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What would a TodoMomo/Izuocha double-date look like? (With an obvious TodoMomo bias, of course ;) XD)

Since its almost izuocha week and also ‘cas i love these double date things…here’s another one hehe! ty for all the support as always and enjoy~

-midoriya and todo took the girls to universal studios once and it was wild

-uraraka wore the merch that izuku had gifted her before; return of the mummy tee shirt, jurassic park baseball hat, and this one isn’t a merch but izuku had gotten her matching red nikes so they looked PLUS ULTRA CUTE together

-then theres momo. Being…overly prepared as usual, she took out maps, packed six water bottles, portable water mist fans and extra caps/visors, in case the sun got too strong (gotta be safe from heatstroke peeps). She had a huge backpack (todo offered to carry the bag but she swiftly declined) and she also brought disposal raincoats for the water rides.

-every time it was their turn to get onto a ride, the attendant would promptly tell momo to stash her bag in their locker or leave it behind. The attendants sounded as though they were making fun of her too? BUT TODO WOULD GLARE AT THEM. 

-”Yeah, you think safety is funny?” todo crossed his arms and the attendants would quickly deny it; uraraka laughed and told todo how she had never seen him so sassy LOL

-in the Jurassic world ride, no one expected the sudden 80 degree drop and midoriya was screaming on top of his lungs !! Like okay he had half his bones broken before but this was totally different? like did he just disassociate jfc

-uraraka liked all the rides with sudden drops though ‘cas she likes the feeling of levitating; its almost like her quirk but the rides NEVER made her feel nauseous

-MOMO. LOVES. CHURROS. -this has been a psa…to todo specifically ‘cas this R$CH GIRL almost bought the whole churro stand and gulped it all down by herself 

-”maybe i should start a churro stand business one day….” momo said in between chomps of her mega sugarcoated churro, and todo just smiles and said that he thinks fuyumi would be a regular customer of hers if that happened ‘cas his sis and momo get along so damn well!!!

-this is actually the first time uraraka had churro (well her first time at universal studios too) and momo fed her a bite AND URARAKA WAS IN LOVE (sorry midoriya, u couldn’t beat churro today)

-”deku-kun, lets go to the haunted house one next!” “wha– Uraraka-san, please…gimme a moment?” “but there’s no time to waste!!!”

-total mistake, uraraka was actually super scared in the haunted house ‘cas the actors were A++++, they were either ACTUALLY monsters or they just earned themselves an Oscar holy crap

-this crazy looking guy dressed up as something between a long-fingered voldemort and slender man came out of the shadows and uraraka and momo SHRRIEEEKED. midoriya and todoroki leapt in front of them, arms out, while the girls clung to their backs

-”we got you, we got you” midoriya cooed but uraraka kept pulling his arm 

-”I thought you girls had regular horror movie nights” todoroki teased and momo goes “YEAH BUT…this is different!! This is REAL!!” 

-the thing that made midoriya laugh the hardest was when uraraka got so scared her fight or flight response flared up and she activated her quirk on this killer clown and the actor just floated to the ceiling

-no one knows whether that clown is still up there or not ‘cas uraraka ran out that corridor after

-the after-ride pics of them were mainly: todo with a stoic face, but extremely pale ‘cas momo knew he was ACTUALLY really scared though not showing it, momo always had her eyes closed and lips pursed in agony, and midoriya and uraraka both had super big rounded eyes while their mouths were wide opened


-”I look hideous todoroki-san!” momo complained but todo flat out went like “you and the word hideous don’t even go in the same sentence”. momo stuck a tongue out at him 

-uraraka and midoriya have a coin press collection together so they went to all of the machines!

-the four went to a special effects show; todoroki and uraraka got chosen to be on stage (actually momo pulled some strings ‘cas her family has connections and so they got chosen from the audience quite often, her friends don’t know though….they’re always just confused as to why they’re always so lucky to be chosen haha)

-uraraka went up to be “hermione” and the other actors were harry and ron. when they gave uraraka the wand and ‘taught’ her to say “wingardium leviosa”, she tapped on fake-harry’s shoulders without him noticing and fake-harry levitated!! 

