so i was thinking about shitty up at law school missing his friends and messing around with ringtones so theyd fit their personalities and i came up with a list because i think too much about these boys and so:

dex is the theme for dexter’s laboratory

nursey is “ice ice baby”

chowder is all-star by smash mouth

johnson is a dial tone

ransom is whitney houston singing the chorus of ‘i will always love you’

holtzer is the guy from moulin rouge singing the same part from the same song

bitty already had one - georgia on my mind - but he changed it to halo within the first week of shittys skype dates with jack

jack too already had one - “oh my god becky, look at her butt” - but he changed it to georgia on my mind immediately after talking to jack because shitty is not an idiot, honestly, jack

lardos changes depending on where he is - if hes anywhere near someone from the team, its a loop of “now theres more art” from history of japan but if he knows hes not leaving campus anytime soon, he’ll change it back to a loop of “beautiful” from the same video

(because hes sad and he misses her)

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A few of Jenny Holzter’s 10 inflammatory essays. Ten 100 word texts were printed in all caps on bright coloured paper. The artist wheatpasted them around New York City between 1979-82, with intent to rouse the passive consumer through decomposing and repurposing the language of popular culture. 

dont think about the Haus watching Go Figure together
  • dont think about how hard the whole team (but really, jack) would chirp bitty about getting disney to produce his autobiography
  • dont think about how red bitty would go
  • dont think about how hard he’d have to fight to keep from mouthing the words along with the movie (cuz you know hes watched it like a million times, esp when it first came out)
  • dont think about how chowder and shitty shamelessly quote their favorite lines at top volume
  • dont think about lardo shoving a pillow in shittys face but smiling the whole time
  • dont think about dex complaining about watching a disney movie and nursey being all ‘chill’
  • dont think about the movie starting and nursey losing all chill and dex side-eyeing him the whole time
  • dont think about ransom and holtzer aggressively shhhing at anyone who dares talk during the movie
  • dont think about r&h excitedly dissecting the movie with shitty after it ends
  • dont think about chowder immediately starting it over while bitty and jack clean up pie plates
  • dont think about them pretending they didnt basically cuddle with each other the whole time
  • dont think about them wondering whether the other person noticed
  • dont think about it
  • dont do it