Matjes is a North German seafood dish. It can be raw herring in a mild vinegar pickle or brined. The marinade might contain vinegar, cider, wine or tea, sugar, herbs (usually bay leaf), spices (usually mace), and chopped onion. The word ‘soused’ can also describe a marinated herring that has been cooked. Soused herring, as served in Germany, Scandinavia, and the Netherlands, is a mild, soft salt herring, made from young immature herrings. It’s ripened in oak barrels in a salty solution or brine. (Raw pickled herring in vinegar is called “Rollmops” in Germany and it’s a different dish.) As of 2015, Glückstädter Matjes from Schleswig-Holstein has the EU’s “protected designation of origin” certification. 

6 Matjesfilets, halbe (halved Matjes fillets) - 1 große Zwiebel oder Gemüsezwiebel (large regular or mild onion) - 2 Äpfel (apples) - 2 Becher Magerjoghurt, a 150 g (cups of plain low-fat yogurt) - 2 EL Mayonnaise oder Salatcreme (mayonnaise or salad cream like Miracle Whip) - etwas Salz und Pfeffer (some salt and pepper) - etwas Zucker (some sugar) - 1 EL Schnittlauch oder Petersilie (tablespoon chives or parsley)  

Die Zwiebel in feine Scheiben hobeln oder würfeln. (Cube or grate onions.) Die Äpfel möglichst mit Schale fein schneiden/würfeln (Cube or chop apples, skin on). Aus Joghurt und den anderen Zutaten eine Soße zubereiten und die Zwiebel und Äpfel darunter mischen (Make a sauce from yogurt and the other ingredients and add onions and apples, stir.) In einer länglichen Terrine oder Auflaufform den Boden mit Joghurtsoße bedecken (in a container, cover the bottom with the yogurt sauce). Die Matjesfilets kurz abspülen, trocken tupfen und dann filetweise nebeneinander auf die Joghurtcreme legen; nächste Schicht Joghurtcreme drauf verteilen und wieder mit Matjesfilets belegen(Briefly wash the Matjes herring, pat dry and place fillets on top of yogurt sauce, lined up next to each other; add another layer of sauce on top, layer herring again, etc.) Mit Folie oder Deckel abdecken und mindestens 1 Stunde durchziehen lassen (Cover with foil or a cover and let marinate for at least 1 hour.) Kalt servieren, mit Kartoffeln und Schnittlauch oder Petersilie (Serve cold with boiled potatoes, parsley or chives sprinkled on top.) Sollte noch etwas übrig bleiben, schmeckt es auch gut mit der Soße auf Schwarzbrot serviert (If there should be leftovers, it also is delicious, served on dark bread with the yogurt sauce).


Carmilla - Web Series created by Jordan Hall and Ellen Simpson

Over the last few years Youtube has blown up in popularity with youtubers such as Grace Helbig, Rose and Rosie and Jenna Marbles creating hilarious and entertaining content to brighten even the the darkest of days - I find myself browsing through my subscriptions when my beloved series’ come to an end in search for something, anything to fill the TV shaped hole in my life and, if you know where to look, Youtube does not disappoint! Carmilla, a web series created by Jordan Hall and Ellen Simpson uploaded on the channel now known as KindaTV and based on the novella of the same name by Sheridan Le Fanu - an awesome novel definitely worth checking out - The series is set in the fictional world Silas University and is told to the audience via Vlogs,  recorded by Laura, played by the wonderful actress Elise Bauman, a enthusiastic and morally driven first-year student.When Laura begins investigating the disappearance of her roommate, she is assigned a new roommate named Carmilla played by Natasha Negovanlis the new face of KindaTV and overall kickass lady. However, Carmilla isn’t the normalist of roommates - unless yours also keeps blood in milk cartons and has an odd aversion to garlic, because Carmilla is a Vampire, and if that’s not cool enough, she is a Lesbian Vampire! As a gay women, growing up I had very limited LGBT shows but Youtube does not shy away from Gay content and has a huge and ever growing Queer community and Carmilla came to join the family. Elise and Natasha are two ridiculously talented actresses whose friendship off screen is as endearing as their rocky relationship on screen, the chemistry, the sideways looks and the short hand they have developed is beautiful to watch - finally a lesbian relationship that is true to life despite the supernatural settings the human element is very clear as we watch the two lovers struggle to be apart of their separate worlds and live up to expectation. Moreover. The series has a welcome and healthy balance of dark and light, paring war with sass and death with love and scenes which make you cry tears with scenes that make you laugh tears this show really has it all. I would usually go into detail on the plot but it’s such a good watch I don’t wish to ruin it for you - so just go watch it! You can watch Carmilla series 1,2 and Christmas special on KindaTV, series 0 on U by Kotex and series 3 is due out this summer!! Check it out!

Natasha and Elise have extended their onscreen partnership in the feature film Almost Adults created by theGaywomenchannel team, written by Adrianna DiLonardo and directed by  Sarah Rotella, the film not yet out but I expect it to be a hit, involving four of my favourite women, all who are unbelievably talented at what they do!  

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What states are canon ?

None of the American ones yet, but:

Germany is shown as being very close to his states and referring to them all as his older brothers. Prussia, Bavaria, Saxony, Brandenburg, Hesse, and Holstein have made appearances

Picardy is a former French province (now just a general region) and France hires him to take pictures of the nations on April Fool’s

Japan’s clans were the only people he talked to (except for Netherlands) while isolationist. Aizu, Kanazawa, Mito, Osaka, Owari, and Sendai are canon

Also I swear Hima mentioned Quebec in a strip where Canada was complaining about how divided his French and English citizens were, but I don’t have any proof


Pat has been on a blogging streak lately, so here I am, back with a vengeance with a 10-photo post.

Over the Christmas holiday, I went on my first ever trip with the entire Lee family (Pat, Pat’s mom and dad, Pat’s brother and his girlfriend, Pat’s aunt and uncle, their son and his girlfriend) for Pat’s dad’s 70th birthday.  That’s right 9 Lees and 1 Lin.  And where does a group of Asians go to celebrate a 70th birthday?  VEGAS, OF COURSE!

We spent 7 days in Vegas and everyday was jam-packed with events.  Some stand outs: 24-hour buffet pass to hit as many buffets as possible for $75 (4 hours in line for Bacchanal buffet; suck it, 2 hour lines for Guu!), Cirque Du Solei Beatles Love show (acrobats and Beatles songs!), Milo’s (3-course Greek lunch for $20.12!), adult milkshakes at Holstein’s (that’s rum/Kahlua in your milkshakes…WHAAA), just an hour outside of the strip - Red Rock Canyon national park (cool rocks, dude!), the Superdry store at the Fashion Show Mall ($100 jackets!), retired neon signs at the Neon Museum, the brand new Mob Museum.

Good time was had by all and we came back with $50 winning (random slot machines and Pai-Gow poker).