holy crap i love this episode so much

I can’t wait until they finally say jughead’s real name in the show and everyone flips… its Forsythe btw…. Forsythe Pendleton Jones III …
And his sister jellybean? Forsythia “Jellybean” Jones…
god I love this family.

Missing Milo

*takes a deep breath*


Alright, so like, I’m in the middle of watching Missing Milo for the third time (I recorded it) and so I thought I’d give my thoughts, now that I’ve absorbed it into my brain more… So yeah. Spoilers or something. You’ve been warned.

For one thing, the jokes in this episode are on point, it’s really funny. We start out strong with a the floor is lava joke, and it just gets better from there. Though some favorite jokes of mine personally are when Milo explains his condition to Cavendish and Dakota, everything in the background in falls apart and he smiles sheepishly (the timing was great on that joke), the peach joke, and the whole Girls bathroom joke. I don’t know what it says about me that the girls bathroom joke is one of my favorites, I just think Milo’s reaction to cover his face when crashing through it, and then later his just his mouth at the mention of it, trying not laugh both times to be both funny and adorable XD

Alright. So Diogee. Diogee Exmachina Murphy. Like, I love Diogee, he is adorable. Like ridiculously adorable, and I super love him, but especially in this episode. His reaction when Milo gets himself swooped away in the time limo broke my heart. Poor little guy, we knew he was okay but he didn’t. And his middle name, holy crap, Exmachina. Diogee Exmachina, it’s so perfect. Especially given his role in this episode, where Diogee acts as Deus Exmachina to resolve the conflict once again. He really is the best dog. And he’s so cute! I realize that I probably shouldn’t like that Diogee acts as an Exmachina in the series so much, but this show is so random, and I guess after years of watching Phineas and Ferb and having Doof'sinators inventions being a sort of Exmachina to poof away Phineas and Ferb’s stuff, when I started watching Milo Murphy’s Law I just sort of expected endings like that. Also, I love that if anybody who isn’t Milo tells Diogee to go home, he doesn’t listen. Talk about loyalty XD

And Milo… Milo, Milo, Milo… Is it just me, or was Milo extra adorable this episode? Like, Melissa, Zack, and Milo are all cute kids, but Milo just seemed extra cute this episode idk why. I love that there is this whole thing about Milo missing his backpack. We get to see him handle a situation without it for the long time until the very end (granted it mostly involved running). And how badly he missed his backpack when it was gone, going as far as addressing it like it was a person. I also love that Dakota and Cavendish apparently called it a magic backpack in their report. But yeah, I love Milo in this episode, especially towards the end. I love it when Milo kicks into action, in any episode really. This episode, The Substitute, and the Little Engine that Couldn’t, it’s like Milo is a superhero, who’s main villain is himself XD

As far as the storytelling goes, it’s pretty quality and fits within the normal patterns of the show. Little things building up to a climax, running jokes, pretty standard, but given room to breath. Although it does sort of confirm a thing that I have thought about the show for a while. While there are some episodes of that fit for 11 minutes, but sometimes things move a little fast, or are going for a more emotional payout that needs more time, and could benefit from being twenty minute episodes. I understand why it’s an eleven minute show, but sometimes shows with as much set up as some as these episodes have need a little more time. The Missing Milo flowed really well and didn’t feel rushed, but it didn’t feel slow either, the pacing is really good. But, yeah… Oh, yeah, and I love the thing they did with the TV, you wonder how they are going to fit it in… But then, they just don’t. Even better, they use it as sign that the time travel antics will continue, and hint towards another big time travel story down the line. I wonder if this other time travel plot has anything to do with the Phineas and Ferb crossover, or if it’ll be a separate special altogether… It’s an interesting idea.

I also love King Pistashion, he was pretty funny. I loved his whole ‘evil family man’ bit.

But yeah… I really love this episode. I can’t wait until my little brother gets here so I can show it to him! Christ, this was a long post then originally intended.

Star Trek: DS9 Notes - S7, Vol. 1

BACK IN IT, TO WIN IT: Deep Space Nine Season 7!!!!!

