,as well as kids I’ve worked with, so please know that I do not intend any disrespect. And please feel free to correct me if I’ve got anything wrong.

So, here goes…


The term “stimming” refers to repetitive behaviours that help someone  stabilise mentally/emotionally, or engage one of their senses for pleasure or comfort. Some examples are hand movements, rocking back and forth, or vocalisations.

Lewa is described as moving and fidgeting a lot. At one point in the story, Lewa’s hands start to shake as he becomes restless and anxious to get back to Le-Koro. He is also shown singing phrases to himself over and over (“Don’t be late, don’t be late…”), possibly a form of vocal stimming. His battle cry/yodelling ( “Aiaiaiaiai!”) might serve a similar purpose as well.


The common stereotype is that autistic people lack empathy. It’s a sweeping generalisation that can potentially be quite harmful, and it comes from a few common misconceptions about what empathy actually is.

When we say someone is very empathetic, we mean they possess several traits and skills for understanding and caring for others. One of these is the ability to implicitly read the emotions of others. It’s true that many autistic people struggle to understand what other people are feeling, or fail to predict what effect their words and actions will have on people. Lewa shows this trait early on- the narrative mentions that he often accidentally insults the other Toa, to the point where they are surprised when he comes out with a deliberate insult. (A far cry from his later portrayals, certainly.)

But a difficulty understanding others’ emotions does not necessarily imply an inability to care about their feelings. In fact, by contrast, there are many people in the world who are skilled at understanding others in order to cruelly manipulate them with no regard for their wellbeing. Makuta Teridax and The Shadowed One are perfect examples.

Which brings me to another aspect of empathy- the ability to share others’ feelings, to be affected by the emotions of someone else. Some autistic people have this trait in the extreme, and can get very emotional about things that are happening to other people. Lewa displays this when the Toa come across a Ta-Matoran traumatised by the Bohrok to the point of being barely able to speak. Lewa’s never even met the little guy before, but winds up getting almost as distressed as the Matoran himself out of concern and confusion.

Lewa’s concern for others also overrides his rational judgement when he comes across the Le-Matoran possessed by Krana. He has been told that the Krana are overriding their minds, but the sight of the people he loves being enslaved and begging for his help causes him to try to help them there and then rather than running away or trying to fight. He’s not stupid by any means, but he is very much driven by his and others’ emotions, possibly more so than any other Toa.

Sensory Overload

After Lewa is attacked by the soundshape, Kopaka and Gali find him curled up in the fetal position, covered in mud, hands clapped over his ears, and recoiling at any noise above a whisper. He’d been there for hours, if not days. This scene just reminds me so much of some of the kids I’ve seen having a sensory or emotional overload and just completely shutting down, not wanting to interact with the outside world at all. I mean, it’s possible that anyone would be in that condition after such an encounter, but it seems harder to picture any of the other Toa reacting in quite the same way.

Either way, that scene definitely tugged at all of my “get the poor guy a blanket” instincts.

Greg’s Lewa doesn’t have so much of this autistic coding as Hapka’s, but at the same time it doesn’t really seem to contradict Hapka’s interpretation. One could argue that a slightly older, less naive Lewa who uses humour and charm to compensate for his social difficulties is a fairly realistic progression, given that the Greg stories are mostly set after Hapka’s.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed reading. I’m keen to hear other people’s opinions on this… Any other autistic/neurodivergent Bionicle headcanons out there?

soulmates! markhyuck pt.1


watch I’m not gonna finish this until the end of 2017

concept: you have a mark on your right wrist that is identical to a mark on your soulmates left wrist (or vice versa).

