Picture Lardo and Shitty having two weddings; one which they agree to have for both of their conservative, very traditional, families’ sake and one they plan like the week before.

Lardo and Shitty want as little to do with as possible with the traditional one, but the planner their parents hire is a pain the ass. Calling them all the time, giving them terrible choices and not understanding the kind of people they are at all.

When she asks if they are sure about one of Lardo’s bridesmaids, (she picked them out of a hat), because wouldn’t it be better to have them as a groomsmen? Lardo flips her shit; Shitty gets outraged and starts giving her a passionate speech about transphobia in an even tone of voice as if he was talking to a particularly stupid rock. They scare the woman into quitting.

Bitty takes over and goes mad with power (think Monica from friends planning Phoebe’s wedding). He has a headset, he has two phones, clipboards and scrapbooks. The builds a massive model of the sitting chart, he’s on first base with their mothers now. The caterers fear him. He’s a tiny dictator and he rules with a firm hand and kindness.

Jack is loving every second of it.

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dont think about the Haus watching Go Figure together
  • dont think about how hard the whole team (but really, jack) would chirp bitty about getting disney to produce his autobiography
  • dont think about how red bitty would go
  • dont think about how hard he’d have to fight to keep from mouthing the words along with the movie (cuz you know hes watched it like a million times, esp when it first came out)
  • dont think about how chowder and shitty shamelessly quote their favorite lines at top volume
  • dont think about lardo shoving a pillow in shittys face but smiling the whole time
  • dont think about dex complaining about watching a disney movie and nursey being all ‘chill’
  • dont think about the movie starting and nursey losing all chill and dex side-eyeing him the whole time
  • dont think about ransom and holtzer aggressively shhhing at anyone who dares talk during the movie
  • dont think about r&h excitedly dissecting the movie with shitty after it ends
  • dont think about chowder immediately starting it over while bitty and jack clean up pie plates
  • dont think about them pretending they didnt basically cuddle with each other the whole time
  • dont think about them wondering whether the other person noticed
  • dont think about it
  • dont do it

Announcement: We’re making a Prince of Cats Dating Sim Game!

In Prince of Cats: High School Days, you will control Lee Holtzer, a teenager looking for love!  Will he warm the heart of his best friend Frank, retreat to the arms of his pushy friend Owen, or pursue someone completely unexpected?  His choices will not only affect his relationships, but the relationships of his friends as well!

Includes four dateable characters with fully illustrated perfect, basic, and bad endings.  Plus, there’s a secret character that will be revealed after getting all four perfect endings!

Preorder information coming soon! Hope you’re as excited as I am for this new adventure!


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A few of Jenny Holzter’s 10 inflammatory essays. Ten 100 word texts were printed in all caps on bright coloured paper. The artist wheatpasted them around New York City between 1979-82, with intent to rouse the passive consumer through decomposing and repurposing the language of popular culture. 

anonymous asked:

hello aboutchopsuey sent me here to ask you what was wrong with banksy! (i really dont know and im just curious!!)

I don’t think that Banksy is evil or more problematic than another artist. But i can try to explain why aboutchopsuey and many others cringe when someone mentions him.

According to his last project, « Dismaland », Banksy is still bummed out that the world isn’t that happy as he wishes. See, he shows us migrants on a boat or a Cinderella chariot referring to Princess Diana’s car crash in a way that is neither moving nor interesting since there’s only one literal meaning behind these art pieces.
I think art is essential since it can have so many interpretations depending of the viewer’s experience, personality or education. I think Banksy’s work of arts shows a lack of emotions at the expense of his wish to be « subversive ». His efforts to tackle important issues by spraying doves in Palestine is just irrelevant : we get it, war is bad. Great media theorist Marshall McLuhan wrote « the medium is the message » 50 years ago and yet, the means of Banksy are conflicted with his problematics. Basically, his career lies on stating the obvious (or what the media calls «  controversies ») and I guess people who appreciate his works of art are mostly trying to reassuring themselves about their own social consciousness.

I also never get why he gets so praised for turning super simple ideas into street art. If you look deeper into urban art or in-situ artworks (with artists like Pignon Ernest), Banksy becomes very poor aesthetically.
Although i don’t hate everything about his art (his glitchy Ariel from Dismaland is fabulous), i tend to keep a very critic eye on artist as mainstream as him. I genuinely don’t understand why people are so into his stencils.

Last, but not least : he’s a multimillionaire trying to be called rebellious… he’s against a system that profits him in the most hypocrite way ever. I don’t really mind that he’s a sellout, but could he just take responsibility for it ? Stop selling Dismaland as a controversial theme park while it’s just a show curating your artists friends (Damien Hirst, David Shrigley, Jenny Holtzer and many other successful artists). Stop marketing yourself as an edgy street artist while selling disassembling spray-painted walls to Sotheby’s. 

*mic drop*

emotionalpackrat  asked:

why are you taking quotes from people like jenny holtzer and not attributing the artist? You would think that as an artist yourself this would be something you would be against

The quote you’re referring to is used in more instances than just the Jenny Holzer piece. It is also the title and lyrics for a Placebo song as well as a short film and I’m sure it’s used in many other places seeing as it is a meaningful grouping of words. There is no determining who said this first. That being said, words are free reign and I don’t believe they belong to anyone in particular. You can choose to lock up these words and defend them in fear they may lose their worth, or you can choose to be inspired by these words and use them to create further inspiration. I choose the latter. My interpretation is in no way lessening the value of the work of those who have interpreted them before me. Thanks for your concern. - Jon