7x01 ‘Image in the Sand’
- Majel Barrett’s voice, omg, I’m home
- COLONEL. Colonel Anastasia Komananov. naahh I’m just teasing — COLONEL KIRA :D

new hair too

- Kira: “I remember when the cult of the Pah-Wraiths used to be a joke. Now those red armbands are appearing all over Bajor. It’s like everyone’s gone crazy.”
  Odo: “A lot of people feel abandoned by the Prophets.”
  Kira: “Believe me I know how they feel. But that’s no excuse to turn to hate and fear.”
  anyway it’s 2017 in America and I’m struck
- whattup I missed Miles and Julian like my own friends
- life’s ambition tbh: serving on a starship alongside Career NCO Chief O’Brien
- turns out Ben can play the piano, and it very figures. he’s currently trying to jazz out his feelings.
- I love this show like a childhood I didn’t have. how is this like, retrograde formative. I’m emosh.
- Admiral Ross: “You still think he’s coming back?”
  Kira: “Don’t you?”
  Admiral Ross: “—I’ll be in touch.” ho hoho
- Deep Space Nine is straightforward but not simple. maybe that’s the phrase I’ve been trying to put my finger on for months. because I love a lot of…kinda ornate shows? with a lot of heady stuff going on, all sorts of stylistic experimentation, blah blah blah, and Star Trek…isn’t that. but it’s STRONG. the themes and emotional resonance might be purer for being uncluttered.

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SPN S5 Watch Notes

I still have some of my original episode reviews to import over from LJ, and now I have officially passed up those reviews. Whoops. But that made me nervous I was just going to start repeating what I’d already said in THOSE reviews, so this one is a tad spotty. 

I’ll be taking a short break after this since I’m going out of town next week. I won’t be starting S6 until I get back. But I MAY have a surprise for you guys in the meantime.

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Seven Things About Supernatural: 12x06 - “Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox”

So apparently we need to take everyone down to the Hot Topical for Supernatural merch.  How do you get this many hunters together and only one of them has anti-possession mojo? 

(Also, someone please notify our hunting team that ice is solid water.  Oh, and I don’t care how much character that Pentacle of Mars has, nobody has time to draw a fucking scorpion in ashes with a scoop.) 

  1. So this whole ep is beautiful, but I’m really taken with the way the show handled the exposition required to make an story centered around a dead stranger work: Mary tying up loose ends, Asa being inspired to take up the hunter’s mantle, the montage of his life, and the abrupt, terrible shock of his death.  It’s exquisite storytelling, done in minutes, and damn.  Just damn. 

    I smiled at the ways Asa’s unique, smiled at the ways he’s like Dean, was warmed by his determination and joy at the work, even though it’s difficult and scary, loved the way he wrote to Mary, who only exists to him as the hunter who saved him, and as a blurry Polaroid from 1980.  

    It’s so smart, because it shows us that not all hunters have traumatic loss origin stories, reiterates that hunters bear a special responsibility to hunt because someone has to, and places Mary – who is retiring and doesn’t want her kids to hunt – into the position of being Asa’s inspiration to become a hunter.  
  2. And hey, let’s look at Mary in this ep.  She passed the work down to Asa, even if she didn’t intend to or realize it, just like she did with her sons, and then Asa dies on a hunt not long after she returns not only to life generally but the life.  In her scene with Asa, she is already Dean’s mother, but she also mothers Asa before sending him back inside by helping straighten up his hair and clothes.

    When Loraine confronts her in the kitchen about her role in Asa’s choice to hunt, some of that is mother v. mother conflict.  Loraine is Asa’s rightful mother, who brought him up and stuck around, while Mary is mythic, a Mother of Hunters, whose influence was so much stronger.  They ultimately reconcile – which, holy chickens, is a personal manifestation of the overall reconciliation of Mythic Mary with actual Mary – but I think we can agree that Mary’s crisis mid-ep is pretty justified.  

    She didn’t ask to be this person.  She tried to be the opposite.  And yet, like Sam points out, it’s an inextricable part of who they are.

