holy book

harry potter books/movies rated by iconic drarry moments
  • philosophers stone: young beans. first meeting "i wouldn't want you to end up with the wrong sort. i can help you there." "i think i can tell the wrong sort for myself thanks." 10/10
  • chamber of secrets: "scared potter?" "you wish!" need i say more. need i say more. 20/10
  • prisoner of azkaban: draco eye fucking harry in that scene before hagrid's class. 9/10
  • goblet of fire: draco climbs a fucking tree so he could look his best while insulting harry, but he gets turned into a ferret. 7/10
  • order of the phoenix: lots of quidditch scenes until uMBRIDGE FUCKS EVERYTHING UP 1/10
  • half blood prince: the drarry bible. the holy book of all drarry shippers. 100/10
  • deathly hallows: not much in the beginning but our salvation is at the end, when harry saves draco from the fiendfyre. 9/10

i just finished eos and acomaf and i feel like we should make a support group for s j maas fans because holy shit those two books absolutely shattered me. eos recked my heart. then acomaf (and rhys) put the pieces back together. and then the ending of acomaf managed to go one one step further than eos and absolutely destroyed me and i can’t breath. 

Quran Exhibition Shines A Light On The Holy Books' Dedicated Artists
The Smithsonian show isn't about the words of the Quran so much as the people who laboriously copied it, letter by letter. When they made a mistake, they fixed it with flourish — and sometimes gold.

“In one Quran, that asterisk looks like an eyelash; it directs the reader to look for the missing verse on the edge of the page. In another, the writer corrected a wrong word by covering it with gold. ‘It’s the gold white out,’ Farhad says.” — @npr (and chief curator Massumeh Farhad) 


The Night Court. 

“Just to say good-bye.” A warm breeze ruffled his hair, brushing tendrils of darkness off his shoulders. “Before your beloved whisks you away forever.” “Not forever,” I said, wiggling my tattooed fingers for him to see. “Don’t you get a week every month?” Those words, thankfully, came out frosty. Rhys smiled slightly, his wings rustling and then settling. “How could I forget?”