I’m really not crazy about ITV’s Victoria tbh. Why go out of the way to present Victoria as a proto-feminist, which she definitely was not, when you could write an accurate show about how interesting her daughters were:

Victoria “Vicky”: Married Frederick “Fritz”, Crown Prince of Prussia and tried to influence politics in a more liberal direction. She read and took an interest in the works of both Marx and Darwin, her mother was appalled that she gave their ideas any credence whatsoever. She advocated for better education of women and founded schools for girls. Vicky and Fritz were both vocally opposed to Antisemitism and personally interceded on behalf of persecuted German Jews. Unfortunately their son was Kaiser Wilhelm II.

Alice: Acted as her mother’s private secretary after the death of Prince Albert. She married Grand Duke Louis of Hesse and had seven children, all of whome she breast fed. Alice was in favor of breast feeding and had a strong interest in gynecology, neither of which were ever discussed. Queen Victoria was so disgusted with this that she was barely on speaking terms with Alice, She also took up nursing and managed a hospital during the Austro-Prussian War while heavily pregnant. 

Helena “Lenchen”: Usually the forgotten sister. She was quite a tomboy as a child and bested her brothers at sports. Lenchen also had a keen interest in engineering, but was almost immediately discouraged by her parents because it was not a suitable interest for girls. She had an arranged marriage to a prince 15 years her senior, but stayed in England under Victoria’s eye. She went on to become president of the Royal British Nurses’ Association and the Royal School of Needlework, both of which she supported because it gave young women the chance to support themselves.

Louise: If any of Victoria’s daughters can be considered truly rebellious it’s little Louise. Nearly everything she did in life, her mother disapproved of. She was an accomplished artist but was not satisfied with just painting. Instead Louise pursued the unladylike art of sculpture. This required her to attend art school, which she did. Louise went to the National Art Training School, making her the first ever British royal to attend a public school. She later married John Campbell, Marquess of Lorne, who was said to have been gay. Her husband was made Viceroy of Canada, which means that Louise got to escape her mother for a while. She did not like being seen as royal and often went by the name of Mrs. Campbell. Louise had no children, but a rumor persists that she had an illegitimate son well before her marriage.

Beatrice: She was the youngest of Queen Victoria’s nine children, and perhaps the only one whom Victoria truly liked. Beatrice was known as “Baby” from birth. When Prince Albert died, Victoria developed an uncomfortably strong attachment to Beatrice. She had “Baby” sleep in the same bed with her and in a way, used Beatrice as a coping mechanism against the psychological damage done by Albert’s death. Victoria discouraged Beatrice from marriage and wouldn’t allow the subject to be discussed in an attempt to keep Beatrice in a perpetual childhood. Beatrice’s act of rebellion was to marry for love. She married Prince Henry of Battenberg at the age of 28, which was rather old for the standards of the day. But she remained close by Victoria for the rest of her mother’s life. 

When you find a series that has a lesbian couple in it, a good plot and has loads of fan art/fiction for you to see/read to fill the void after you finish it

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