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Voltron x Valentino Cosmo Collection 2015

 It’s 2k17 and these kids are more fashionable than u ;; Available on Redbubble! ]  ;; Edited description cos of the asks I get about the clothes.

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brooklyn nine nine is over rated, and yes I have seen it

oh cool. Which bit is overrated? 

Is it the two female Latina women who are completely different character yet love and support one another? Amy who is going to be the youngest captain ever and who is so Type A but isn’t a killjoy? The person who would do anything for anyone?

It’s not Rosa. The Toughest and most independent person. Who wears black always but has a heart of motherfucking gold? Who is the complete opposite to most people but holds onto their friendship fiercely? 

Or is it the male white Jewish man who calls out sexism, racism and “cool motive still murder?

Is it Terry? The black man who is family orientated, care about his girls and his wife more then his own life? Who enjoys yogurt and farmers markets and going to the gym?

Is it Gina? The woman who prides herself on being unique and independent? who is smarter then..well all the people in the precinct and doesn’t care? Just does her and helps her friends? 

Don’t tell me it’s Charles? The softest of them all. The one whose been hurt so many times but keeps believing in love?

Ya know, it’s gotta be Holt. The openly gay Captain who is a great detective and has battled a life of being ostracised and left out only to find his home in the 99 and still maintain respect. Who is in love with his partner but is open about the challenges they face? Who protects his staff/family over himself? who is known to be a brilliant detective? 

Are they overrated?Is it them? Or is it the feeling of comfort you get while watching it? The lighthearted humour that still challenges social issues? Is it the moo moo episode which challenges a modern issues like stop and frisk and racial profiling? Is it the femenist writing? Is it the friendships we all feel part of? Is it the cast? Is it the crew? 

No, honestly tell me what you think is overrated because i sure as hell can’t work it out.

in the middle of hell week at the garrison

matt: bruh. bruh, you know what i was thinking bruh?

shiro: hm?

matt: if your leg get cut off… would it hurt?

shiro: …DUH.

matt: how, though?

shiro: ‘cause your leg got cut off fool!

matt: where you gonna feel the pain?

shiro: in your… leg……

matt: EXACTLY BRUH. how you gonna feel the pain in your leg when-

shiro and matt at the same time: -your LEG IS GONE?

matt: bruh. bruh i’ve been thinking about this shit all day, bruh.

shiro: (visibly disturbed) ….where would you put the pain in?

matt: that’s the point, there aint no pain. once your leg gone, your pain gone along with it.

shiro: (thinking hard)

matt: where you gonna feel the pain if your shit gone, bruh? i’m telling you bruh, we be smoking bruh, we be smo—


b99 week // day 3
favorite episode: 2x17 - Boyle-Linetti Wedding