holy crap i finished it


ITS BEEN 76774678143670 YEARS I S2G

But anyways yeah! I finished this, I’ve had the concept in my head for months now, and I finally came up with a finished product! As with almost all of my drawings I’m not a huge fan of the background but I’ll just have to work on developing my skills in that area! Also ignore Mark’s left wrist bending at an impossible angle lol

Also figured I’d tag all the bois since it’s finally done: @markiplier @therealjacksepticeye @pewdie

Alright, well I’m off work now so I’ll see y’all later! Enjoy!


Barry & Julian / Find My Way Back
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“Running Away”

A fic I’ve had on the backburner for a long time ever since @thickerthanectoplasm destroyed me with clone angst. 

Valerie doesn’t know how long she lays in bed waiting for her alarm to go off. She didn’t know how much sleep she’d gotten, if any. Last night she’d gotten back from hunting -alone- spoke maybe three words to her dad and locked her door before falling into bed and stayed there until she had to slap her alarm quiet before it could let out a second blare.

Going through the morning routine helped. First she showers with the apartment’s lukewarm water, brushes her hair and teeth, stands in front of her closed closet before deciding to pick out an outfit from her dresser, instead. Breakfast is cereal she eats maybe three entire bites from, then she goes to the roof and suits up so she can ride her glider above the commuters circulating sluggishly through the streets on her way to school.

Danny isn’t in Homeroom. Tucker dutifully raises his hand and explains that he was “really sick” to Lancer, who shakes his head while marking his clipboard.

For the rest of class, Valerie ignores the itch on the back of her neck where Manson is glaring three seats behind her.

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Holy crap guys I just finished The Dark Prophecy and it is so fucking good. Probably my favorite part is when Apollo keeps getting dragged for not remembering really important things and being bad at things he’s supposed to be good at and getting crushes on unattainable people and then immediately reality checking himself which is most of the book and feels very relatable.


A/N: holy crap I finished all my exams I’m so happy!! now I can finally post more :) just pray for me to pass bc I’m doubting whether I’m gonna pass or not 

  • at first, it would probably be hella awkward bc this is his first girlfriend and he doesn’t really know how to keep the relationship heated
  • eventually, it doesn’t become awkward anymore and the both of you become comfortable in each other’s presence
  • watching movies in his room 
  • with your head on top of his chest
  • and his arms around you
  • his siblings always teasing the two of you when you do cute couply stuff
  • holding each other’s hands under the table during family dinners 
  • or maybe he would make a cheeky move by gripping your thigh under the table
  • making out everywhere
  • the school library
  • empty classrooms
  • at one point, the both of you would probably be making out in the couch or something but then your parents come in, interrupting
  • which is good bc we all know that it would probably go farther than just ‘making out’
  • if ya’ll know what i mean ;)
  • during valentines day he would most definitely buy you chocolates and a giant teddy bear
  • the both of you hating PDA so you just keep it on the down low
  • by holding hands when you’re in public
  • or sneaking cheek kisses
  • i feel like he would sing to you
  • like he has a guitar in his room
  • and he would take it out and sing for you
  • then once he finishes the song you say your first i love you’s
  • he would pause but say it back
Full of Grace - Chapter 3 - DreamingPagan - Black Sails [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 3/?
Fandom: Black Sails
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
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Relationships: Miranda Barlow/Captain Flint/Thomas Hamilton, Miranda Barlow/Thomas Hamilton, Captain Flint/Thomas Hamilton, Miranda Barlow/Captain Flint
Characters: Miranda Barlow, James McGraw, Thomas Hamilton, Admiral Hennessey, Alfred Hamilton
Additional Tags: Period-Typical Homophobia, Homophobic Language, Angst, Pain, Non-Consensual Haircuts, Non-Graphic Violence, I blame Bean, this was their horrifying brainchild, Hurting followed by reunions and cuddles, Happy Ending, Eventual Happy Ending, Ao3 won’t let me tag just Bedlam, and it definitely deserves its own tag

They are taking them. The thought penetrates Miranda’s mind - cuts through the haze and the panic and the horror that she feels at the sight of James’ limp form being carried out the door, his bare feet dragging, eyes closed, blood still welling from the scrapes he’s received during his short-lived bid for freedom. They are taking Thomas and James away from her.

Or: Alfred orders both Thomas and James to be taken to Bedlam. Miranda is left to rescue them with the aid of Admiral Hennessey.

Happy White Day!!!!

I did this doodle because I heard that the lines are in Overwatch today and …well Tumblr has blown to hell over two measly lines on a holiday (sorta).Time to add at least some positive illustration to the fandom.

So in Japan they celebrate an “extra Valentines day..” On Valentines Day Feb 14th, girls give boys chocolates. However, if the boy reciprocates her feelings, March 14th, he would give her chocolates in return. I figured since Genji often got chocolates on Valentines day, he would go with tradition and give Angela chocolates on White day. I’m pretty happy to have been able to get this out on the exact day. I originally based it off of a reference I had stored on my Ipad but decided to take a spin on it.And yea I like putting a little splash into Angie’s hair by adding blue to it.

And holy crap I managed to finish two art pages in a day….