-the children in the audience were so happy!!! Midoriya snapped lots of pics of her on stage

-todoroki’s experience was totally different though? The performer next to him was doing an act with fire, and covered himself in flames….dense todo thought that he had to do the same so he LITERALLY fired up his quirk 

-the audience again was shocked by todo’s performance but when todo’s shirt burnt off all the fangirls emerged

-momo facepalmed and midoriya and uraraka was just in hysterics

-the funny thing was before they went home, they security guard had to have a talk with them about being careful with displaying their quirks in public ‘cas technically its the law not to XD

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Okay so I am by no means an artist, but I just love your Conflict Comic so much that I decided to use an App on my phone to make a comic for you to say how much I appreciate your art.

So if you couldn’t tell (sorry the App is limited to what I can use, the girl in the blonde is you, a self insert. Basically what happens in this comic is that you stumble upon the aftermath’s of one of Dark and Wilford’s fights. You see how horrible upset Wilford is and you got confront Dark about it, asking him what he said to make Wil sad.

To which Mr. EdgeLord dismisses your claims and said that Wil’s had worse insults. But then both of you freeze when Wilford falls to his knees sobbing and for the first time Dark is actually regretting his actions, runs over and embraces Warfstache, to which the pink boy continues to cry and you look on with a smile on your face.

As an added bonus, I also made Celine and Damien inside the void, looking heartbroken at the state of their best friend, wishing they could help.

Anyway, i hope you like it even though it’s not very good 👍🏼😁

Holy crap, i’m not sure what app this is but god this is cool! (I love my little smile at the end, what a goof). This is super kind though! Thanks for taking the time to make something! Theres a lotta detail in this! Super cool, i’m flattered you took the time to do this! 

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Psst, you should write the thing. Pierce Brosnan as Killian's actual father...

Oh god, don’t tempt me! lol

No but i’m just saying…

I could totally believe it…

If this were his dad…

Emma and Killian find a brochure for some hideaway honeymoon island at the travel agents (storybrooke has one for plot purposes) and decide to take a week away as they didn’t actually get a honeymoon.

So while it’s quiet in Storybrooke they sail there. Only when they get there it’s void of any people…

They get to the villa they’ve booked, it’s lovely, just what was pictured…

But this guy shows up inside.

And at first Emma’s like “I’m so sorry! We must be in the wrong villa!”

but the guy is all cocky like “Oh, you’re not. i just didn’t expect you so early.”

So killian goes on the defensive “Then what the bloody hell are you doing traipsing around half naked in our very private and very paid for suite?”

And this mysterious dude is all casual, wigging them out a little “i’ve been waiting for you, Killian.” 

And they’re staring at him, wondering if they should have brought weapons but he continues.

“You can’t think it a coincidence that you picked this place to visit over all others… I wanted you here..”

That’s when Killian gets angry, doing that whole gritting his teeth thing “who the devil are you?”

Dramatic pause… “Why I’m your father. Your real father.”

“That’s nonsense. I know who my father was, and a coward as he may have been, you’re not him.”

“Ah, yes. Brennan. I should have known better than to leave you boys in his care… but you took care of him. Didn’t you?”

Killian’s having none of it and he’s getting pissed.

“I don’t know who you are, but you’ve got two minutes to get the hell out.”

But Emma’s been looking at the man and she’s noticing shit, so she tries to pull Killian aside before he does something stupid like hit the man throwing them both an all too familiar smirk.

“So… this is unexpected…”

“Swan, I know who my father was and that’s not him.”

“I know but I think you should let him explain-”


“I’m just saying…”


“There’s an awful lot of similarities… i’m not agreeing with him, but Killian… you two seem an awful lot alike.”

“He’s nothing like me!”

“he may not be your dad but… I could totally believe he’s some relative of yours.”

So he listens to his wife, takes a breath and turns back to the dude.

“Start explaining.”

And the guy is chuckling. “You get your temper from your mother. She was a fiery woman.”

“Enough of the games! Who are you?!”

And the guy tells some story, something like… he had to leave, was banished or went to war or some shit when they were mere babies, and left his cousin or half brother brennan to take care of the boys and their mother. He got word that she had passed and sent message to brennan to take care of them as his own until he could get back.

He got trapped in another realm, far out of the way and had no way of getting back; prisoner of war or something where he had to stay frozen only seeing them through magical devices or something (i don’t know i’m not a real writer).

