holy cinematography


Agent Kallus in Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion

My favorite thing about Hannibal, besides the cannibal puns, of course, is that it frames wealth and culture and taste in a way that cedes the moral high ground to me as I watch it in a shack of an apartment, wearing ratty PJs and eating a tuna melt.

Can we take a moment to appreciate the symbolism of the painting and how this scene is shot?

Carmilla is on the ground about to be killed, Laura is over her willing to risk everything to save her, and Perry (the Dean) is standing triumphantly looking down at the two of them just like the picture in the background.

I know we’ve discussed the painting before in regards to the season about how the two women laying down were Laura and Carmilla and that the person above was Perry (as also pointed out in a previous episode where she is seen reading a book in the same pose), but look what they did in this scene. Really look at it. 

The Dean has been manipulating the two of them (and the rest of the characters) since the beginning. Every event of this season has been planned and set up to fulfill the Dean’s plan and that’s including giving Laura the choice to destroy the charter to save Carmilla. 

It honestly so amazing how much this show does creatively. Whether it be writing, acting, set design, production, social media, you name it. Just the choreography alone and the camera angle in this one shot is done so purposefully to show that image. This show is so much more than a webseries. Everyone involved in it is beyond amazing (actors and the rest of the staff.)

Thank you everyone who works on Carmilla for an amazing series, season, and finale.

Holy shit, that episode…


It was fucking perfect. Some episodes of Class I admit I have gotten a bit bored at points, but this one was just amazing. I was scared for some of the characters, and every time anyone picked up the stone was filled with so much tension. The arguing never felt forced or cheesy, and I loved how it gradually got more and more heated. It felt uncomfortably real. It was emotional, it was intense, it was really tightly written and I never once found myself drifting off.

Tanya sometimes gets on my nerves but she was really great in this episode. Her confession was infinitely relatable to me - everyone struggles with the feeling that their friends don’t care that much about them, and the message that everyone feels that way and that you are still loved is so important.

Charlie and Matteusz were so perfectly sweet and charming. That moment where Matteusz helps Charlie through his panic attack was so beautiful, and I am so scared that the big Polish giraffe is going to get killed off now with all this talk of Charlie losing him. He really helps ground the show, and his relationship with Charlie is one of the best portrayals of a healthy, loving relationship that I have ever seen.

Ram never seemed like an asshole, somehow, and that’s great. It would have been so easy for him to be really unlikable in this episode, when really he’s just caught in a stressful situation. Despite all the things he said he was still Ram, and Ram is I think one of the most genuinely selfless and heroic characters in the show. His confession was really bittersweet, again tying in to that theme of people being afraid that they aren’t valued.

Which is why April’s confession was so heartbreaking, and so understandable. You can’t bend your feelings in a certain way, and it’s just as nervewracking to not feel as strongly for someone else as it is to be on the other end of that. It’s so good to see a show that’s actually addressing how complicated and confusing these sorts of strong emotions are for teenagers who aren’t used to them, and I really hope April and Ram can work things out.

Charlie was an absolute badass. I love it when you have these sorts of intense scenes where a character defeats the bad guy in a sheer battle of wills, and I love when a character with a lot of rage and darkness building up inside them just lets it out on the bad guy, and here we got both from him. It was genuinely terrifying to watch, and even though it was so tender when he told Matteusz that he loved him there was no mistaking that he was immensely powerful and immensely dangerous when he crushed the prisoner. Everyone’s worried about Quill, but Charlie is the one we should really be scared of. Something tells me that he’s going to do something to put Willow Rosenberg to shame.

And again, that whole message about how everyone feels scared that they’re the expendable one in their group of friends was just SO IMPORTANT, and it’s something that everyone needs to hear. This episode managed to be perfect start-to-finish even without Quill being in it for more than a minute, and I haven’t even mentioned the straight-up masterful cinematography (holy shit, that shot where Charlie catches April), and oh my god what a great episode.

83 thoughts we all had when watching GM Permanent record

(my apologies for the delay)

1.         HERE IT COMES

2.         the promo was shit but after jexica, i’ve learned to have faith

3.         maya’s dress SO CUTE

4.         WHOA HOLD up

5.         did i just hear what i thought i heard

6.         sabrina speaks spanish like a song bird

7.         Ok, ya see, i dont speak spanish so i technically dont know that, but there’s no questioning it ok

8.         what a dynamic actress (if u see in adventures in babysitting, her spanish is AWFUL even i recognize it)

9.         rilaya moments are gr8 as always

10.      how do the two of them have so many classes together though?


12.      poor riles though

13.      my main bop is on! aka the theme song

14.      CINco “D” MAYA

15.      what a pun

16.      this is why Zay is always incredible

17.      and riley’s reSPONSE FUCKING adorable

18.      k so how do riley and maya not know abt this

19.      Markle moments are intense

20.      when riley admits she ate paste, ok my life is complete

21.      and they mourn over football cute

22.      WHY is the squad so cute

23.      DID farkle just call himself the brightest star in the sky?!!!!!?!?!? ok same 

24.      maya is so cute

25.      and the squad loves her. specifically lucas and zay

26.      MAAYYAYAYYAYYAYYYY stop being FUCKING perfect

27.      she just wants love

28.      the cory and Maya moments this season have been prime


30.      when riley listens to farkle religiously

31.      maya being so innovative and listening to the people around her what a genius

32.      ok so like my parents, even if they worked at my school, would never go in to talk to my teachers if i failed a test

33.      they would basically just yell at me wow my life is rough 

34.      yes i just did that

35.      señora is the realest one here I’m so proud of her she gets it

36.      corn chip dave and that girl ARE DATING SEND LOVE i ship it

37.      i luv it when my ship calls me a loser - rucas shippers

38.      Zay is just like “IM HAVING MY TIME BITCH lucas byeeeee”

39.      fuck

40.      farkle is in honors chem

41.      I’m not taking that til next year ( JUNIOR YEAR )

42.      fuck

43.      QUADRILATERAL. over here we say square. DAMN cue the square dance

44.      OK but arch-lovesis!!!!!!!!!!

45.      Get her mommy that was so cute omfg

46.      more of señora kicking ass with topanga who is also kicking ass

47.      there so chill abt this D ok

48.      but so sweet i guess it’s cool

49.      MAYA is so sweet to her riley HOW is she rilaya

50.      damn señora is harsh af but also like slaying

51.      also holy shit the cinematography and editing skills in this episode WOOWOWOWOOW

52.      FARKLE TIME

53.      HOLY FUCK

54.      did u see farkle hit his head

55.      REPLAY

56.      HE DID om fuck

57.      ok ok I’m recovering

58.      an alone riarkle scene holy SHIT

59.      DID SHE JUST

60.      they gonna be talking abt the real triangle here

61.      what a disappointment

62.      they’re only talking abt school

63.      OR ARE THEY

64.      underlying meaning???

65.      ok ill shut up now

66.      he cares so much abt her and i love them

67.      how do u not ship them after this


69.      WHY DO they DO This to ME

70.      that cardi though

71.      nice farkle

72.      all this spanish I’m out of my comfort zone

73.      no comprende

74.      gracias for subtitles

75.      AWWW Zay and lucas made JV

76.      This classroom scene is so sentimental and meaningful

77.      the clique 6 is cute

78.      when a cute smarkle moment throws u off

79.      lucas is such a cutie, poor kid


81.      maya just wants the love but auggie is like nah bitch

82.      that cute lil smile she does how can u not melt!!!!!!!!

83.      ok so WHO TF isn’t ready for some of dat triangle action now?!