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Title: Protect Me (Part 1.)

Character(s): Jason Crouse and Samantha (fictional/original character).
Summary: Samantha, a freelance writer, moves to Chicago. She didn’t expect to be a victim of a stalker, but what happens when she seeks professional help from Alicia and Lucca? Then Jason Crouse, the private investigator, comes in and offers his help. (Jason Crouse/OC).

Word Count: 2,217
Warning: So, I just finished watching “The Good Wife” and holy crap! Jason Crouse is one charming man. I gathered some inspiration to write about him and well… Here we are! I hope you guys enjoy it! I’ve got a lot of plans for this story.

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Samantha spent every night at her local coffee shop. She was a writer and always managed to brew up inspiration when she wasn’t in the comfort of her own home. She would order her usual coffee – one pump of vanilla and a splash of milk to her liking. Occasionally, Samantha would order a chocolate chip muffin and a vanilla latte if she thought she deserved it.

Though, there was something about writing in coffee shops that had interested her. Being able to sit at a table, look out the window and observe her surroundings always managed to invoke her muse and allow her to write as if inspiration magically came to her.

It had been months since she had been coming to the Buzz: Killer Espresso coffee shop. She always took a seat at the bar counter that elongated along the large windows overlooking the main street. Samantha first stumbled upon this place due to its interesting name and she had made the mistake of adding an espresso to her coffee one night. It was indeed killer since she couldn’t sleep the entire night.

It was a chilly evening in Chicago, so sitting outside was out of the question. Samantha pulled on her coat and draped her laptop bag over her shoulder to walk across the street to the coffee shop. She loved the ambiance of Buzz. It was modern and very “hipster-like.” She enjoyed the background noise of the milk steaming from the coffee machine, the quiet chatter amongst employees and customers, and the background noise coming from the main street. It was a perfect place to write.

Samantha sat down at the stool, setting her bag atop of the table before retrieving her wallet form her bag.

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