    (Also, can we take a moment to stand in awe of the scene where Sam and Mary are talking over Asa’s body and Randy’s blood drips down from the ceiling onto his face?  Because holy shit, this is a terrible, shared horror, and I’m not sure Jael could have known, or orchestrated it so perfectly.  When it happened, though?  Holy fucking fuck.)  
  3. The inclusion of Jody in this story is wonderful – calling the boys out on – but particularly great because she’s such a crucial bridge for the boys.

    She’s the reason they attend Asa’s wake.  They’re a relatively isolated pair – John kept them separate, they were hunted for a while, etc. – but they care about her and want to support her.  She helps bridge the emotional gap for them as an informal maternal figure who is now adjacent to their actual mother.  She’s also a bit of a bridge for Mary toward the boys at the end, helping complete the circle.

    All of the character stuff – the way she’s like FUCK YEAH NETFLIX AND BOOZE, her whole you stink/here eat this thing with the boys, confirmation that her life without them is increasingly interesting/full, Sam outing Dean’s hentai habit, etc. – is also fantastic, and Kim Rhodes was fucking fantastic with red eyes.  

    Also, how is Jody getting home?!  She rode in with the boys.  Please tell me they all go to breakfast together. 
  4. So Sam and Dean are surprised that people tell stories about them, but uh, guys, there are whole books about you.  

    (Gods, can you imagine some random hunter stumbling across the books?  Can you imagine them finding the fan fiction?  Oh, and did we mention Dean killed Hitler?  We did?  Because that happened.)

    So yeah, 12x06 adds hunter lore as another layer to the story within a story within a story thing that the show has.  We’ve got reality prime, created by but ultimately independent from Chuck.  We’ve got the books, which exist in tandem but aren’t 100% in synch.  We’ve got myriad forms of in-show fan reaction/interpretation.  And, just to be difficult, we have the implication that show canon itself isn’t quite accurate given differences in the way Sam and Dean speak and act in the reality show footage in 3x13 (and possibly even the student film/video letter left by Kate in 8x04). 

    I have to wonder what the hunter lore about the Winchesters is like.  It seems like we’ve come a long way from like Gordon Walker, Kubrick, and Creedy, moving on from “let’s murder them in their beds” to “let’s be awkward at Sam about Lucifer.”  It’s another big part of bringing them into a new place as characters, and I like it. 

    (Bucky, on the other hand, is fucked.)
  5. One of the things I especially liked about this ep is that Loraine didn’t turn out to be the big bad.  I went in expecting a Ten Little Murder Victims story – the Clue ep that isn’t The Clue Ep, so to speak – with the Wronged Party acting out revenge in a fit of psychotic grief.  

    We still got something in that vein – a locked house with a killer inside – but the way it plays out is so much more satisfying than another variation on a bad old trope about predatory women.  It’s so much smarter the way it plays out with Jael, the even more obvious big bad, being…well, more or less an attendee.  A disruptive, murderous attendee with a score to settle, but an attendee nonetheless.  
  6. Billie.  BILLIE.  She’s such a great antagonist, and Lisa Berry is amazing, and I was very concerned at the end when she tries to collect Mary as payment for letting Dean into the Fox family home through the warding.

    Actually, I’m still kind of concerned, because owing Billie is probably not going to be great in the longer term, even if she was bound by the rules not to just collect the Winchester Of Her Choice without their consent.  

    Then again, she really just needs to be patient.  It’s not like she won’t get to collect all of them eventually…  
  7. I’m really enjoying this longer arc of Mary processing on her own terms, and how difficult it is for Dean.  He’s still pretty heavily locked into (toxic) ideas that John taught him about how families work, and so Mary’s independence is terribly hard for him to process.  

    He’s afraid, he hurts, and it’s not a terribly good or productive look on him, not least because there’s no good way for Mary to answer to him.  On some level he’s still trying to be proprietary about Mary, but now that she is living and real he can’t be in charge of her memory.  He’s so used to hanging on to her that when she needs to be a person, he loses it.

