L’improvvisa morte di James Gandolfini, il grande attore de I Soprano, avvenuta ieri a Roma a causa di un infarto, continua a scatenare reazioni di ogni genere.

Com’era prevedibile, molte star del grande e del piccolo schermo hanno omaggiato Gandolfini rilasciando comunicati o messaggi sui vari social network ma, tra tutte le notizie, quella che sta generando grande commozione riguarda il ristorante e gelateria Holsten’s, il luogo in cui è stata girata l’ultima scena de I Soprano, che ieri è stato preso letteralmente d’assalto dai fan dello show.

E, cosa ancora più toccante, il tavolo dove ha seduto Gandolfini è vuoto e riporta il cartello ‘riservato.

Like that last post said, I was at Holsten’s in Bloomfield, the famous restaurant featured in the final scene of the final episode of the Sopranos. Like in that scene, I ordered onion rings, as sort of a joke on the whole scene. I was in the bathroom when my dad called me and told me that James Gandolfini died, which was equally weird since the suspicious man in the Members Only jacket went to the restroom in that scene. Really weird considering I’m a big fan of the show. RIP James. 

“One of the greatest moments of my life was in fifth grade after this asshole Cameron Holsten had embarrassed one of my closest friends because she had gotten her period at recess, which was just a complete dick move on his part, anyway after that happened I waited until lunch and while he was playing basketball I had stolen his lemon Gatorade dumped half of it out, pissed in it to fill it back up shook it up and put it back, then told everyone except for him that I did it and took bets on how much of it, he would drink before realizing it had pee in it, dude chugged the entire thing with everyone watching and didn’t figure out I’d pissed in it until the end of the day when I had already gone home. Yes he did kick my ass the next day, and yes I did get suspended for pissing in his drink, but I did it in the name of friendship, like that’s real love and I made forty dollars and took that girl for ice cream, so that makes it great.”