He knows all about their lives, their adventures, Brennan and what he did… and what Killian did in return. Liam II is actually his 2nd cousin or something, but a Jones non the less… this guy finally managed to be released from wherever he was, fought and made deals where he finally reached the land without magic through Hyde’s plan. Saw Killian was there and made work of creating this island so that they could finally meet without any interruptions or threats hanging over them.

*heavy sigh*

That’s all i’ve got for now. I don’t know. Hopefully someone can do something much much better, 

Something where Emma’s like “Holy crap! You didn’t tell me your dad was James Bond!”

“Who the devil is James Bond?!”

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This post is for you, @taylorswift. These past few weeks, I’ve been so nostalgic and have fallen even more in love with who you are and what you bring to this world. I just want to let you know how important you are.

This first picture is me at the Fearless tour in Boston, the day after my sixteenth birthday. I had begged and begged my parents to let me go, because it was 2 hours away from where I live. When they finally said yes, I cried non stop. I had wanted to see you since I was in the eighth grade, and you did not disappoint. This show has gone down in my mind as my favorite concert of all time. You were the first person I’ve ever seen to legit *hug* fans in the audience. Who does that?!?! I mean, you also threw a giant red chair on stage for Forever and Always… you’re a badass.

The next picture is me with 2 of my closest friends at the Speak Now tour, the only time you’ve come to Hartford CT! Saying we were ecstatic is an understatement. I remember my friend calling me earlier that year in December (the concert was in June) telling me she had gotten the tickets. This show was so emotional for me, because when you came out on your B stage with that amazing purple dress and sang Fearless (my favorite song of ALL TIME BY ANY ARTIST EVER) under a tree with a ukulele, I remember thinking “I really don’t know how it gets better than this.” That’s why I stalked the internet for MONTHS and finally found a small shop that made a replica of that purple dress. I wore it to my senior prom, and felt absolutely radiant in it the entire night. I sang and danced like a crazy person all night, feeling untouchable and wonderstruck in that dress. It’s a feeling that I will cherish for a lifetime.

What can I say about the RED tour? The lights, the costumes, the music? That night was a literal blur for me, both figuratively (because I was dancing like wild and Carly Simon omg) and literally (because all the tears I cried clouded my vision). The most musically-charged emotional experience I’ve ever had was when you played All Too Well. I was 19 and going through a really tough breakup. The love, the passion, the feeling you conveyed on stage, is something that no other artist could ever do. You really are one in a million.

1989. Holy crap. The best party I have EVER been to! It was at Gillette Stadium (where I’ve seen all your other shows), and my very own Abigail (her name is Kylie) and I got floor seats to both shows. AN UNBELIEVABLE STROKE OF LUCK. We made some AMAZING new Swiftie friends and ran around starting cheers in different sections of the arena with our wild costumes. Austin even walked by us at one point and I actually almost fainted! We danced and sang and cheered and smiled so much those nights, and her and I often talk about how important that experience was for us, having just turned 21 and broken up with our only long term boyfriends. We felt so connected to you through your music: being strong, independent, fun. You showed us that it was okay to be the weirdos that we are, because being yourself is the most beautiful thing a young woman can do.

Now, at 23, I love you more than ever. I have such an appreciation for everything you’ve done for me, @taylorswift. You’ve helped me grow, overcome times of adversity, and most importantly, you’ve helped me fall in love with myself. You are strong, beautiful, independent, unique, talented, hilarious, fun, thoughtful, inspirational, the list goes on (and I could keep going for days!) Your music has been with me through 3 different schools, moving out, breakups and makeups, and literally every little thing in between. I’ve grown up with you, from being a shy 13 year old girl sitting on the bus alone listening to “Invisible” on my iPod, to an almost Speech Pathologist who needs your music to get through my 2-hour commute every day. You mean the world to me, Tay. And just like you’ve always been there for me, I’ll always be here for you ❤️ I hope this post reaches you, and I hope it brings a smile to your face to know that I got your back girl!
I cannot WAIT to experience the colossal work of art that is Reputation! You continue to grow and prove yourself to everyone… IM SO EXCITED FOR YOU AND ALL OF THE AMAZING THINGS YOU’RE GOING TO COTINUE TO DO AND OMG AHHH I LOVE YOU PLZ BE MY FRIEND OK BYE❤️❤️ALSO I MISS MEREDITH AND OLIVIA

So this is something I’ll likely never write, but couldn’t get out of my head, so here goes.