  •  k imma start when markhyuck first meets
  •  so I’m assuming they joined sm around the same time???????
  •  idk when donghyuck joined whoops 
  •  both of them don’t really care about soulmates bc most people meet them when they’re a bit older their parents wanted them to worry about things other than their love lives so they tried to steer them away from it 
  •  anyway smol mark just flew into South Korea
  •  even smoller donghyuck probably just flew into Seoul 
  •  they’d probably be with their parents until they got to sm but then they got to sm and suddenly they were all alone and scared bc you know 
  • they’re babies
  •  donghyuck trying to act confident even though he was lowkey highkey freaking out whoops 
  •  anyways 
  • all the new trainees are put into a room before they get introduced idk so mark is super shy bc his Korean isn’t THAT good yet
  • but hyuck’s looking around the room and is like “oh, someone my age I guess I’ll introduce myself” 
  • also because he kinda just felt a pull to him???
  • but yeah he goes up to mark to introduce himself and mark is shOo0k for two reasons
  • stutters an awkward introduction and has a lil accent
  •  hyuck highkey lowkey finds it cute 
  •  hyuck tries to talk to him in English to calm him down
  •  mark let’s out a little giggle at hyucks attempt and talking to him in English and hYUCK MELTS A LITTLE BIT
  •  not that mark notices he’s oblivious
  •  anyways they talk to the best of their abilities with mark’s semi fluent Korean and donghyuck’s broken English and all the older trainees are watching them like THIS CUTE
  •  can I make this in the same universe as the yusol one even tho it’s different concepts whoops
  •  bc this is around the same time I placed the yusol one 
  •  they get taken into another room and introduced to the other trainees for a bit and then they go immediately into training bc that’s sm for you 
  • over working children
  • so mark gets taken to Korean classes and hyuck goes to take another language idk I think he speaks Japanese or something 
  • flash forward to the end of the day at like 12 am
  • they go get ready to sleep bc children need sleep and mark is jeT LAGGED 
  • so mark is going to his dorm and he sees a mark on his wrist like oh I must have gotten some ink on my hand during class today whoops
  • tries to wash it off and he’s like lmao tf why won’t it come off its only in- SHIT IT’S ON  mY RIGHT WRIST AND ITS A WEIRD SHAPE WHAT
  • meanwhile in another dorm probably donghyuck is getting ready to sleep and is brushing his teeth and is kinda just looking around he finishes and goes to wash his hands then is like wtf what’s that on my wrist pulls up his sleeve and he’s like hOLd UP
  •  tries to wash it off A G G R E S I V E L Y 
  •  then he’s like SHIT IT’S A SOULMATE MARK 
  •  bc he was like “I’m a child I thought I wouldn’t have to do this until I’m like 16 NOT 11″ 
  •  after the initial freak out though they’re like holy CRap I have a soulmate and theyre probably in the same building as me
  •  but they both try to keep the whole mark thing super lowkey bc people usually keep it kinda hush hush bc it’s a personal thibg
  • anyways they don’t really see each other for the rest of the week until their first evaluations bc they’ve been working so hard 
  •  they bump into each other during evaluations with each other they talk and stuff and it’s really cute bc they’re the only two that are around their age so?????
  •  these idiots don’t think about their soulmate mark but they just think about wow I like the presence of this person
  •  they get assigned to do a partner evaluation in two weeks so they agree to meet in a practice room the next day they feel just really warm after they finish talking????? and happy????
  • they’re both wondering if the other person could be their soulmate instead of sleeping 
  •  aight next day they get up at like 6 in the morning, do all their usual stuffs, and meet at around 7 at night for practice
  •  they’re usually tired as shit but they’re actually really happy bc they’re meeting with a person they very much to be around
  • like donghyuck would never admit it tho he’s a sassy lil shit
  •  both of them are too shy to ask the other about soulmates
  •  but they’re scared like what if this person isn’t my soulmate what are these feelings I probably shouldn’t be feeling what the fuck
  •  marks in absolute awe of donghyuck’s vocals 
  •  hyuck watching mark rap and melting a little bit bc it’s cheesy but it’s cute like him
  •  like they’ve only known this person for two weeks but they feel like they’ve known them their entire life?????
  •  they get more talking done than actual work whoops
  •  next day they’re super tired but they super happy bc they have plans with each other again
  •  working in like perfect harmony people are jealous of these two geniuses
  •  day of the presentation mark is like freaking out 
  •  donghyuck literally has to slap some sense into mark 
  •  the performance was super cute everyone was melting
  •  I’m imagining their billionaire performance rn you feel
  •  after the performance 
  • both of em are lowkey sad they don’t have an excuse to hang out with each other bc they don’t know how the other feels about them you feel I feel I’m writing this
  •  ANYWAYS how many times have i sadi this holy crap
  •  later hyucks just like fuck it I’ll ask him if he wants to practice tonight just cause 
  •  and mark obvs does 
  • so they do that and it just becomes routine 
  •  keep in mind this whole time they don’t know the others their soulmate mark
  • but they don’t give a fuck because they just want to be around each other
  •  when mark remembers his mark he lowkey freaks out though because he really wants it to be hyuck but he’s too shy to ask him and he knows it’ll just crush him more if he sees that hyuck has a mark and it isn’t identical to his
  •  hyuck is just kinda frustrated because the only person he wants it to be but he feels like mark deserves better than him and like bby no you’re perfect 
  •  when hyuck feels down and compares himself to other trainees mark is always there to cheer him up
  •  they buy each other food and make sure the other is always healthy
  • hyuck roasts him a lot tho
  •  they’re basically dating but they’re not
  •  all of the other trainees are pretty sure they’re soulmates but no one asks they find out they’re soulmates
  •  the day they get into smrookies they went out to dinner with some of the other rookies 
  •  keep in mind this is about two years after they met 
  • and they still haven’t brought up the topic of soulmates 
  •  anyways the others go back to the dorms
  •  but mark and donghyuck decide to go practice together bc it’s like their routine
  •  after they go through some runs of their routines they’re just chilling on the floor with their phones or something
  •  mark has always wanted to ask him this but like he’s always been too shy but he got such a big boost of confidence that day he’s like fuck it it won’t hurt that much if I ask right
  •  so he’s like
  •  "hyuck?“
  •  "yeah”
  • “have you….um….gotten your soulmates mark yet?“ 
  •  "yeah”
  •  awkward silence 
  •  "what about you?“ 
  •  "yeah. I got it a pretty long time ago actually.“ 
  •  and this whole conversation is going on while they’re sitting side by side looking at the ceiling while they’re sweaty and stuff 
  •  anyways the gears are working in hyucks head now
  • "weird. like not weird weird. i mean its cool. i got mine a while ago too”
  •  "how long ago?“ 
  •  "about two years?” 
  • "huh, weird. me too" 
  •  istg they’re so oblivious
  •  "I think I got it the night I got to seoul" 
  • "same”
  •  and mark kinda trails off
  •  and they kinda just turn to each other
  •  "which wrist?“
  •  and hyucks heart is like, beating outside of his chest 
  •  "right”
  •  mark is lowkey freaking out because he’s trying not to be hopeful but it’s kinda hard when there’s a chance the person you’ve lowkey liked for the last two years is your soulmate you’re gonna freak out a lil bit 
  •  "mine is on my left…“
  • then they both sit up and frantically pull up their sleeves
  • theyre not even talking theyre just trying to look at the goddamn mark thats kinda been haunting them for the last two years 
  • and surprise surprise
  • they have matching marks
  • mark has his mouth open hes sh0OK
  • hyuck just inhaled really sharply
  • then donghyuck snaps out of it and just hugs mark and hes been waiting to do this for so long
  • hes lowkey crying
  • mark is just holding on loosely at first
  • and hyuck is almost scared like
  • oh..he doenst like me
  • but then mark just hugs him super tightly and hes like sobbing 
  • he keeps on whispering “thank god”
  • and then hyuck cries even more
  • and then theyre just holding onto eachother in an empty practice room and asgfjkahglasjgh


