holy crap i didnt know i had this much

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holy crap i didnt know any of that stuff even existed...you had to pay tax to church?? is that just a roman catholic thing or is that any religion with the christian bible? sorry if i sound really stupid

Aww noooo you don’t sound stupid at all nonny!! I’m glad you ask, i mean it’s much better to ask than to never figure stuff out!

And I personally didn’t have to pay tax yet, since i never made enough money for a long enoug time. It’s only 1.1% of your income, but still. And it’s more of a ideology-thing for me. 
In Austria only the Catholic church collects it, even thouch every recognized religious group here could collect church tax.
And in many other countries, there’s no church tax at all. I think it’s mainly a European thing.