holy bulge batman

anonymous asked:

Hey, I was wondering if you knew the best way to pack with skinny jeans or tight trousers. I wear tight trousers a lot and I can never pack without it looking like a have a boner xD Just wondering if you could help me out. Love your blog! :D

i can defiantly help you out with this my friend okay 

so say you have a sailor and a pair of tight boxer briefs and maybe some skinny jeans and a belt 

step one: put underwear on 

step two: insert packer into underwear (use harness if needed)

holy bulge batman that is resting way too high 

step three: lower and tuck packer ( the dick will rest between your legs)

better see placement is key 

step four: put on pants 

bonerific well isn’t this awkward its okay just breathe there’s more steps 

step five: put on belt 

the belt distracts a bit from the size of the bulge but wait there’s more 

step six: sag those mother fucking trousers like you mean it 

now your dick wont scare children or the elderly 

remember to keep your sag tasteful and not show your crack 

sagging pants has many benefits like hiding hips bonerific bulges and tricking people into thinking your pants aren’t made for girls 

this can be used for any packer not just the sailor soft pack and remember boys we’re showers not growers so if you want a big fucking bulge you rock it like no tomorrow because you know they want to see your peecock cock cock your peecock cock 

confidence is key when it comes to packing and don’t be afraid to adjust through out the day cis guys do it all the time that’s why dress pants have deep pockets