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SVT Cute Jobs; Jeonghan !!

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is it an angel







-so yeah

-literal angel 



-Yoon Jeonghan

-currently Jeonghan is studying 

-ha studying



-anyways hes currently studying music in college and just like vernon he needs to earn money

-so he’s looking around for jobs

-and it’s not going too well

-until one day

-his parent’s friends and his parents were going out and they couldn’t leave their 7 year old daughter alone so they gave her to Jeonghan to look after for the night

-it wasn’t even for the night

-it was only for like a couple hours like 3

-but at the end the daughter said that she really enjoyed being with Jeonghan and they gave him like £10 for babysitting

-and his initial reaction to his parents were

-”you can get payed for babysitting??!?!”

-”yes you can.”

-and it clicks

-he was gonna become a babysitter

-his mum helped him get the news out to the other parents 

-at first business was slow

-but after he got a couple great reviews from the parents he was getting money every night for babysitting over the summer 

-which was great!!

-he was gettin moneeeeeeeeeeey

-hes not so good at making meals 

-so he just orders pizza for himself and the kids

-after the first time that happened

-the other parents just puts out a couple of £20 notes on the counter with their number for pizza 

-he tried to cook spaghetti once 


-it caught alight

-h o w

-he’s really loving towards the kids

-one time he was chasing a kid around an apartment

-the kid was a robber

-and Jeonghan was a cop

-the kid fell over and started to cry because they he a grazed knee

-parent jeonghan mode: on

-he got the plasters put it on the cut and just had the kid in his arms to calm him down 

-then they just watched tv 

-when the parents came home

-they found the two of them on the sofa just asleep

-precious souuulllll

-who else is a precious soul?


-you and your brother were just chilling in your front room

-when your parents come out lookin all fancy and stuff

-”hey kids be good alright? the babysitter will be coming in a while.”

-at first you’re confused

-like what?

-you don’t need a babysitter

-so you think you’re going with them

-”wait should i put my dress on now? i din’t know you two were ready so quickly”

-”what? honey you can’t come.”

-”then why are you getting a babysitter if i’m gonna be here”

-”baby after what happened last time i really can’t trust you two all by yourself”

-okay so last time you babysat your little brother somehow ended up on the garage roof

-but it was chill because he didn’t hurt himself that badly

-okay maybe he broke his hand but broke is a strong word

-lets just say he badly fractured his hand 

-okay he broke his hand

-so a babysitter

-thats great

-”y/n, this babysitter is nice, besides hes pretty good looking. his name is Jeonghan and a lot of the parents say hes good with kids like you two”

-”mum what the”

-”you didn’t hear that from me though”

-your mum winked at you slightly 

-and your dad just sighed before heading out of the house with your mum following closely behind

-”honey can you not make y/n flirt with every young person??”

-you had a mix of disgust and slight nausea when she did that

-like you’re not going to flirt with this dude just because he’s apparenty ‘good looking’

-what if hes like 30

-good looking can vary between ages

-you sighed before looking to your little brother 

-“mario kart?”

-“mario party”

-“mario kart it is”

-“wait what why not?!”

-“my word is law until this dude comes here”

-”not even rock paper scissors?”


-you set up the wii u and you already noticed that mario kart was already in there

-oh well

-after race one of four was finished you hear a knock at the door

-”oh look the apparently handsome jeong…what was it…han? ham??”

-you weren’t trying to mock the bloke

-you seriously couldn’t remember for the life of you

-you got up and headed to the door to open it

-and outside

-was a blond haired dude

-he looked around your age 

-college age maybe??

-he looked a little bit tired by the way he had his hands just on his knees


-”uh…can i help you?”

-”yeah, i’m the babysitter your parents called…this is where y/n and y/b/n live right??”

-”yeah….oh you must be jeonghan and i’m y/n”

-looking up to you from the steps before your door

-he stopped

and looked to you??

-like you look pretty and young?? but not young enough for a babysitter??

-and you did the same


-you found an actual angel?? like you found a man so beautiful you nearly cried??

-sort of

-”come on in then, my mum left us money for pizza”

-”oh, yeah sure”

-”why are you so tired as well??”

-”at first i went to the wrong house across the road and they had a huge dog and it started to bark so i ran”

-”oh that’s just baxter hes friendly.”


-”hes just happy to see you”


-it’s as if his soul just left the world

-anyways you introduced him to your brother

-who had a slight obsession for his hair

-cause he thought it was lemon cotton candy

-he,,,tried to eat his hair

-sorry Jeonghan


-you two continued playing mario kart while he watched

-you noticed him a couple times staring at you 

-you looked down to your bro and asked if there was another remote for him

-”theres one in my room, i’ll go get it!!”