(inspired in part by @queercapwriting and their Supergirl/Wynonna Earp x-over fics)

So, the scenario is this.  Maggie Sawyer and Nicole Haught end up at the same police convention (or any other convention, I guess they could both be avid train enthusiasts, I just figured police convention would be easiest), and because this is fic, they meet, and they hit it off, and they bang all weekend.  They both have the same mindset of, “This is vacation banging: meaningless sex with someone I’ll likely never see again, and thus have no reason to hold back from having as much fun as possible.”  A grand time is had by all, even when Nicole fell off the bed and hurt her ankle, because the ice had a second purpose later.

Next year, they both go to the same convention, and again, they find each other, take some time to catch up with each other (approximately the time it takes them to make it to one of their rooms, which ever is closer), then proceed to relive the events of the previous year, but this time they both came prepared for a weekend of kinky vacation sex, and an even grander time was had by all, even when Maggie got a noise complaint filed against them, because they just moved from Maggie’s room to Nicole’s and kept going.

The third year, however, they’re both dreading the convention.  Obviously, they’re each expecting the other to show up at the convention, ready and waiting for another wild sex weekend.  It’s their entire relationship, apart from some idle conversation between rounds, so it’s not an unreasonable expectation to have, but things have changed.

Between the second and third years, Maggie “Definitely-almost-murdered-by-Cyborg-Superman-no-it-was-not-just-a-flesh-wound-I-nearly-died-and-that’s-why-I-had-a-death-bed-realization-it-wasn’t-just-because-I-woke-up-and-saw-Danvers-and-decided-I-had-to-keep-doing-that” Sawyer got together with Alex Danvers, and Nicole “I-knew-something-weird-was-going-on-in-this-town-but-people-kept-lying-to-me-I-thought-I-was-going-crazy-because-no-one-else-wanted-to-acknowledge-the-obvious-demons-make-this-whole-town-make-sense-thank-you-very-much” Haught found Waverly Earp, so now they’re both in loving, committed relationships, and trying to figure out how to break it to the other that all the wild and kinky vacation sex they were probably expecting is definitely off the table.

Cue Maggie and Nicole avoiding each other at the convention for the whole first day, even though everyone had the same schedule of events. This really presents more of a problem for Nicole than Maggie, since Maggie can just duck behind someone bigger than her, aka nearly everybody else at the convention, and it should be easy to avoid each other, but this is fic, so of course they’re going to keep crossing paths, how else do we entertain ourselves?

Finally, they end up at the hotel bar later that night, they sat down next to each other, not noticing who it was until it was too late.  They saw each other, and it was like a Pokemon Trainer battle.  No more running away from the conversation.

It’s awkward, and after a few false starts, Maggie blurts it out, “I can’t have sex with you, I have a girlfriend!”

“I can’t sleep with you either, I have a girlfriend too!”

Cue laughter and relief, as Maggie and Nicole both dig out their phones and start showing off pictures of their girlfriends, bragging about how awesome they are, and generally being obnoxiously in love. They deal with being away from their girlfriends for the weekend by bonding together, building an actual friendship, and bragging about Alex and Waverly as much as humanly possible.  They promise to stay in touch, and actually do, because being gay and female at the same time does not always make for easy life on the police force, and having someone to bitch to who gets it is nice.

The sequel would obviously be the next year, with Alex and Waverly tagging along.  They knew Maggie and Nicole were friends, but didn’t really know the details about precisely how they met.  Of course, the details come out almost immediately, but Alex and Waverly are secure in their relationships, and trust that that’s all in the past, so they all get a good laugh out of it.  So, when they end up booked in neighboring suites, it’s not jealousy driving Alex to make Maggie scream her name at the top of her lungs over and over, and it’s not jealousy fueling Waverly as she makes Nicole gasp her name faster and faster.

When Nicole sees Maggie walking funny the next morning, exactly the same way she’d seen her walking in previous years, she bursts out laughing.  As soon as Nicole limps two steps, Maggie realizes what she’s laughing at, and joins her.  Everybody else is just staring at them, like what’s so funny about continental breakfast?  Do the lesbians know something we don’t? (Spoilers, Alex and Waverly come down, and they don’t get it either, so the answer is usually yes, but in this specific case, not really.)

Holy crap, this got long, I don’t know where it came from, and I should be going to sleep.



