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i just feel like the logical reaction to finding out that there’s centuries of your life you can’t remember shouldn’t be wanting to jump the bones of the childhood sweetheart you can’t remember 

but that’s just me

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HEADCANONS Of Tsukk, bokuto and kuroo reacting to their s/o crying in front of them because a guy made the s/o uncomfortable

SUP I’m alive alert awake enthusiastic. I hope you like this! 


Tsukishima Kei

- he would immediately go over to the guy

- probably would glare at him as he towers over the guy (you know those things in the anime where the background is dark purple and black)

- “I wonder who hurt my girlfriend.”

- lame ass apologizes from the guy as he runs away bc your boyfie tol

- he’d immediately rush to your care after that

- taking you home with you on his back

- hugging you and cuddling with you when you get home

- “I promise I won’t ever leave your side ever again.” or “I should teach you how to slap people”

- making you laugh to help you forget the uncomfortableness

- kissing his cheek to thank him

- him wiping it off and groaning (secretly loves it of course)

- falling asleep as the little spoon bc he ain't gonna let you be treated that way again

Bokuto Koutarou

- he would probably yell something stupid to the guy tbh


- the guy would scoff and roll his eyes “I didn’t do anything”

- then bokuto would roll up his sleeves and holy hell thE BEEF

- guy be running and you be crying still

- so bokuto hugs you really tightly and peppers your face with kisses

- but you’d still be pouting and he would cup your face and say 

- “Whenever something happens like that, call me straight away, okay sweetheart? I love you.”

- and you would nod and he would kiss you really deeply

-so he’d take you home instead of going out bc he doesn’t want you to be uncomfy

- cuddling with him, your head on his chest and arms wrapped around you

Kuroo Tetsuro

- when you told him who made you uncomfortable he would straight up march towards him

- and you would have to hold him back from hitting him bc he was so mad

- and he, being unable to hit him now, would yell at him, something like

-”What the hell do you think you’re doing?!”

- and you’d just tell him to stop bc it wasn’t worth it

- and everyone would be staring at you two

- and the guy would roll his eyes and leave

- kuroo would be so angry his face would be so red

- and his fists would be clenched at his sides

- “If someone ever makes you feel that way again I’d punch them without hesitation.”

- you’d give him a look and he’d calm down as he sighs and takes you home so you could be comfortable

While Mod Beef is abroad, the rest of the Mods must fight…

Attack on Kweet

‘Several hundred years ago, Pete’s were nearly exterminated by the Kweets. Kweet are typically several stories tall, seem to have no deets, devours Petes and worst of all, seem to do it for the cheap sheeps rather than a meme source.’

it’s always sunny in philadelphia starter meme

part 8

  • “ I’m just a regular dude. I like to drink beer. I love my family. ”
  • “ I’m gonna pinch their dicks with this lobster. ”
  • “ It was pretty good. It was alright. It wasn’t great. ”
  • “ I’m not going to sit down until you say something nice to me. For once in your life. ”
  • “ Your hair is small. ”
  • “ I did my hair good and I wore two colognes. ”
  • “ But, how does it affect you sexually? ”
  • I’m very aroused right now. ”
  • “ I’ll make you my king. Just accept my request to consummate. ”
  • “ So, uh, push enter hard? Or one slow push and you do your thing? ”
  • “ I’m getting sick of this shit. I really am. ”
  • “ I have potential, ya know. I could go places. I could do things. Who knows? I might even rule the world someday. ”
  • “ Yeah, if that happens, I’ll blow myself. ”
  • “ Lemme, uh - gimme a minute, I need to switch gears, I almost - yeah. ”
  • “ If we’re gonna turn this company around, we gotta start cutting the crust off this shit sandwich! ”
  • “ I don’t shake hands, so don’t even try. ”
  • “ It’s the Holy Trinity: Beef and beer and Jesus. ”
  • “ I love it. I love the dark. I love slippery things. I love being naked… in the sewer. ”
  • “ Well, through God all things are possible, so jot that down. ”
  • “ Come on, try it. It’ll loosen you up a bit. Make your butthole hot! ”
  • “ Some cocks can’t be unsucked. ”
  • “ Politics is all one big ass blast. ”

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