i still have to write the pt.2 for the yusol au crap


Part Two


planetariumnights  asked:

You are an incredibly amazing writer and I'm sad that I only just came across your work yesterday but holy crap friend I couldn't tear my eyes away!! I know lots of artists don't like their work (I'm the same way) but when you do hit those moments of hating what you've done or how you write remember that you have so many people supporting you and loving what you do and looking up to your work! You are so inspiring and so talented! Keep your chin up!

i’ve been keeping this message in my inbox because it makes me smile so much. 

i’m sorry that i haven’t updated anything in a long while, but i’m so thankful for all the support I’ve been receiving. it’s really been helping me and I am just…really happy to have it.

i really don’t like to burden others, but it’s nice to know that I can be open when I feel low. 

anonymous asked:

hey :3 could i make a request for law, kid, mihawk being in a heated argument with their s/o and afterwards making up? (nsfw or sfw, both would be fine with me :3)

(Here you go! I wasn’t in an nsfw mood when I wrote this that’s a first wow haha so I just went with sfw.)



Being in a pirate crew is dangerous, that much is obvious. People are bound to get hurt at some point and need help. That is whole reason for a doctor to stay on board. They are there so when the inevitable happens they can be there to patch up the rest of the crew.

While that much is true, if the doctor is particularly close to a person they can get worried when they end up getting hurt. Law is no different in this. He worries that he will lose his partner and he doesn’t want that to happen (not that anyone would). The man cares, but sometimes he isn’t the best at showing that. He’ll often scold his lover if they get hurt and that can lead to arguments between the two. Unfortunately, one such situation was happening.

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I really like your writing and I was wondering if you have also a fic rec tag? Or maybe some authors/works that you like?

Ok first of all THANK YOU PETAL for liking it :’) and secondly yay! I’ve been waiting for this ask since forever! Ofc I have writers I love (even tho I should do a fic rec post sooner or later), and they are truly great, you should really check their blogs and send a lot of love to them too <3<3

Anyway, here we go –> @inktae ok, you may know her cos she is the best of the best *cries cos her works are just too good to be real*, seriously, feelings are gonna hit you hard and you’ll cry all your tears too COS EVERYTHING IS SO REAL OMG, especially if you are a Jeon stan!! And hell, her plots are incredibly original, the style so on point AND THE AUS HOLY CRAP they’ll take you to a whole new universe, seriously, best fanatsy!aus EVER :’) (and she’s my fave pal too eheh, ily Mari)

@cyphertrip, everyone listen! THIS GIRL HAS THE MOST REFINED, THE MOST INTRICATE, THE MOST DELICATE STYLE EVER, probably the writer I look up to the most, she deserves way more recognition tbh, especially for her flower!boy series. The bts she describes are so dreamy, her words literally glows in your soul ok. She keeps her ideas simple and yet extremely original at the same time (how even), you’ll never get enough. Seriously, I thank her Muse every day for gifting her with such a lovely talent (And the smut holy cow, God may forgive me for what I thought as I read it) <3

@sugajpg THIS GIRL PEOPLE! THIS GIRL IS A GIFT FROM THE GODS OK? her style is so simple and yet so rich at the same time, I’m not sure she can exist for real! Again, a writer that can play with words just as much as she can play with your feelings, the suspance is just too high sometimes. Go check her killer!tae, it’s literally wreaking me - the way she describe him oh god, so perfectly messed up :’) *me is proud*

@dreamscript, ok, another veeery famous writer out there, and maaaan there’s a reason if she is, indeed! Her master list is damn HUGE and you’ll find anything you ever dreamed of! this girl is so ductile: she can write anything, from angst to crack, to smut and fluff. once again, she can come up with awesome, original ideas (and tbh cocky jeon is my fave)! I always have a great, relaxing time reading her works.

@myfeelsinink, so, I truly do not know how she can do it, but her stories are super long and still I always end up never getting enough? I was hooked up by her first smut with tae (it should be called Luna), then I saw how well she can do with fluff too. With words she always creates a whole universe and you’ll never get tired of being surrounded by it :’) *cries again cos everything is too perfect*

And last but not least @drabbles-about-bangtan​, ok her master list is like 90% jeon fics AND THEY ARE SO OH SO GOOD, she’s probably one of the writers who can portrait him the best! Again cocky kooky, shy kookie, everything! but holy crap remember to check her gang!aus and vampire!au too: they are so well written, the style flows so well, everything is cured to the last detail, really, there are so many reasons why I love her works I could write an essay <3

Waaah, that was long! Ok so, these are my fave authors, the ones that come to my mind when I think about great, talented people <3 even tho ofc there are many other good writers out there! 

