L’improvvisa morte di James Gandolfini, il grande attore de I Soprano, avvenuta ieri a Roma a causa di un infarto, continua a scatenare reazioni di ogni genere.

Com’era prevedibile, molte star del grande e del piccolo schermo hanno omaggiato Gandolfini rilasciando comunicati o messaggi sui vari social network ma, tra tutte le notizie, quella che sta generando grande commozione riguarda il ristorante e gelateria Holsten’s, il luogo in cui è stata girata l’ultima scena de I Soprano, che ieri è stato preso letteralmente d’assalto dai fan dello show.

E, cosa ancora più toccante, il tavolo dove ha seduto Gandolfini è vuoto e riporta il cartello ‘riservato.

Like that last post said, I was at Holsten’s in Bloomfield, the famous restaurant featured in the final scene of the final episode of the Sopranos. Like in that scene, I ordered onion rings, as sort of a joke on the whole scene. I was in the bathroom when my dad called me and told me that James Gandolfini died, which was equally weird since the suspicious man in the Members Only jacket went to the restroom in that scene. Really weird considering I’m a big fan of the show. RIP James. 


Aunque acumuló una gran galería de personajes secundarios inolvidables, y creó para la pequeña pantalla uno de los personajes más míticos de la historia de la televisión, cuando uno piensa en James Gandolfini, se plantea que quizás su gran papel en el cine no había llegado aún. Le quedaba mucho.

Hoy, como señal de duelo, la mesa del restaurante Holsten’s, donde transcurría la última escena de la última temporada de Los Soprano, aparece como ‘reservada’.

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Hasta Siempre!

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Hometown Holsten’s - The Sopranos

I recently had to watch this clip for homework and count the numerous shots taken for this one scene. I had always heard how the Sopranos filmed their last episode in a restaurant in my hometown, but this was the first time I actually watched it. I never really appreciated Holsten’s fully until I watched this clip. The ringing bell at the entrance, the booth at the front, the candy stand on the opposite side, and the paintings in the back brought back fond memories. I’m guessing the Sopranos chose this spot since it looks like a typical diner; but, viewing the clip as a frequent Holsten’s customer, I believe Holsten’s is more than that. It’s about memories and family, which is shown through the characters uniting at the table. It’s also weird and cool how actual actors sat where I sat, and if they ate the ice cream, ate what I ate. I actually visited Holsten’s after the filming and before watching this clip and I didn’t notice a difference. No tourists or picture taking. Just the  same old place with the same old locals. It’s amazing how the small local restaurant was found by the show, but it’s more amazing how the fame didn’t mess anything up. Way to go Bloomfield! Take that Hollywood! Ironic how it took a class all the way in Philadelphia to make me appreciate my little NJ hometown. 

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         Giving Lux a look of annoyance, she looks her over once before coming to her decision. “I can’t do this.” She immediately states, as if it were some sin eating away at her. As if she couldn’t accept the fact that she too, did in fact like women. This was surreal and it didn’t feel right, probably because of the uncomfortable tension between them. Leave it to Holsten to disregard it and just assume that her feelings for women weren’t as strong as she believed them to be. So all that’s left is to rip off the bandaid. “I don’t think we should continue…this anymore.”

Happy that this big girl is drinking on her own again, no more getting a tube down her throat to feed her.
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Állítólag a főváros annyira belelendült a Simicska-féle oszlopok lebontásába, hogy a raktárul szolgáló kispesti telepükön egyre több kilencvenes évekbeli labdarúgót vélnek felfedezni a környéken lakók.

(képünkön Détári Lajos az FTC mezében, a címer helyén Holsten felvarróval.)

holstein gate
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Luebeck, Germany, 2015. Build 1478, holstein gate guards the western entrance to Luebeck’s old city center. Actually, there used to be a series of 4 gates in a row, like pearls in a string. “In the course of industrialization, the fortifications were considered to be only annoying obstacles. In 1808 the second outer Holsten Gate was demolished, in 1828 the inner Holsten Gate, and in 1853 the outer Holsten Gate. It was then considered to be only as a matter of time before the Middle Holsten Gate, the only remaining of the four gates, would be torn down” http://ift.tt/23AcD5I. Just as well, one pearl remained and withstood until today :-)


WOMEN’S HISTORY ✞ ☦ DAGMAR AF DANMARK (26 November 1847 – 13 October 1928)

Marie Sophie Frederikke Dagmar was the daughter of Christian, Prins af Slesvig-Holsten-Sønderborg-Beck and Luise Wilhelmine Friederike Caroline Auguste Julie von Hessen-Kassel. She was named after her relative, Marie Sophie von Hessen-Kassel, and the medieval queen, Dagmar af Böhmen. In 1863, her father became the king of Denmark after the death of his cousin, Frederik 7. She was very close to her older sister, Alexandra, who married the future Edward VII in 1863.

In 1864, Dagmar became engaged to Nikolai Aleksandrovich Romanov, the oldest son and heir of Tsar Aleksander II and Maria Aleksandrovna (born Marie von Hessen und bei Rhein). Nikolai died in 1865, however, Nikolai died. She was distraught at his death, but it was finally decided that she would marry Nikolai’s younger brother, Aleksander Aleksandrovich Romanov. They married 9 November 1866 and took up residence in Anichkov Palace. Dagmar converted to Russian orthodoxy before her marriage, though, and took the name Maria Feodorovna.

Maria became very popular with the Russian nobles and people alike. She was outgoing and enjoyed parties, card games, and fashion. In 1868, she gave birth to her son, the future Nikolai II, followed by two more sons and two daughters, Xenia and Olga. Her father-in-law, Aleksander II, was assassinated by anarchists on 13 March 1881 and afterwards her husband became the new Tsar. She was crowned as Tsarina on 27 May 1883.

She had very little influence on politics, but developed a rivalry with her sister-in-law, Maria Pavlovna (born Marie Alexandrine Elisabeth Eleonore zu Mecklenburg), who she referred to in private as “Empress Vladimir.” Against her and her husband’s wishes, her eldest son, Nikolai, fell deeply in love with Alix von Hessen-Darmstadt and refused to marry anyone but her. They finally gave in, but Aleksander died unexpectedly on 1 November 1894. She developed a tense relationship with her new daughter-in-law, who took the name Aleksandra Feodorovna.

After her son’s abdication, Maria stubbornly refused to leave Russia until her sister, Alexandra, begged her to in 1919. Afterwards, Maria lived in exile in Copenhagen. She held out up that her son and his family might still be alive, but probably knew deep down that they were dead. After her sister’s death in 1925, Maria was filled with grief. She died three years later and was buried at Roskilde Cathedral.


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