    Jody’s talk with him at the door is so important.  She’s someone who has lost family and would take them back in a heartbeat, but it can never be the same as it was.  She speaks directly to his fear and makes sure to leave the door open.    

    We’re seeing him get better about this, but we also see him have one of his old, bad dark moments about the hunting life ending in violent death, so we know the work is still in progress.  I’m glad it is taking a long time, because when he gets there it will mean something.     

    Mary is also modeling how to process things a an individual, which is pretty remarkable in terms of parental influence on both of the boys.  Her actions are difficult for Dean, but they’re entirely healthy and reasonable, and I love that she makes her own choices without caving.  

Bonus Thing: Holy crap, I think this may be one of the few episodes with near-equal gender representation.  Our active players are Sam, Dean, Max, Bucky, Elvis, and Loraine, Mary, Alicia, Billie, and Jody.  Jael takes a body of each.  

Randy and Asa skew the totals, but Randy dies early and Asa is…well, he’s pretty much dead for the action of the ep.  

Bonus Thing: I love Max and Alicia Banes so much.  I want them to come back.  I want them in on Wayward Daughters.  I want to read a dozen books about them.  Also, I think Max was coming on to Sam before Elvis interrupted them to ask awkward fanboy questions, and this delights me.  

Bonus Thing: Between the bacon and the “I’m fine,” Dean and Mary are so related.  It’s neat, too, the reversal that’s happening with Sam having to play voice of reason/peacemaker between them after Dean had to do that with Sam and John.  Bacon is the Winchester olive branch.

Holy Crap

That episode..it just. I feel…oh my God. It was…hold on. (spoilers)

1. Dorothy’s proclamation of love

2. That little screw up kiss. And all of the many kisses that followed.


4. Treville being included in the gang.

5. Guns and swords and no death!

6. Portiana being maybe alright


8. Connie laughing and smiling

9. Connie getting to stay and DORNIE BEING HOPELESSLY IN LOVE

10. moNTY????!?!??

dana watches lucifer (2x08)