In the next weeks I’ll do a proper fic rec post, adding more authors and stories, until then, these will keep you occupied enough! They all have such refreshing stories and ways of writing, they deserve every single drop of love they are getting and will get <3

I hope you’ll enjoy discovering them just as much as I did :)

P.s. @wolfjeon​, this girl has only posted a prologue (werewolf!tae), but I swear, she’s so promising!! She has a very poetic style, and I’m sure everything she’ll post in the future will be great, so, keep an eye on her eheh ;) <3

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i remember a while ago someone asked you for all your fav jimin pictures so now i wanna see some of your fav yoongi pictures if its not too much trouble! also i love your blog ive got you on post notifications and i always get really excited when i get a notification that youve posted💕💖💕

thank you!! here are my favourite yoongi pictures ♡

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John Laurens- Wasted

For my favorite and my Alexander Hamilton, @ladytwice , or you may know and love her as a writer who’s unafraid to step in, @hamilsquadxreader . Her request was “Oh my god, you just screamed "SO WHAT IF I LIKE YOU, WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT” at the top of your lungs in a really crowded restaurant, and how about for starters, I take you home and get you sober?“ with Laurens. Hope you like it, amiga.

Warnings: Lots of drinking, implied sex, you are so wasted

"This is gonna be the best night ever!” Peggy giggled, surveying all the drinks going into drinkers hands.

“This is gonna be the worst night ever.” You groaned as Angelica slammed a beer in front of you.

An hour later you and the three Schuyler sisters were completely WASTED.  Men kept sending the four of you plenty of drinks, and neither of you could remember how many drinks you had anymore.

“Holy crap, that’s my boyfriend,” Eliza said, waving. “ALEXANDEEER!”

“Wait, Liza.” Angelica whisper yelled. “Burr keeps sending me drinks, should I go over?”

“No.” Th three of you responded.

“It’s a bad idea, Jelly.” You said. “We don’t like him, remember?”

Angelica shrugged and walked over, swaying her hips. Eliza stumbled to Alexander, falling into his arms.

“Look, it’s Maria. I’m gonna go talk to her- MARIA!” Peggy yelled, tripping on her heeled shoes.

“Now I’m all alone.” You whined to the bartender, who shrugged and gave you another drink.

“You don’t have to be anymore.” A voice purred in your ear. You were getting ready to punch this guy, and then you realized it was John Laurens, your boyfriend.

No, he wasn’t your boyfriend. He was just a friend.

“Turtle!” You exclaimed happily, wrapping an arm around his shoulder. “Turtle, I think I had too many alcohol.”

“I think so too, darling.” John drawled, his southern accent more prominent in his drunk state.

You two chatted pleasantly, him drinking water to sober himself, you continued to down whatever was being given to you. Angelica was paying for whatever wasn’t on some guy.

On many occasions, you brushed his shoulder or something, and it took every fiber of your not drunk being not to kiss him.

And then John brought up your ex-boyfriend.

“We’re not together anymore.” You slurred. “I didn’t like him. I like someone else.”

“Well, who is it? Me?” John joked.

Clearly drinking too much is bad, because before you could think, you were screaming.


John bit back a grin. “Come on, darling. Let’s get you to my place and sober.”

His “place” was what you and the sisters called the dump. He, Alexander, Lafayette and Hercules all shared the space. it was constantly a mess of beer, food, and girls.

“Drink this, it’ll sober you right up.” John said after a moment of his back turned to you. The drink was green and slimy, and there was no way you were gonna put it near your mouth.

“Nuh uh.” You said, pushing it away. “Not ever.”

John grinned and pulled a fake flower out of the fake bouquet on the table. He put it in the drink. “Wanna drink it now? The flower likes it.”

You laughed and pulled the glass to your mouth, downing it all in one go.

“Ewww.” You cried. John shrugged.

“You’re sober now.”

“But, I didn’t even get to make any really bad drunk mistakes.” You complained, wrapping your arms around John’s shoulders as he wrapped his around your waist.

“But how about we do something that we both need to be sober and give consent for.” John smirked, wiggling his eyebrows. “It’s quite great, you’ll love it.”

You grinned and pressed your lips to John’s before pulling away, smirking.

“Then let’s go.”

Hanging by a thread (Drowning part 2)