It’s a Sunny F/16 chart!!! I didn’t know anyone but us film lovers even knew what that was since most digital people shoot in auto.

very cool. First ad I actually approve of the content. I have no idea what it leads to or if its selling something but the ad made me happy vs stabby for a change.

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Holy crap i super ship that one couple of yours... can you give a short sumary: who are they? who made them? where can i fangirl about you and them?

Thank you! Actually, the dark-haired one is my s.o. @p-kom​‘s character Dunant and mine is the albino, Ionel. We’re currently working on a comic about them!

Since a lot of people have been asking about them already, here’s a very short summary of their story:

Ionel, a french pianist is seeking out a famous local Faith Healer by the name of Dunant. The reason for that is because his eyesight is failing him. Something about the priest’s blessing doesn’t seem right, however, and so Ionel starts investigating. They end up getting to know each other more over time in which mutual fascination is starting to grow.

Both me and Eli post most of the stuff we create about the two on our tumblr art blogs and also on twitter (Eli’s twitter and mine)!

We’re thrilled to hear so much positive response about them already!

Analyzing Ylvis: The Tale of Mr Toot's Fans

Mr Toot has been discussed a lot among us Ylvis fans, and I think we've mostly come to the same conclusion: Mr Toot is an allegory, a cautionary tale about the dangers of artists falling victim to greed and the trappings of fame. Equally as important - it’s also a 3.5 minute fart joke.

Also, everyone’s caught the self-referential humour in the song and video - the modern swimming pool, smoke machines and laser lights, the video being Turkish but not actually Turkish (kinda like Vegard). There’s enough of those references to make us think that maybe Ylvis might be talking about the caution they've taken to not lose themselves to the allure of popularity.

However, there’s one part of the Mr Toot tale that I don’t think we’ve talked much about - the fans. The story really isn't only about Mr Toot, but is also about his fans and the role that they've played in making and breaking him. I think they’re an important part of why this story is what it is.

Mr Toot’s fans loved him. Ladies kissing his belly, kids wearing his costume. Everyone needing to shut up when his music was in earshot, dancing in the streets. I mean, they freaking loved him.

The story gets interesting, though, when Mr Toot upgrades his instrument. He got greedy and became a jackass, with his swimming pools and his caviar.  He decides to reinvent himself, which was his mistake - he traded everything that made him unique.

However, I don’t think greed wasn't his only motivation; I think Mr Toot was also bored.  As greedy as he got, he could have satisfied that by doing something within his scope. He wanted to try something different, to be someone different. Mr Toot got bored of playing the same old Toot all the damn time. 

Interesting thing though - when considered objectively, his upgrade was actually quite good! That new MIDI Toot that he got? He was KILLING it. Mr Toot Ibanez was shredding like a MIDI Toot Van Halen. Was it different? Holy crap, yes. But as much of a jerk as he had become, he clearly was still extremely good at what he did.

His fans, however, completely rejected the change.  They shunned any notion that Mr Toot wasn’t the same old Mr Toot,  that he would dare to step out of that box. Every single fan he had walked out on him at the drop of a hat. Mr Toot wasn’t rejected only because he became a jerk or sold out, but also because no one wanted to hear him do something different.

So Mr Toot’s fans “killed the man” (literally or figuratively is ambiguous and up to interpretation).  What do the fans do then? They didn’t kill the Toot. They latch on to a kid who’s playing the same old Toot that Mr Toot threw out. He got replaced by someone new and shiny. The tale of Mr Toot shows how quickly fans move on. Mr Toot was quickly replaced by a newcomer with the same modus operandi.

The fans’ utter rejection of Mr Toot brings to question the level of acceptance versus expectations we bring to artists we love. Artists often have to consider whether fans will support their creativity and desire for change. Ask Garth Brooks about Chris Gaines. Or Sting about that renaissance lute album he did (I’m a huge Sting fan and even I didn't buy it). It happens all the time. Some artists do their thing anyway. Others get stuck.

If we’re all convinced that the Mr Toot allegory might have something to do with Ylvis themselves, maybe we should be considering how this part of the story applies.

The Ylvisåker brothers cannot, and should not ever, be pigeonholed. They’re way too creative, and just annoyingly good at too many things. The Ylvis fandom generally knows this, and accepts the wide range of things they've done as evidence of this.

