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Team Voltron's fave musicals

Shiro- Rocky Horror Picture Show. He saw a parody of Time Warp and then found the original and got hooked.

Allura- It’s a toss up between Hairspray and Funny Girl. Her favorite song to perform in the shower is Welcome to the Sixties.

Coran- Hamilton. He wanted to learn more about Earth and Lance introduced Hamilton to him as a joke.

Pidge- Book of Mormon. Matt doesn’t think Pidge should listen to it but he can’t talk because he sings it all the time.

Lance and Hunk- Be More Chill. Lance’s dream role is Rich and Hunk got annoyed with Lance singing all the time so he caved and actually listened to it. He can’t stop singing Halloween and I Love Play Rehearsal. Lance’s favorite song is The Squip Song

Hunk- Grease. He tried to get Shay to do a song with him complete with choreography. He tripped a grand total of 17 times. Lance counted.

Keith- Heathers. He made the mistake of singing Candy Store in front of Pidge and she won’t stop bugging him about it.

So this happened


So I was going through my photo albums on my phone with my brother next to me cause I wanted to show him a klance photo, and I realised that a Hamilton photo was within it.

So I thought out load asking why it was there and he replied:

“The founding fathers are the paladins but instead of lions they’re eagles. FORM AMERICA”

So yeah what’s the universe’s only hope? America

Pidge Headcanons
  • The Gender Binary Is Bullshit
    • Uses she/her pronouns but honestly just wants gender to not be as much of a thing as people say it is.
  • Occasionally stands in front of a mirror and just… plays with her hair. Pushes it down and then lets go so that it springs back up on its own. Whispers “What the fuck.” Starts over.
  • Doesn’t like to admit it, but is really grateful to Lance for watching out for her in the Garrison and helping her out in the Space Mall and all that stuff.
    • Once asked Hunk for how to apologize for calling Lance’s intelligence into question so often when she’s frustrated and to say thank you for the above. Ended up just shoving like 80% of the music on her laptop into the castle’s systems and showing Lance how to use it so he could dance in the training room.
    • Ended up letting Lance teach her how to dance? She’s not entirely sure how it started, but he drags her down to the training deck for a few hours a week to show her how to ballroom dance or b-girl or whatever.
      • She’s not as good as he is, but when Allura says she needs an extra couple on the floor during one infiltration mission at a fancy ball, the two of them actually can pull it off without drawing suspicion, so… it certainly came in useful?
  • Got into a fight with Keith about Yetis and Bigfoot once. They wouldn’t talk to each other for a few days. (Then Shiro got on their case about it and they made up by talking about what kind of cover-up the Garrison might have run to hide the Trio’s disappearance.)
  • Had a staring contest with Allura that ended with crocodile tears and a small fire.
  • Utterly monotone: “Gee willikers, mister. I sure am sorry for blowing up your base and killing all your men.”
  • Held a funeral for Rover. Everyone was invited.
  • Basically does a cupie on Hunk or Coran whenever she needs to reach a thing that she’s too short for while doing repairs or upgrades on the castle or Green.
  • Once figured out a supposedly impossible science thing after not having slept for three days. Took a nap, then couldn’t figure out how she’d done the science thing after waking up. Sleep deprived Pidge just did a thing, but the thing makes no sense.
  • Knows ALL the lyrics to Hamilton, partly because of Lance, and partly because of Matt. 
  • Me: *holding up the Paladin Handbook* look around, look around, how lucky we are to be alive right now
  • someone: the Handbook isn't canon :)
  • Me: ...I imagine death so much it feels more like a memory
voltron : hamilton

- pidge definitely being the first to discover hamilton because the internet has devoured her

- hunk walking into pidge blasting and screaming the lyrics to “The Room Where It Happens” while she’s/he’s working

- hunk becoming infected by the hamilton

- then hunk just advertises the hamilton to the paladins + coran

shiro: george washington
pidge: aaron burr
lance: thomas jefferson and/or alexander hamilton
keith: john laurens
hunk: james madison
allura: duh lafayette
coran: he’s not as obsessed as the rest, but eliza

- keith being like “ew this looks beyond shitty” but actually loving it; denying that he obsessed

- lance + pidge being submersed into the memey side of hamilton

- keith + shiro + allura submersed into the emotional and analytical side of hamilton, but still having a good laugh at the memes

- hunk getting the best of both sides

- allura being able to rap the entirety of guns and ships and being dubbed the lafayette of the paladins

- the rest of the paladins being the ensemble when she sings it; “laFAYETTE”

- coran being like “holy shit my child can fucking rap.”