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  • did you know my dad just saw lucifer’s mom in a hallmark movie where she was the small town love interest
  • nice whistling music and then BODY SLAM
  • “hey man” BODY SLAMMED
  • “we can totally work this out” lol you thought
  • kay not rly back to normal linda seems rly nervous
  • “the sandwich representing trust” that is exactly what it represented even lucifer knows deckerstar is otp 
  • “how did you actually torture hitler” I LOVE LINDA
  • “i was worried i’d never see you again” AW
  • “maze gave me some needed clarity” i ship it so hard
  • “what abt my uncle edwin he was one bad mamma jamma”
  • “now she’s somewhere to the left of totally useless and the right of total lunacy” “so she’s you in a skirt”
  • “if you need anyone to talk to i’m here” THE WAY SHE SAYS IT SO CASUALLY
  • duh its a white guy
  • oh my god oh my god it’s the knife it’s azrael’s knife holy shit i’m gonna scream
  • “okay so if you two wanna cry it out i’ll be in the car” um maze is the best
  • every time the theme song cuts in it’s just so epic
  • ohhhh the blade demands to be used I WONDER IF THE GUY FEELS GUILT HOLY CRAP 
  • “trip to stabbytown” 
  • lucifer likes calling people a peach i love it
  • “i like the smug much sexier than the earnest” 
  • of course maze doesn’t wanna do the dishes
  • “the whole point of a favor is to do it for free”
  • “ugh please don’t ruin favors for me” I LVOE THEIR FRIENDSHIP
  • “oh no no definitely not” WHAT DOES SHE WANT I GOTTA KNOW
  • “you’re a nasty little nerd aren’t you”
  • “does your favor involve killing me” *pushes her in* lucifer is such a jerk i love him 
  • “the glory what” “the glory hole” “the glory way”
  • chloe is so not clued in i love her so much but lucifer must cause her a lot of stress how is she not completely grey haired by now
  • “that’s why great ideas come in the shower” I LOVE HER
  • “it appears you’ve been busy” ZOOM IN
  • “FILLED IN hole” I love lucifer i love him 
  • “you are sexually prolific, turns out you get that from me” “MUM” 
  • no no more sadness we were going so WELL
  • i like chloe’s murder board
  • “my pudding is gone” who are you ross geller
  • ELLA
  • chloe is so jealous
  • “lucifer’s not another guy, he’s a weirdo” doesn’t mean you can’t still be in love with him
  • chloe is so FLUSTERED
  • lol lucifer puts on hand sanitizer
  • “nooo worries” she says as she steps closer
  • we get to see protective/jealous lucifer all the time so protective/jealous chloe is a GIFT
  • amenadiel, mazikeen stop FLIRTING she’s in love with linda
  • “you’re whole leather body suit thing it’s it’s - it’s not - it’s not that great” “….yeah it is”
  • lol and there’s another body
  • “must have been some parking space”
  • oh god the whole yoga class is DEAD
  • “nothing left to do here i suppose” “except figure out how a whole yoga class got murdered” 
  • “totally insane and probably exactly what happened” i love ella
  • oh man they’re not dead, they’re DEAD dead
  • chloe is so jealous
  • oh god ella is not helping her case
  • “that’ll be what the panels called: full yoga massacre 2016″
  • their whole dynamic has shifted
  • “the angel of death is a chick?” damn straight
  • this guy is such a hipster i can’t even type out the name of his tea
  • “tell me what you want what you really really want” “i want a raspberry cream cheese muffin” oh my GOD HIS STOMACH I LVOE IT
  • this is so funny i can’t process anything
  • “proof of bigfoot?” i love lucifer
  • “this case and ur favor are connected. start talking dude” still love her
  • “don’t underestimate the nasty nerd” - my dad
  • “i guess faith isn’t faith unless it’s tested… bring it in” I LOVE HER SO MUCH SHE JSUT HUGS HIM
  • ella has been CAUGHT
  • “enjoy ur shower” lucifer don’t make it worse
  • poor chloe she doesn’t understand
  • aw i knew the yoga teacher would end up killling someone i just hoped not i feel rly bad
  • i literally love lucifer standing up for this woman i love him i love her and i goddamn love this show
  • “you ruined my marriage” dan YOU ruined your marriage
  • my dad is telling me why i should’ve known it would happen all along
  • “technically that’s not the truth but i understand the metaphor”
  • i know he won’t die but that isn’t changing my fear
  • “i know you ate my pudding” nah nvm he’s totally justified to do this
  • “have mercy daniel how was i supposed to know it was yours” “BECAUSE IT WAS LABELLED” 
  • oh this is a real redemption arc
  • “what are we doing back here” am i growing fond of dan this is kinda weird
  • “i feel great” yeah i guess he got a lot off his chest
  • no chloe don’t feel unvalidated by this please
  • lucifer stop exploiting this 
  • “trump… i know he’s not dead but he’s definitely going”
  • “i had sex with the devil” “many many times and you’re welcome”
  • “the doctor is in” DAMN STRAIGHT :’)
  • aw this is so pure what ella wants
  • “no harm no foul” “i beg to differ”
  • “i want my family back” i kinda high key love her
  • “hell wasn’t home and heaven was hell” that was a beautiful line

anonymous asked:

You don't know how much I laughed with these tags // #deedee magno hall #is a treasure honestly #and spends an amusing yet appropriate percentage of her panel bringing up rose quartz // But seriously though, I loved that. Pearl would be so proud.

[referenced post]

I love how she dodges a spoilery question about Lion by just launching into a very in-character “How? How is it possible? Rose tells me everything!”

No, she is hilarious and loves the show so much, it’s really a joy.

(Also I just remembered that one twitter convo between her and Susan Egan after she won the BTVA for best female lead for voicing Pearl. Island episode when? Pearl/Rose duet when???)

Can We Talk About How Much I Love Cain?

You know, how Lassie is actually secretly an immortal man who trained all the freaking Knights of Hell?