However, had Ylvis not heeded their own cautionary tale, they might have found themselves forever stuck trying to recreate The Fox, through the demands of myriad of people who only really know that singular piece of work. They’re likely aware that if they were in that situation, should they have needed to indulge their creativity and quest for quelling boredom, those “fans” who only liked them for that one thing would quickly and surely move on to the next shiny viral video.

Mr Toot makes consider what kind of fans we may be. We all come with with different perspectives and appreciation of the guys. Some of us love their comedy most of all, some of us their music, some of us their fences. Our perspective will affect how we see their work (and fences), and that’s how art is supposed to be. We’ll like some things and not others. 

However, maybe we should all (including myself) be careful to consider their need to be creative along with our expectations of them. Maybe while Ylvis is cautioning themselves to be careful about fame, we, as fans, need to caution ourselves from becoming the type that Mr Toot had, pigeonholing the guys into a static, boring version of themselves.

That being said, I highly doubt Ylvis would let anyone stifle them. They will probably always be one of those artists that will always just do their thing. If we stay somewhat open to that, we get to enjoy the ride with them.  As we do now. Stay awesome, Ylvisers.

Usual disclaimer: Speculation, over-thinking, Ylvis eye-rolling, etc., etc….


Can’t go wrong with what Leslie have styled together

She reblogged a photo of the DB, and holy crap the notes. But I want to show where the ensemble came from. It was something she actually placed together. I added the hat for the Main Street feel.

  • My friend and I made the jacket. I selected the fabric and helped cut the patterns. She sewed it.
  • I did the hat, altered pants, and shirt.
  • The shoes fell apart that day. One of the soles fell off, so I used my magic strength to tear off the other one too. It got so relaxing afterwards, but my shoes physically fell apart slowly. 

Aladdin noticed my DB earlier that day as I was talking to a CM. He pointed me out and he totally forgot about the family waiting and small talked with me at a distance. I fangirled.

Then later we met and Aladdin, Jasmine and I just talked about the outfit. It was awesome. Jasmine if I seemed rude like I was ignoring you. I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to. I was just focusing on Aladdin more cause… outfit. But I love you gurl, you awesome.

Miraculous Discussions Of  Artistical & Squiggles:  Ladynoir Theories

itstheartistical reblogged your post and added:

I too agree on that. The French version does seem to go deeper with what’s going on, some translations even say ‘star-crossed love’, but with Marinette for Adrien and Chat for Lady.

But the French also says something along the lines of a destiny for Ladybug, having to fight against evil and that this is my Chat can’t be with her…but does this imply that Chat is supposed to be a bad guy? That they can’t be together because of their opposing positions? I mean clearly Chat is a good guy but they’re being kept apart because they are meant to be star-crossed lovers.

While we’re throwing in tv tropes and myths, why not are the concept of the red string of fate, a Chinese legend that “the gods tie an invisible red string around the ankles of those that are destined to meet one another in a certain situation or help each other in a certain way” and “are destined lovers, regardless of place, time, or circumstances”. It would certainly tie in. They could be reincarnated soulmates bound together but time yet kept apart by fate and the only way to break this cycle would be a kiss! A fine idea indeed.

And speaking of Chat’s over-confidence or knowledge, maybe he doesn’t actually know but it’s something deeply hidden because they are in fact reincarnations of the first Ladybug and Chat Noir, your favorite ship, Tikki and Plagg. I saw a headcanon a while back that said that Tikki and Plagg were the first Lady and Chat but some tragedy happened that cause them to become kwami and act as hosts for a cycle of humans acting as them, linking up with the behavior of Mari and Adrien as Lady and Chat.

“Chat’s curse could be shared with Ladybug? What if…the reason why Chat NEEDS a true love’s kiss from Ladybug is because she’s reason why he’s cursed in the first place”. Ironically enough, I had the same idea she’s the one who inadvertently cursed him. She’s only supposed to use her power for altruistic reasons or else something bad is supposed to happen, kinda supported by episode 2. But if she did something selfish enough, could she have caused a black cat ring to trap her crush and the only way for him to break it is to gain a kiss from her but she won’t kiss him because she loves him. I don’t think it’s something that will actually happen but beforehand it was an idea I thought would work. Destiny is obviously at play here and they’re forever trapped in a cycle of impossible love.

Squiggles Says:

Opinions received and agreed.

And once more, here’s another food for thought, my fellow miraculous friend.