- lams. lams everywhere.

- everyone secretly comparing lams to klance

- lance is hamilton

- keith is laurens

- when voltron is formed and they’re fighting an evil alien fucktard pidge blasts the end of yorktown [via the aux cord that I’m positive every lion has] when they win and they all sing along [including allura in the ship]

- lance: “bUNS AND CHIPS”

- also lance making hamilton references whenever he can

- getting smacked by pidge each time

- keith adorably not understanding

DRAMATIZE DEMOCRACY: Burgess narrating a performance of ‘An American Crusader’ on the CBS Radio dramatic program ‘The Free Company’. March, 1941 Hollywood, CA. 

The Free Company was a series of radio dramas based on the principles of American democracy and was designed to combat hostile propaganda in the United States. Burgess served as the chairman of the actors’ division and narrator for the programs. Digitaldeliftp.com had this to say of The Free Company:

“The Free Company and its Free Company of Players’ eleven original plays represent–to this day–some of the most heroic and courageous attempts to push back against the more jingoistic and fascist elements in America that were seizing on the events leading up to America’s involvement in World War II as an excuse to impose fascist, right-wing controls over America’s citizens and their liberties. 

The airing of The Free Company was one of only a handful of such attempts to shine a light on some of the often secretive efforts of right wing politicians and societies throughout America to use the fear of impending War to restrict America’s hard-fought freedoms. The series clearly struck a chord throughout America. But as history has demonstrated, in spite of the outpouring of support for the series–or others proposed in the same vein–the right wing corridors of power in America succeeded in quashing any further popular attempts to strike a balance in American thinking of the era.”

Here’s just a sampling of the talented professionals represented within The Free Company of Players:


  • Maxwell Anderson
  • Sherwood Anderson
  • Stephen Vincent Benet
  • James Boyd [Chairman]
  • Walter Van Tilberg Clark
  • Paul Green
  • Archibald MacLeish
  • William Saroyan


  • George M. Cohan
  • Marc Connelly
  • Norman Corwin
  • Elia Kazan
  • Sidney Lumet
  • Robert Sherwood [Writers’ Chairman]
  • Orson Welles

Dramatic Actors:

  • Charles Bickford
  • Harry Carey
  • Alan Dineheart
  • Melvyn Douglas
  • Henry Fonda
  • Edmund Gwenn
  • Margaret Hamilton
  • Georgette Harvey
  • Paul Henreid
  • Tim Holt
  • Canada Lee
  • Myron McCormick
  • The Mercury Theatre Players
  • Burgess Meredith [Actors Chairman]
  • Paul Muni
  • Luis van Rooten
  • Franchot Tone
  • Claire Trevor

but can we just appreciate the headline photos of the boys

“on my way to steal yo gurlll”

“in actuality you’re actually disgusting”

“the coast is clear the coast is clear. i think.”

“oh hello, i’m the new kid on team cahill let me just be cute with my ponytail and glasses”

and my personal favourite

“i swear to god if you touch my cashmere sweater one more time and call it a jacket i will skin you alive with a can opener”

voltron : hamilton pt. 2

- zarkon discovering hamilton

- zarkon silently singing “we know” in his head when he locates voltron [in s2]

- haggar being like “sire no what the fuck”

- when one paladin starts singing a part to a song another one joins then another one and another one

- the paladins returning to the space mall and pidge finding hamilton merch and they all raid the store looking for it

- allura giving the mice hamilton identities


- “you may now refer to me as the frenchiest fry”



- shiro screaming the lyrics to right hand man aggressively and the rest of the paladins being like what