Word count: 1000



“Y/N!!” You heard Luke’s familiar voice call out, but you couldn’t open your eyes.
The last memory you could recall was going to the restaurant, but for the life of you couldn’t understand what was going on.
It was like you were trapped in your own head, running in circles, but not going anywhere, standing in the same place still.
“Oh god, Y/N what did you do? Holy shit baby please open your eyes.” You heard him beg again.
You could feel hand connect with you face in efforts to wake you, but it didn’t.
“Please for the love of god please wak-” You could tell something had caught his attention and interrupted his sentence.
“Holy shit Y/N, did you take these?” He asked, obviously referring to the bottle of pills lying on the floor.
“Oh my- No, No, No, Please don’t leave me.” He pleaded.
You could feel him lift your body up so you your chest was leaning over the tub, shoving his finger down your throat at an attempt to clean out what might have been there and
your body reacted to his actions, making your stomach contract and immediately throwing up the contents.
“There you go darlin, come one now, wake up.”
He coached.
As if on cue you felt your eyes flutter open and you were faced with a disheveled looking Luke.
“Holy shit Y/N you scared the hell out of me. What happened? Why did you take so many of theses?” He asked with concern, and your brain began flooding with memories.
“I-I was hurting.” You started,. “Everything was hurting.” He looked down at you sympathetically. “Did I make you hurt Y/N? Did you do this because of me?” Almost instantly you remembered how and why you were here. It was because of Luke, he told you he told you he didn’t need you and treated you like crap.
You pulled his grip off you and he looked shocked, almost as if he didn’t know why you did it.
As silence filled the room you finally took in your surroundings, realizing that you were fully naked in front of Luke, so you moved your hands to cover your breasts.
“Get out.” You spoke, your voice trembling terribly as you tried to regain control of your body.
“I’m not gonna just leave you by yourself baby.” He spoke, he tried to rub your cheek but you backed away.
“Don’t call me that. You don’t get to call me baby.” You frowned angrily.
“You said you didn’t love me Luke, hell you even ignored me for half the night!! What did I do to deserve that?” You voice cracked mid way through your sentence, but you knew the effect was still the same.
“Y/N” He spoke carefully.
“Please, let’s not argue. You need to get cleaned up and I’ll take you to the hospital.” His stern voice let out.
“No.” You replied, “Stop fucking acting like you care.”
“I do care!! I walked blocks trying to find you..”
“Why Luke? So the guys wouldn’t think you were that much of a heartless basterd? He sat there quietly, so you took that as a sign to get out.
“Can you just get out? I have to get out.”
Without arguing he stood up and left, closing the door behind him.
Shakily you stood up, depending solely upon the edge of the bathtub for support.
You picked up your undergarments and slipped them on, immediately grabbing the hot pink tooth brush and brushing your teeth.
Once you had finished you stepped out of the bathroom. Noticing Luke’s shirtless frame sitting on the bed.
You turned out the bathroom light and crawled into bed, ganging Luke’s attention.
“Please talk to me Y/N” He asked from the other side of the bed.
“Are you fucking insane? You treated me like I wasn’t anything, you didn’t talk to me, you hardly wanted to look at me… Then you say you don’t love me.”
You could here him sigh loudly as he turned so his stomach was facing your back.
“You know I didn’t mean that. I just… I was just angry.”
“Why? What did I do?” “You didn’t do anything, I just saw you talking and laughing with Ashton that day and, I got pissed.”
“Seriously Luke? You fucking embarrass me and treat me like a dog because I was taking to Ashton? Do you know how dumb you sound?” You yelled widely. You were now beyond pissed and Luke was the cause.
“Please calm down.“ He pleaded, rolling over and grabbing your legs.
“I’m sorry!! What I did was dumb and I lashed out on you for no reason. Please don’t break up with me.” He spoke, his normally rough voice now barley above a whisper.
You pushed his hands off your thighs, roughly.
You felt bad about it but it’s what he did that caused this.
“You made that decision when you acted like an ass. Luke. You can’t treat people like dirt because your pissed.” You spoke, rolling onto your side.
“But…. I love you Y/N. I know what I did was wrong. But don’t forget that I do love you okay? Please? Even if you hate me for what ever else I did. Don’t forget that I love you.”
His words came out like a poem, and you turned back to face him.
“Luke?” You called out into the darkness, and he turned around.
Even in the pitch black you could make out his facial features, and without warning him your crashed your lips onto his.

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HOLY. CRAP. This page has gotten so many followers in the months since I started this blog! I’m so glad y'all like mine and my Daddy’s conversations and opinions so much! This delights me beyond words. 704 followers since… Oh I can’t even remember when I started this blog, I know it was late last year. Maybe November? Who knows?
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The Morning After

A/N: Man this took me a while. Pus if you want smut then please tell me cause i was like eh what ? should i?nah? maybe… haha

Your eyes slowly fluttered open as they adjusted to your surrounding. You grunted in pain flipping over to the other side finding a better angle, until you realised you were completely butt naked. Wait why were you naked? Memories from the previous night flooded your brain and you got fragments of you being in utter pleasure. When you began to focus a familiar yet recent knot began forming in the pit of your stomach as you remembered you slept with Dean frigging Winchester. The man you’ve had  crush on for weeks.

“Holy Crap” You exhaled thinking of so many things.Does this mean you two are together? You sat up and looked to your side expecting him to be there but it was empty and wrinkly but slightly warm. You flopped back onto the bed remembering the blissful night.


You flipped your hair over to the side while you sat across from Dean at the bunkers library. You needed to figure out how to kill this hybrid vampire thing that didn’t even have a name. Dean let out an annoyed sigh and he looked up at you. He knew you liked him but he didn’t like you in that way. He appreciated your beauty but never in a romantic way. That doesn’t mean you two can’t have fun, right?

“Y/N, you are so beautiful I can’t even comprehend your beauty” With rosy cheeks you shook off his compliment, shy at the sudden confrontation. You weren’t in love with Dean but you had a crush on him, you just constantly wanted to make out with his face and that’s it.

“Seriously Y/N” Dean arose from his seat and walked behind yours, he brushed back your hair exposing your neck. He kissed the back of your ear trailing down to your collarbone. You and Dean had never been this physical before, the only time you two ‘held hands’ was when he pulled you up from the ground after a hunt.