“….But the French also says something along the lines of a destiny for Ladybug, having to fight against evil and that this is my Chat can’t be with her…but does this imply that Chat is supposed to be a bad guy? That they can’t be together because of their opposing positions? I mean clearly Chat is a good guy but they’re being kept apart because they are meant to be star-crossed lovers…”

But…here’s the thing with that. Let me ask you something, how do we know for sure that Chat is a good guy? I hate to speculate the probability of the precious cinnamon roll being evil but….hear me out. I mean yes sure, the show is titled “Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir” and we all know Chat as being Ladybug’s partner and all that but….who’s to say that is actually the true case. How do we know that it’s not Chat’s true destiny to be Lady’s lover and the one meant to destroy her too?
Something such as that can also add to the fact about their love being impossible. Can you imagine anything more tragic than your fate being to ultimately fight the one you love and you’re destined to be with? How messed up would it be if the red strings of fate tied you to your destined lover who is also the bringer of your demise and you have to continuously live that kind of endless cycle? To fall in love with the person you are destined to be with, only to realize that you CAN’T be with them because you’re destined to fight them and ultimately kill them in the battle to decide the fate of the world?

I know that is probably a long stretch but, how do we know that Hawkmoth isn’t the real villian of the story. There are 2 seasons. For all we know, Hawkmoth could be a minor antagonist; his power only being a smaller fraction of Chat’s bad luck energy? For all we know, Chat could be the REAL villain but the possibility of him becoming the villain is a 50/50 probability?

Like Chat’s destiny is intertwined between good and evil and his fate can only have one of two possible outcomes. On one side of the spectrum, he can have the good ending where if he makes Lady fall in love with him and she in turn reciprocate his feelings, if she kisses him, he’ll be ridden of his wretched curse. However the downside to that would be, he’s be powerless to help Lady towards her true destiny which she will have to face alone. He’ll be with her, just won’t be able to help her anymore.

However on the other side of the spectrum, the bad ending will be if Ladybug doesn’t fall for Chat and give him a kiss of true love, then his curse will take over and consume him. We don’t really know the true extent of what Chat’s curse is. We knew in the beginning that it was bad luck. But I doubt that is the case now since Chat has good control of his powers and uses them well to his advantage on the battlefield. That being said, the curse can be basically anything from something that could potentially either kill him and stop his cycle…so he would never be able to see or fight alongside Lady ever again.

Or maybe he’s cursed to become the true villain of the story and desperately needs Lady’s kiss so that he doesn’t meet such a terrible fate. He loves Ladybug too much. His love for her probably surpasses many generations of Chat Noirs, past, present and unknown future. He doesn’t want her to fight alone but at the same he doesn’t want to become the monster that is supposed to destroy her. He doesn’t want to fight the one he loves. That’s another theory to think about here.

“…..And speaking of Chat’s over-confidence or knowledge, maybe he doesn’t actually know but it’s something deeply hidden because they are in fact reincarnations of the first Ladybug and Chat Noir, your favorite ship, Tikki and Plagg. I saw a headcanon a while back that said that Tikki and Plagg were the first Lady and Chat but some tragedy happened that cause them to become kwami and act as hosts for a cycle of humans acting as them, linking up with the behavior of Mari and Adrien as Lady and Chat….”  

I actually saw that headcanon too and I quite love it to be honest >U< PLAKKI FTW. But here’s the thing that puzzles me about that theory, if Tikki and Plagg were the original Ladybug and Chat Noir and probably lovers at one point (squee) then…how come they don’t remember each other? Do they…remember each other? Do they remember their past lives before they became kwamis?

When I think about it like that, it’s made me realize something importing. Up until now, we have had yet to see a moment where Plagg and Tikki actually meet each other outside of their daily company of their  human hosts.I’m curious now. Do Plagg and Tikki know each other? Do Plagg and Tikki know each other closely but because of having to be in the company of their respective chosen ones all the time, they never got the chance to truly reunite with each other face-to-face?

Holy crap! Plagg and Tikki have not SEEN each other yet? They haven’t had an official reunion and who knows how long the two of them have been seperated  from each other, forever trapped inside their separate houses (y’know the ring and the earrings) waiting like genies in a bottle for their chosen ones to reawaken them?


Does that mean….will there be an episode where PLAKKI meet up? *clutches beating shipping heart* Will there be…a PLAKKI centric episode o/////o?