Natasha Negovanlis

If you follow me and you say things like:

“Natasha is so in love with Elise wtf.”

“Natasha obviously has feelings for her.”

“Natasha deffo likes her, she’s not that good an actress.”

Let me tell you why these statements aren’t okay.

Natasha is a queer actor who had the gall to be open and candid about her non-heterosexuality when she was probably terrified of what that would mean for her commercial viability. I can guarantee you, she would have had people telling her that being open about being LGBT would be a mistake.

Comments like the above are absolutely derived from the notion of her queerness whether you want to accept it or not. When you imply, or you see posts implying, that Natasha isn’t a good enough actress and the range she shows in a scene comes directly from her attraction to her co-star, imagine how you would feel if you had to look her in the eye and read that aloud to her.

Imagine how you would feel if a straight person implied that your talent, your hard work, your passion was somehow overshadowed by your sexuality.

Oh wait, you probably don’t have to imagine it because it’s something we’ve all experienced.

I’m not trying to say that thinking Natasha and Elise would be adorable together is an innately bad thing, but when the focus is always on Natasha having feelings for Elise we have a responsibility to treat that woman with the due respect she deserves as a member of our community and call it out.

Carmilla Getting Used To Being Human: A Concept

Carmilla not being able to get a social security number or a passport because her birth certificate is on four-hundred year old parchment.

Carmilla getting hungry for the first time and not knowing what it is.

“Laura it feels as if there’s an anglerfish in my stomach.”

“You’re probably just hungry.”

“No, I ate yesterday, pass me that Sumerian book… I’ll figure this out.”

Laura taking her to a buffet and Carmilla losing her shit over different food.

“Oh man, oh shit, this is good! What are these things called again?”

“Macaroni cheese balls?”

“More like macaroni please balls, I’m going to get some more.”

Laura having to remind Carmilla she gets cold now, so she secretly keeps an eye on her in the morning to make sure she’s dressed weather appropriate for the day.

Carmilla disregarding this advice and catching the flu.

Carmilla crying because her nose is stuffed, her body hurts, she can’t stop throwing up and she hates being human.

Laura babying her and putting warm flannels over her head.

She changes her mind and loves being human because Laura takes the day off work when she’s sick to lie in bed with her and spoon feed her chicken soup.

Carmilla still purring like a cat when Laura bites her ear.

Laura doing stuff on purpose so she’ll purr because she finds it adorable.

Carmilla lying on the sofa reading Jean-Paul Sartre and Laura clambering up her body so she can just spend a little while listening to her heartbeat whilst dinner cooks.