“Your smile, your laugh, your lips and your body. Oh dear god don’t get me started on your ass” He was now leaving bite marks behind on your neck as you closed your eye from the pleasure. But you started to panic, you like Dean but you don’t want to be with him only for sex. Dean pulled your face towards his and kissed you softly before you started to heat things up. He got the idea and pulled you out of your chair, never once leaving your slightly swollen lips. You moaned against his lips when his hardness touched your sensitive and throbbing womanhood. You felt your body ache for him but you were nervous.

“Dean, I’m a virgin.” You breathed out against his lips and he pulled apart, staring sweetly into your eyes.

“Oh… We don’t have to if you don’t want to Y/N”  you shook your head, you knew you wanted it to be with Dean. Well originally you wanted it to be with Sam. You sort of fell in love with him when you first met a year ago but after the failed attempts of flirting you got the idea that he wasn’t interested. That was before you developed feelings for the green eyed hunter.

“Just not here, my bedroom.” Dean wasted no time, your grip on his legs became tighter since the friction between you two wasn’t enough. He basically ran into your room ripping his shirt off and yours in the process. He slammed your door shut and the noise echoed through the bunker alerting Sam. Sam walked across the halls with a gun in his hand and abruptly stopped when he heard yours and Deans moans exiting your room. Sam’s head hung and he walked away from the heartbreaking scene, indulging himself in alcohol.


You had to admit, last night was freaking amazing and being sore was totally worth it. Slowly and carefully you got out of bed and walked over to the mirror. Your hair was a mess, bruises were slowly appearing on your neck and breasts. Your butt had two red handprints on them from Dean’s pleasing harshness. For your first time it was quite… euphoric. Putting on a baggy shirt which hid most of the marks and some tights, you walked out of your room to the kitchen. You saw Dean wearing his robe making coffee with three cups on the counter.  Dean heard you walk in and a smile crept onto his face, to say you didn’t look beautiful would be a lie. He noticed the glow surround your being and the smile plastered on your refreshed face.

“Hey, Y/N. I was just about to bring you this. Look I gotta go on a hunt so I’ll be back later tonight, okay?” He handed you the cup of coffee with a firm kiss on the side of your forehead. Your smile fell when he left, you had so many questions. Like where you any good? Or are you two dating now? You continued drinking your coffee while you continued reading. You heard padded footsteps and you looked up, seeing Sam. You noticed the lack of sleep, since it was evident on his face and he avoided your eyes.

“Morning Moosenator” His face softened and chuckled at your horrible nickname. He grabbed his cup of coffee and sat across you.

“I really wish you’d stop calling me that. And Good Morning.” He slightly sipped on his coffee watching your messy y/h/c hair fall on your face. He had the urge to push it away but he swallowed the thought instantly. He had his chance to be with you but he didn’t want to put you in danger. He knew you were flirting with him and he so wanted to give in but anyone who is romantically involved with him always ends up hurt or worse.

“Never so how’d you sleep?” His eyes travelled to your y/e/c ones. He felt drawn in whenever your eyes would meet. He knew, no artist in the world could truly capture your beauty as it was truly unreal and unique. That you were one of a kind.

“Barely, you and Dean were so loud” He swallowed the lump in his throat, emotionally hurt that his brother would betray him like that. Dean knew Sam liked you but he knew Dean deserved happiness. Even if it meant giving up you.

“Oh dear god… I’m so sorry! Sam I don’t even know how that happened? What does this mean?” Sam drew an extra long gasp of air as he tried to create an answer in his head.

“Uhm…I don’t know, Y/N. Maybe you should ask him later tonight?” You nodded and stood up from your chair.

“Thanks Moose-Man. I’ll see you later, Charlie and I are gonna catch a movie together.” With that you left Sam behind in the kitchen with a slightly broken heart.


You entered the bunker, with a smile still on your face. Today had been so good, Dean, Charlie, Sam, home… everything. As you walked down the stairs you heard an extremely feminine chuckle coming from the kitchen.

“Does Sam have someone over?” You slightly felt jealous at the thought of Sam having someones over but you ignored it by walking towards the source of the laugh. You entered the kitchen to only have your heart dropped to the floor as your eyes widened. Dean was seductively whispering into a beautiful womans ear, she had her head back in laughter. She caught a glimpse of you and slowly pushed Dean away from him.

“Hey, who’s this?” Dean turned around and looked at your hurt state. He panicked, he forgot to tell you it was a one time thing. He felt like a dick but he thought you kinda understood.

“Y/N, I thought you were sleeping?” Sam entered the kitchen and saw you, a smile made a way to his face when you were in his sight. You literally made anything fun and without you he was really bored today.

“Hey Y/N. Finally your home, I want to watch that show you were talking to me about ” Sam’s voice became soft halfway through his sentence due to him trailing off by the tears in your eyes. He looked to where you were frozen and saw Dean groping another women initmately. Sam stepped in front of you, his once loving posture turning protective and pissed off in an instant. You saw his animalistic behaviour and you thought it’d be best if you were gone.

“We’ll leave you two alone” You grabbed Sam’s tense hand which gradually melted into yours. You frantically pulled his hand away from the kitchen, afraid of breaking down in front of Dean. Walking into Sam’s room you let go of his hand while he paced around his room.

