holy crap i finally finished it

Done.  All it lacks is a final read-through and maybe a tiny bit of tweaking, but for all intents and purposes, 5 is finished.

As I feared, it had to be cut.  Hugely.  It was well over 6000 words and still going, so I went back and found a fair stopping point somewhere around the 5000-word mark and put in a fade-out to the next scene, which will be the start of chapter 6 now.

All the smut got moved.  My apologies for that, I know you were looking forward to these two idiots finally getting their act together.  But I think it ended up working better this way story-wise, because it’s becoming more and more obvious as it progresses that Molly might not be ready just yet for a physical relationship with King…but she’s getting there, and by the end of chapter 5, she’s working up to it.

As for King…something is holding him back, and it’s not really clear to me yet what it is.  For a manwhore, he sure does seem to have some qualms about bedding this one.  Somewhere between the end of 5 and the beginning of 6 I’m going to figure it out.  I hope to god it doesn’t have anything to do with the page his book was marked at, though I have a sinking feeling that it might be.

But again, the good news is that thanks to the cut, 6 is already half written and it’s ALL.SMUT.  All I have to do is get that little issue of WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM YOU FOOLS?!? sorted out and fit it in wherever it ends up belonging, and in a couple of days you’ll have what you’ve been waiting for. Until then, you’ll have what I hope you’ll consider a nice little build up to what’s coming.

And now I’m off to bed, because it’s 5:00 in the morning and I haven’t slept yet. When I get up I’ll get this thing polished and hand it over.

Goodnight :)



I’ve had another go at this piece in preparation for ANIME NORTH 2015!  The wonderful/amazing/kind/generous/fantastic deugenio has offered to split her table with me this year so I will be selling again this coming May!!

I felt this print needed an update to how I draw these days so here it is, the new 2015 version, ready for print!

Keep an eye out for a ton of new prints and art in the coming weeks.

Wrong Number [sneak peek]

Part of this fic

7:02pm  [to Percy]

Annabeth Chase: Hey sorry, I got busy.
Annabeth Chase: I kind of had a long day too, had to help Piper with her final project.
Annabeth Chase: And I have to finish packing.
Annabeth Chase: *voice note*
Percy: Man, I had a really good nap
Percy: right, you leave tomorrow
Percy: and you sound really stressed.
Percy: you okay?
Annabeth Chase: Yeah, just kind of worried about tomorrow.
Percy: Do you drink tea?
Annabeth Chase: sometimes, Piper is a tea girl, I’m more of a coffee addict.
Percy: i think you need to drink tea right now
Annabeth Chase: Is this your wisdom of being a barista?
Percy: Been working there since i was 16
Percy: Might have learn some stuff about coffee and tea
Annabeth Chase: How old are you?
Percy: 19, 20 in a few months
Percy: you?
Annabeth Chase: I turn 20 in July
Percy: Your older than me
Percy: Can I call you grandma?
Annabeth Chase: Only if you want me to block you.
Percy: Go and make your tea, grumpy

9:27pm [from Percy]

Percy: What does seaweed say when it’s stuck at the bottom of the sea?
Percy: Kelp! Kelp!
Annabeth Chase: why are we friends again?
Percy: Because you drunk texted me by accident
Percy: and here we are now
Percy: with you telling me that we indeed are friends
Annabeth Chase: Go to sleep, idiot.

I WILL FINALLY HAVE A NEW LONG PRINT OUT HOLY CRAP because I don’t plan on selling Volpe outside of FX ahahaha

holy crap though really
really I am so tired
I have six commissions to colour tomorrow / the next day and then hopefully all my payments will clear into my bank account so that I can print and buy everything I need and
I still have to finish this too thank god this is my last print but I also have to test my bOOKMARKS BEFORE I LEAVE MARKHAM AND ;LKJASGD

someone kill me



And voila! Loki’s shackles, as far as they’re going to get for the con this weekend (I decided not to do the ankle ones yet, for a variety of reasons–time, and mobility during the con). 

Good grief. I cannot even believe I managed this. O_O 

Materials: Mainly worbla, with a smattering of cookie cutters and plastic costume chains; chrome spray paint, acrylic paint, rub'n'buff, and a crap ton of hot glue in certain areas. 

The runic inscription reads (English words, Old Norse runes): “O'er all that thou hast shall play the flickering flames”, a line from the Lokasenna text. 


oh my god

after about three months, I finally finished my skyrim dragon cosplay.

holy crap, I think Im going to cry

this took so long, but I am so happy I finished it. its unbelievable. 

im so excited to get to be able to wear this to C2E2 this year!

now im going to put this bad boy on, and then ill post some pictures of it :,)


Hey taylorswift !! So I finally finished my costume for the July 7th Montreal 1989 concert and I attempted to be Swiftmas. It took me 10 hours of painting and stitching and what not but I’m SUPER excited and now I can’t wait for the concert and to meet everybody there! I’m sitting at Ground (North section) Row AA Seats 41-42 and right now I’m bouncing because there’s only 3 days left holy crap. Anyway, it would be really really helpful if you guys could like, reblog, and tag Taylor and tree-paine because I would love them to see this. If not, I’ll see you all at the concert and I can’t wait!!


DONE! Medic panel complete!

I finally have a good setup for taking picture now! It’s not perfect (anything brownish gets a raw deal) but it works a lot better at picking up most colors The answer was “day-bulb” lighting :) .

Holy crap, we’re a third of the way through. Only six left to go. Sweet. I actually finished medic yesterday but it was slow going trying to take pictures and get it posted. My apologies.

( Y'all know Pyro is next, so the supply situation is as such; running out of reds but more than anything I’m nearly out of a very specific brown I mix with everything. I only have two prepared panels left to work with, so after Pyro there will only be one left before I need to get the remaining four. If I can finish Pyro, I’ll need to take a break to go supply shopping and get things reorganized.)

Also, I don’t know why, but staring at those three displayed in a row looks really funny to me cause medic is smack in the middle grinning like a mad man.

Woke up sick as a dog this morning so I’m working from home today- which means comfy knits and copious amounts of tea 🤒.
I finished the second book in @authoremmachase’s Legal Briefs series late last night while I couldn’t sleep and have probably found my new favourite romance that I’ll read this year because holy crap was it ever amazing. Jake and Chelsea and the brood were amazing. I can’t recommend this series enough and I’m so excited to dive into the final book! .
Also dying for Emma’s newest book, Royally Screwed, which I have preordered and is coming out on October 18th from @everafterromance 😍💃🏻💕.

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I FINALLY FINISHED THIS!!! Holy crap, I can’t contain my excitement for Mother 4~! Even if it’s not an official game, it looks hella professional. I particularly am very impressed with their character and enemy designs, not to mention the beautiful programing of the game itself! Seriously, the game looks like it’s going to be fantastic. Check it out and give it some love!