How he sacrificed himself in order to save his brother from a life of servitude under Luci? How A MAN trained the KNIGHTS OF HELL, who are FALLEN ANGELS? How, like Dean, Hell forced him to become a torturer, a killer of men?

How, like Dean, there was someone there to grip him tight and raise him from perdition, how he changed because of that person, gained confidence, broke free from what he thought he was? How, like Dean, he prays to that person in times of need, like Dean, deals with stress with alcohol, like Dean, PROBABLY CLINGS ONTO BEE KEEPING BECAUSE COLETTE DID IT = KEEPING TRENCH COAT IN SEASON 7?

How, like Dean, he knows that person is watching over him, believes in him, and like Dean, it hurts him to bits? How, like Dean, he doesn’t freak out during a battle, and like Dean, he’s a snarky and cocky guy at times?

How, like Dean, he seems to be freaking good at heart, a TRUE RIGHTEOUS MAN AND HOW DEAN LITERALLY IS HIS DESCENDENT BECAUSE ONE SIDE OF THE FAMILY (probably his Dad’s side because that’s where Michael tends to hide and creep around) COMES FROM HIM (Mary’s side must come from Abel)? How, HE TRIES TO WARN DEAN ABOUT WHAT THE MARK MAY DO TO HIM AND UNDERSTANDS DEAN COMPLETELY WHEN HE SKIPS THE WARNINGS?




Even with all the feels and BEES in this episode, I still REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVE CAIN. Like for reals, he’s the best. And awesome. Not my favorite, my favorite is still the wonderful Dean Winchester, even if he’s falling to bits without Cas around to keep him together, but still, one of the good ones. Even with all the sad parallels and possible foreshadowing if Dean doesn’t get his act to freaking gether, there is an awesomeness in this man that exceeded my expectations phantasmagorically.


Afterlife in review:

  • I am in love with Lance Hunter
  • (I knew the science babies were up to something i love them so much)
  • How did no one notice that they switched it though like wow they really didn’t suspect anything ???
Westallen Appreciation Week Day #1: My "holy crap! I ship it" moment

Practically every moment they shared in the pilot episode. Each one had me shipping it harder than the last. It was just too much. The chemistry was amazing.

(Sorry, guys, this is a little long. Turns out I had more to say about it then I originally thought.)


(gif source)

When Iris entered his office/lab area - she was sweet, bubbly and funny - I loved her immediately. They just seemed so at ease with each other. Then finding out she cancelled a date to go with Barry - that’s shipping material right there. Whoever this person was didn’t stand a chance against an opportunity to support Barry in one of his interests. The way Barry enthused about the event at STAR labs. When you’re really passionate about something, you don’t tend to fully geek out about it unless your really comfortable with the person. I love the way Iris just smiles and listens (even if she probably understands very little of the science). She waits for him to finish before lightly teasing him. That showed me how well they’d work as a couple. Barry ranting adorably about certain topics met with Iris’ appreciation and sweet humor.


(gif source)

When they ran out the room, after convincing Joe to let Barry go, I remember smiling because they looked like two kids running out to play. After watching later episodes, realizing this is an almost decade and a half relationship in the making, I smiled even more imagining them as kids actually doing this.


Three words: The Running Hug.(gif source)

One of the loveliest and most iconic scenes in this relationship. Iris was just as excited to see Barry, as he was to see her. Can we not forget that she stopped serving the customer to run to Barry. The way he picks her up is just everything. I decided right there and then that I wanted to be hugged and held like that at least once before dying.

Touch to the chest.

(gif source)

The level of intimacy of this action is showing (instead of telling). Barry wants Iris to feel his heart in more ways than one. First off, he wants her to know he’s fine but he also wants her to actually feel the love inside it for her. From recent episodes our suspicions were indeed confirmed. We (and everyone else in Central City, it seems) know that she has a big place in it and practically holds it in her hands. So, this was a nice bit of foreshadowing about the depths of his feelings for her. Neither looks uncomfortable with the intimacy of it. In fact, Iris and Barry both looked relieved by the gesture. Relief at being together again and relief that Barry’s awake.