“I am going to fucking kill him.” Sam repeatedly said, anger now controlled his entire form. “Did he just fucking use you…for sex?” Sam’s anger disappeared when he saw you wince at his question.

“I’m so sorry Y/N” You walked passed Sam and sat on his bed, slowly sinking in.

“I should’ve expected it. I mean I’m me… and Dean’s Dean! I should have fucking known I was some one time thing. I just wish I didn’t waste my damn virginity. God dammit I’m so stupid. ” You shook your head in your hands, letting the tears flow from your face.

“Wait… he took your virginity?” To say Sam was shocked was kind of an understatement. You were beautiful, perfect, sweet, hilarious and amazing. Plus you’re 26, how could you have resisted that long?

“Yeah originally I wanted it to be with you but you sort of rejected me” Your eyes widened when you realised what you said. Holy shit you’re screwed. You slowly moved your head to face Sam and noticed he genuinely looked hurt.

“Now I’m really going to fucking kill him.” He brought his hazel eyes to yours and stared deep into them with nothing but love. He regretted pushing you away, he always wanted to share the extra bed with you in motels or fix you up after a hunt. But Dean always beat him to that, maybe that’s how you developed feelings for him. Sam saw your hair was once again in your face and he hesitantly brought his hands to your face, brushing away the hair. A sigh left your lips in content, feeling Sams warm hands against your face.

“I’m sorry Y/N. You deserve so much better. You deserved to come home to someone who loves you for you, not your body. You deserve someone who’ll cherish your personality as well as your beauty. You don’t deserve to cry over a stupid, ignorant man who took something precious from you. I’m so sorry Y/N. I’m sorry.” You hushed Sam slowly as you moved closer to him.  You put your head onto his shoulder, staring at absolutely nothing. Sam saw your hands twitching and fidgeting so he grabbed it. He slowly brought them up to his lips and held them there before he spoke again.

“You need to know, I’ve liked you for what seems to be forever. I know you liked me too but everyone around me dies, Y/N. Mom, Jess, Maddison, Bobby, Ellen, Jo… hell even Dean’s died a few times. I couldn’t put you through that but seeing you with Dean made me want to ruin the impala. Don’t worry I didn’t. But I can’t see you upset over him, I can’t.” You looked up at Sam and you didn’t see lust like in Dean’s eyes but you saw passion, love, the truth.

Your heart began to beat faster when you realised Sam confessed his true feelings towards you. You sniffled and chuckled at the same time.

“Damn it Moosenator, are you telling me that my first time would’ve been with someone I really love? Fuck.” He chuckled and pulled you in closer to his side.

“I want you to be mine, in every way possible. Only if you want to.” You couldn’t believe your ears, you loved Sam. You always thought he saw you as a sister so you didn’t want to create any awkwardness between you too but now nothing could stop you two. You nodded against him and pulled him down onto his bed.

“How about we just sleep for tonight?” All traces of tears had left your face and were replaced by your content happiness. You began to get comfortable and took off your clothes. Sam saw the bruises left behind by Dean and the same feeling of jealousy arose in him. He hated seeing you being marked by his brother, as if you were his territory. You weren’t some chew toy, you were a gift from god in Sam’s eyes. He rushed over to his drawers and pulled out one of his shirts.

“Here wear this, it’s mine.” You gazed at Sam’s cute and defensive posture. You giggled and threw the shirt on inhaling his natural scent. He smelt like musky cologne and spices. He saw your smile that yelled comfort and safety which made his heart slightly skip. He pulled the cover over the both of you and he pulled you protectively into his side. Your hands were over his firm chest while his were on your stomach and under your head.

“I’ve wanted this for such a long time, Sam. I don’t want you to think that i’m using you as a rebound because I’ve wanted to be with you for as long as I can remember” You snuggled into Sam’s chest and he kissed your warm forehead.

“I’m the one that should be sorry, I should’ve realised you’re safer with me not without.” He held you tight which expressed how he really felt. He loved you and you loved him, yes you two literally admitted it 4 minutes ago but sometimes love does not need to be spoken about.

You woke up still held protectively in Sam’s arms and you felt the exhale of his breath on your neck.You moved around and saw his calming features that made your heart sing. You reached out and traced your finger along his face and down his jaw, appreciating every expression.

“It’s rude to wake someone up you know” he jokingly called out while opening his eyes.

“I know it’s forbidden to touch the masterpieces but I couldn’t resist” He groggily chuckled causing a euphoric notion to occur in your body.

“That was freaking smooth” He leaned down and gently pecked your lips and kept his forehead rested on yours.

“I’ve always tried pictured how you’d look and feel next to me in the morning and it’s better than anything I ever imagined” Your heart seemed to skip a beat, you were about to say something but you didn’t want to ruin the peace. Words simply didn’t do justice to what you’re feeling so you laid in his arms. You laid feeling safe, happy, warm and loved.


This was originally going to be my April Fools Day post… but I honestly can’t even joke about this stuff. It doesn’t make me angry that this stuff is what it is, I’m more upset by the fact that Cartoon Network backed it so heavily and really believed this was all the next big thing. I could live with that if THE 5 WORST CREATIVE DECISIONS BY CARTOON NETWORK weren’t so spectacularly shitty on their own merits.

Let’s get to them… I guess.

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Based on the popular video about the cleaning-dancing roommate that went viral this week. [x] Requested by several followers, and tagging you as promised, profoundbondoflove

Home sweet home.