-oh sh it 

-you see him exit the room and then you just see jeonghan stretch 

-but he makes this noise like he’s moaning

-and your dying on the inside


-”so tell me how old are you??”

-”why how old are you??”

-he tells you his age and you two are actually the same age wtf

-hes older than you too wtf

-by like a month

-”so if you’re the same age as me then why did your mum need me to babysit both you and your brother? i can understand your brother but why you too?”

-”lemme sum it up for you- ball went onto garage roof, i was sat outside, he went up to get the ball, i didn’t notice until he fell onto the grass out back, and mum had to collect me and my brother from A&E”

-”wow thats quite a story”

-”there was this other time where i tried to make pasta but it burnt”

-”same wtf”

-your little brother came back downstairs with the other remote and gave it to jeonghan to join in with mario kart 

-long story short he chose wario on the sports bike

-fuck you wario

-after what seemed to be like 3 rounds of the game

-it was actually 20

-you heard your stomach growl

-but it was only 7:20pm

-”should we order pizza now? i’m kinda hungry”

-”yeah sure”

-you watch him take his phone out, dialling the number for the nearest pizza place

-it was like he had this all planned out from the beginning

-before he pressed call he asked if you two had any allergies

-”i’m alleric to plasters!”

-”thats cute y/b/n”

-he smiled before pressing the call button

-”hey, can i get two regulars? yeah, it’s Jeonghan again.”

-again?? so hes done this before??

-”oh really? sweet, thanks.”

-he gave the address to the pizza place and hung up, looking to both you and your brother

-”i got both pizzas that were written on that piece of paper under the money. he said that hes gonna give us free drinks too.”

-“really? has that happened before?”


-”lucky us then”

-the pizza came and it was hella delicious holy cow

-the rest of the night was spent with you two talking about college and you find out hes at the same college!!

-he also also likes the same things as you do too!!

-there was also your brother asking to be chased around constantly

-jeonghan had something else on his mind so every time your little bro asked he was like nahhhhhh im too tired


-finally jeonghan agrees

-and you’re sat there thinking that he’s gonna hit his head or something

-the idiot runs

-he gets chased by jeonghan

-you hear a bang

-he runs into the god damn door

-what the fuck

-you hear your little bro start to cry

-so you’re just there

-”i knew this would happen–”

-you go to get the ice out of the freezer

-but you can also hear jeonghan

-”hey, hey, you alright? stop crying…it’s gonna be okay”

-and you see him put the gel ice pack on little bro’s head while hes just hugging him


-it makes you see a person you’ve barely known for 5 hours in a new light

-wow what a caring dude

-but oh so suddenly

-you become really tired

-and jut sit down on the couch

-and you fall asleep

-it wasn’t even 10 yet

-but you just pass out

-jeonghan was finished comforting your brother

-he fell asleep in his arms

-and he just sees you on the couch

-and hes just smiling so much

-bright idea

-sit next you and fall asleep with his head on yours while he’s holding your little bro

-before he knew it your parents came home

-they see the three of you just asleep

-he wakes up and notices them home

-he greets them before leaving 

-but not before writing down something on a sticky note 

-and handing it to your mum

-”hi i’m sorry to do this before i leave but i don’t want to disturb y/n while shes asleep can you give this to her??”

-”whats this? oh- ohhhhhh i will, don’t worry Jeonghan. good job today”

-he leaves with the biggest smile on his face 

-and you’re smiling while you’re sleeping

-your bro is just drooling


-you wake up shortly after he leaves and finds the sticky note stuck to your head

-“mum? whats this?”

-“jeonghan’s number. i told you he was handsome, wasn’t he?”





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Friends on the Other Side: Part 4

“Friends on the Other Side: Part 4”

Author: imaginemethisplease

Warnings: Bit of violence and torture

Word Count: 1791

Summary: Dean encounters someone that he met in Hell. A girl that he became friends with even through the torture. 

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Note: This is getting really long winded… but i’s something I’ve wanted to write for a long time! I didn’t expect it to ge this long! I hope you all like it though. It’s given me something to distract me when things get a little rough. Let me know what ya’ll think!


Dean led me into what looked like it would be a bomb shelter but when he opened the door it revealed a beautiful room that looked like a research hub. Dean explained this bunker had become sort of their home. It has belonged to a group of intellectuals called the Men of Letters. Dean seemed incredibly proud of their home and gave me a quick tour. The sheer magnitude of this underground lair was mind boggling to me.

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