That’s the story of how WestAllen quickly became my OTP in one episode.There’s simply too much history, chemistry, love and potential between them to waste.

Heard It Through the Grapevine, 1 & 2

I thought it was going to take me so much longer to find a show that would replace Healer in my heart, you guys. But I–like holy crap did I love the first two episodes of this show. I spent two hours hugging a pillow to my chest and making screeching noises and laughing and occasionally wailing.

I was worried, so worried, going into this, even though it’s by the people who did Secret Love Affair, because I am so tired of shows/books/movies/etc. that slutshame the lady when there’s an accidental pregnancy, especially a teenage pregnancy. I was terrified that this was going to be a show where everyone heaps crap upon the heroine, like it’s her fault and her fault alone she wound up with a child, as if the hero wasn’t an active and eager partner in the baby-making business.

And yes, sure, In-sang’s parents are freaking out hardcore, but Bom’s family? Bom’s family is a delight. Her mom went to her preparing to have a baby classes, her sister(?) appears pretty damn supportive, and even dad (who was rather upset Bom refused to tell them who the father was) got all weepy when he got to see pictures of his grandson. Bom’s family had her back when they didn’t even know who the dad was, and I’m so hoping that they will still have their back even though they’re going to have the in-laws from hell.

But Bom is magnificent. She’s level-headed and has prepped as thoroughly as she possibly can. (She went and applied for assistance! I loved that little exchange.) And when she went into labor she was telling In-sang’s little sister what to google online so they could not do this whole giving-birth-at-home thing blind while everyone else basically flipped out. The specter of single motherhood wasn’t easy for her–she got to admit that, she got to cry–but she was totally ready to do all of this without even telling In-sang. I’m worried for her, trapped with the in-laws from hell, but I think she has the determination and strength of will to endure whatever crap they throw in her way.

And In-sang. Oh, you guys, he is so earnest and useless and madly in love with her. Minus about 30 seconds of the funniest(? YMMV) cowardice ever, he has been absolutely unwavering in his love for her. Like, he saw her for the first time in nine months, managed to process that she was pregnant, and he was immediately I love her, I will marry her, I will go introduce her to my parents right this second, I am so sorry, I will never leave you again, I love you I love you I love you. THANK YOU. Your parents are going to try to make you two miserable, and you’re pretty useless so far, but I believe that you’re going to be unequivocally on her side, and that’s going to make it worth it.

And you know who else is on the young parents’ side? About half of the house staff. \o/ Yes, please, we need that magnificent part-sageuk-part-art-house-part-mansion building to not just be a place of despair and hating upon the heroine–those of you who have chosen Team Baby have my heart, thank you.

This show is funny–really funny. Sly sight gags and musical cues that change the mood and I’m sure there’s a ton of stuff I’m missing in the dialogue, but it is wonderful. The cinematography is great, of course, and they’re sticking with a lot of the same styles from SLA, and and and–

Watch it. Go. It is amazing. Please don’t let me down.

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I literally started watching Supernatural a year ago because of the Destiel ship posts and was disappointed with the fact that Cas didn't show up until Season four(I looked it up) but still really liked the show and then Cas showed up and I realized

why it was shipped so much.

Haha, for me it was kinda the opposite. I started watching SPN during a rainy boring vacation, and decided ‘hey, this show already has 7,5 seasons, that’ll keep me busy’. 

I was on tumblr at the time, but I pretty much only followed Vampire Diaries/Teen Wolf blogs, so I’d never heard of things like Destiel/Wincest, whatever ships. 

And as I binge-watched, I purposely didn’t go looking for SPN blogs because I wanted to avoid major spoilers, because that would kinda ruin the fun. 

So at some point I was like: WTF that angel is in love with Dean. o_O By the time I reached s8 I was like: HOLY CRAP Dean is in love with that angel too. 

When I caught up, the first episode I watched live was “Goodbye Stranger”. I was a very naive person and thought that it was actually going to happen after that crypt scene. :p