Castiel felt relieved as he unlocked the door to the apartment. After a long day of teaching many noisy, misbehaving students, it was good to be back here. Although he did hope that his roommate Dean had made an effort to clean up last night’s mess while Castiel was gone; Dean had thrown a party, and seeing as most of Dean’s friends were as messy and disorganized as Dean himself, the living room had looked like a nuclear war had taken place there.

Obviously, Castiel hadn’t had time to do any cleaning this morning because he had to leave for work, but he had a dark suspicion that Dean hadn’t done much either, even though that lucky bastard did have a day off.

Not that living with Dean was a punishment… He was friendly, cooked dinner for both himself and Castiel every day, and on top of that he was very attractive. Castiel wouldn’t even deny that he had a slight crush on his charming roommate, but admittedly, Dean was not much of a cleaner.

Castiel frowned as he stepped into the small entrance hall and noticed that loud music was coming from the living room. The surprising part was that it appeared to be the kind of music that Castiel knew Dean would never voluntarily listen to.

Without even bothering to take off his coat, Castiel went to investigate, poking his head around the door that was left ajar.

He could barely contain his gasp, because there Dean was, mopping the floor while dancing theatrically and singing along to some 80’s song that Dean would normally label as ‘girly’. And to top it off, he was wearing nothing but a pair of tight, black boxers.

Well that wasn’t fair. Not fair at all. Castiel’s brain was still debating whether it was endearing or arousing, but in the end he decided that it was both.

Many thoughts were rushing through Castiel’s head as he spied on Dean, ‘dear lord give me the strength to not jump my friend, amen’ being one of those thoughts.

Castiel longingly stared as his unsuspecting roommate treated him to a private show. It was a beautiful sight; The sincere smile on Dean’s face, his guard down completely. The smooth way in which he moved his hips, and the playful sparkle in his deep green eyes as he danced around the room. The bowed legs that made him so typically Dean. Castiel was certain that he could watch this forever.

But then Dean twirled around and those green eyes landed on the exact location where Castiel was standing, and he abruptly stopped singing, dropping the mop with a loud ‘thud’.

Holy crap, Cas!” Dean exclaimed, blushing so deeply it made his many freckles stand out just a bit more. “Shit dude, I forgot about the time. Didn’t think you’d be back already.” He continued as he feverishly reached for the radio to turn the volume down.

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You're the Girl that Got Away (Otome Parody)
You're the Girl that Got Away (Otome Parody)

You’re the Girl that Got Away (otome parody) lyrics:
(aka the song that gives me so many feels holy crap especially now that it’s otomefied this way asdfghjkl why did I do this to my heart)

The summer after high school
When you first met
You downloaded his first route
Do you remember?

And on your 18th birthday
He was the one with you

Used to sit inside the app
Just waiting for you
When you gonna come back
And replay his route?

Never thought that one day
He’d be losing you

If this was real life
He would be your man
He’d be there forever
But truth is, he never can

If this was real life
Not just a fake game
He can’t even tell you
You’re the one that got away
The one that got away

He was dreaming you would
Redownload the app
Get excited ‘bout his updates
Like you did in the past

Sometimes when he misses you
He listens to your song

Whoah oh

Another app persona said
You were grown-up
You were into productivity and other business
Time for him to face the music; 
For you, it wasn’t love

If this was real life
He would be your man
He’d be there forever
But truth is, he never can

If this was real life
Not just a fake game
He can’t even tell you
You’re the one that got away
The one that got away

The one (x3)

The one that got away

All this technology
Can’t make him real 3D

You can just replace him
With a million things

He can never tell you
What you meant to him

You’re gone
The years pass by

If this was real life
He would be your man
He’d be there forever
But truth is, he never can

If this was real life
Not just a fake game
He can’t even tell you
You’re the one that got away
The one that got away

The one (x3)

If this was real life
Not just a fake game
He can’t even tell you
You’re the one that got away
The one that got away

Hello, everyone. I have returned.

My boyfriend had made a post about it here and I will confirm it: my father passed away on the 13th. He was my favourite person in the world, so the last three days have been extremely tough, busy and passed in a painful blur. At this point I’m craving some normalcy, and maybe I’m sort of bordering on denial because all I want to do is to do things I’d been doing before 13th. 

This may sound strange and maybe even unhealthy to most people, but I will actually return tonight to lurk, make gifs, and basically escape into fictional realms. I’ve decided that, as fun as it is to sit in the dark and cry, it’s really just depressing me further.

I also would like to say that I’m so thankful for every single one of your messages. Please don’t be offended if I don’t respond to each and every one of them personally, as I’m just too tired to talk about or even remember what happened. But I never expected so much support from so many people (I received 200+ messages holy crap) and I’m really touched.

Thank you so much once again, and expect to see me around tonight and afterwards.

iseelikeaneontruth  asked:

i finished all of your stories now and i'm really thirsty for more ))): i loved your writing and of course, the smuts (; sooo i was wondering if you have a recommendation for tumblrs that write such a good stories just like you (loved the new series btw) <3

Awww, I’m super happy you liked my writing, lovely!! ^^ 
If we’re going by some of my favourites, we have;

P.S. there are SOOOO many others, but holy crap am i shit at remembering which fics were from which blogs and most of them were one-shots, but if i remember them i promise i will add them to this list! ;) But, I feel like these guys will keep you satisfied for a while- their writing is phenomenal! <3

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