Best Friend Series; Woozi/Jihoon

- you met jihoon in high school and you’ve been best friends ever since
- you already knew about him but you never talked to him
- jihoon was known as that gifted kid like he gets straight a’s and wins all the awards in almost every category because he’s super hard-working and a perfectionist
- everyone’s intimidated by him because all he does is work and since he hardly talks people get the wrong impression and label him as cold and snobby
- one day you were looking for a quiet place to study after classes
- the library’s full and your house is loud and like a bunch of classrooms are occupied for club meetings and stuff like that
- you give up searching in that building because it’s always filled with people so you’re like i’ll just go to the other building then it’s a long walk but wtvr as long as you get studying done right
- when you reach that building you’re twisting every doorknob to see if any aren’t locked when you hear BEAUTIFUL piano playing and you’re like??? who’s playing that???
- you follow the sound of the piano and find yourself standing in front of a door left ajar and when you peek inside you see JIHOON PLAYING THE PIANO
- you’re like HOLY CRAP HE’S AMAZING!!! and you’re listening in but somehow you lose your balance and fall forward and the door swings wide open
- jihoon stops playing and looks down at you who’s on the floor and you’re looking at him too and it’s just quiet
- but then you scramble to your feet and start clapping and you pretend that you never fell in the first place
- then you’re like “you play the piano so beautifully!!!! you’re really talented!!” and jihoon just blinks and says nothing and you’re like omfg i shouldn’t have said anything it’s over now he thinks i’m a creep
- but then he smiles and says “……thank you” but then he goes serious again and says “how did you find this place?”
- and you’re like “i was looking for a place to study because everywhere else was fully occupied…. and then i heard you play and followed the sound. you’re really good. what song is it??”
- and jihoon just says quietly “…i made it.”
- you’re like NO WAY YOU COMPOSED THAT BEAUTIFUL SONG??? and he just nods
- he says “i call it adore u. no one ever goes in this part of the building so i just go here to practice. i only have the first verse and chorus down though, i’m still trying to complete the song”
- you compliment him a few more times and then sigh when you look at the time “anyways good luck with practice i have to go look for a place to study now”
- before you go exit the door jihoon says “wait” and you stop to look at him and he says “you can study here…… i hope you don’t mind me playing piano in the background though”
- and you just smile and go like “oh thank you!! and i don’t mind i listen to piano covers while studying anyway it isn’t any different”
- when it’s time to go you and jihoon say goodbye to each other and you’re like…… he’s not as bad as people say
- the next day you go back to the piano room and you grin when you see jihoon there
- you say hi and start studying while jihoon continues to practice his song and tries to come up with the beat for the second verse and bridge
- you guys meet up there every day and eventually become BEST FRIENDS WHOO
- jihoon used to eat lunch alone but now you would sit next to him with your friends seungcheol, jeonghan and the famous booseoksoon trio and you’re happy to see that he’s slowly coming out of his shell
- since jihoon’s a straight-a student he doesn’t mind tutoring you in things you don’t understand
- he’s scary when he’s angry so when he is you know to stay away from him
- when you make fun of his height, he silently sabotages you
- like you’ll tell him “holy crap my textbook was missing a page so i couldn’t finish the class exercise in time!! seungkwan scanned it for me but now i have to finish it as hw ughhh i have so much to do already”
- and jihoon just says “oh…. i wonder why you don’t have that page….”
- cringes at every lame joke you tell him
- but sometimes you actually do manage to make him laugh and he gets so angry
- “laughing hurts my pride”
- when he’s really stressed, he takes it out on you sometimes and it makes you sad
- but then he feels really bad about it afterwards and treats you out to lunch or buys you something
- you do lots of aegyo just to see his reactions and he either walks away or cringes really bad
- remembers every single one of your achievements, and unfortunately every single embarrassing thing you’ve done
- “hey remember when you did—” “I DON’T WANT TO REMEMBER THANKS”
- honest and never sugar-coats anything
- “why would you do that are you stupid???” “thanks jihoon that’s exactly what i wanted to hear”
- he only gives genuine smiles to you and all your classmates are like holy crap how did you do that???
- jihoon teaches you how play the piano and you get so excited
- but then you learn he also knows how to play the guitar and drums and 17394 other instruments and you’re like just wow
- you guys share your favorite songs and artists and you guys sing along to them together and that’s when you find out about HIS VOICE
- he always studies and works until like 3am and you scold him for it because JIHOON YOU HAVE TO GET ENOUGH SLEEP OK
- always buys things for you but never for himself
- like it’d be extremely cold and your ears are freezing and his are too but he’d only buy earmuffs for you
- so in return, you buy him a bunch of random things and he pretends he doesn’t like them but when you meet up with him after school to hang out he’s wearing the wristband you got him and you tease him about it
- he never wears mittens in the winter and you’re like “jihoon i will break your fingers YOU PLAY INSTRUMENTS YOU HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR HANDS”
- and he sassily replies back “if you break my fingers i won’t be able to play either” and you’re like “YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN”
- you buy him coffee whenever he’s feeling down or stressed
- you make an extra lunch for him because sometimes he skips it to study or practice piano
- you ask him how it is and he replies “it’s edible” but he always finishes the whole thing (basically HE LOVED IT AND IT WAS DELICIOUS)
- he may not show it often but jihoon really is glad you’re in his life
- he can’t say it to your face because he gets really embarrassed
- but once when you slept over at his house, you were trying to fall asleep and jihoon, who thought you were already asleep, says “i’m glad i met you, (name). i adore u.”
- and of course you laughed and jihoon couldn’t face you for three days
- finally finishes composing adore u and performs an acoustic version of it on your birthday
- “oh shut up”

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