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One of my favorite sci-fi takes on a modern weapon that I thought you might appreciate, the modified AK-47/AKM in the movie Elysium .

The modified AK-47/AKM takes inspiration from the XM-25 experimental airburst grenade launcher. It has a fictional attachment that combines a holosight, targeting laser, and rangefinder into an advanced targeting system. This targeting system links up with fictional airburst ammunition, programming the distance at which the round will detonate based on the range from the target. Each round has a kill radius of 5 meters, giving each about the equivalent explosive force of your average modern day 40mm grenade round. As demonstrated in the gif, this enables the modified AK-47/AKM to tear enemies apart, whether organic or robotic.

I’m not a huge fan of the AK, but this is perhaps one of my top favorite ballistic science fiction weapons, because it takes an already iconic rifle, and turns it into an absolute monster in an time setting where it is probably almost 200 years old, but without dramatically leaving the realm of realistic possibility in my opinion.

Such an interesting concept, and so easily overlooked during the film itself!

Introducing... the RWBY Titanfall AU!

Welcome to the future. Humanity has grown exponentially and expanded far beyond the boundaries of Earth, even the Solar System. Humankind occupies a number of different systems and planets, many of which are located in what is known as The Frontier. The Frontier is an adventurous and opportunistic place, just waiting to be used - or exploited.

Man is constantly expanding, growing, revolutionizing, and evolving in all areas of life. A company known as Hammond Robotics, a major defense contractor, aerospace company, and manufacturer, utilized Frontier resources to create Specters, which are humanoid robots, and Titans, large robots used in everything from cargo transport to warfare. Titans have seen widespread adoption and integration into almost all areas of military and civilian life. To operate a Titan, one must become a qualified Titan Pilot with a specialized certification rating. The ratings apply to mostly civilian jobs, such as shipping and construction. The most coveted Pilot certification is the Full Combat Certification. To be obtained, the Pilot must pass extreme physical and mental tests and be able to master both Titan combat and dismounted parkour movement. As such, fully qualified combat Titan Pilot is a rare find.

In time, a once small-time company that specialized in resource extraction known as the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation Rose up and was able to acquire, merge with, and re-brand most of the competition, including Hammond Robotics, and become a ruthless commercial empire. They knew about many of the Frontier worlds having vast quantities of natural resources and were quick to begin taking full advantage of the planets.

Opposing the brutal IMC is the Frontier Militia, a loose confederation of pirates, mercenaries, bandits, and others who band together as “citizen soldiers” when the need arises. Though not always necessary, the Militia insists that direct action against the IMC is the best option.

Eventually, war broke out between the two factions when the Militia had had enough. The war, known as the Titan War, still rages on, slowly engulfing more and more of the Frontier systems one by one. The most recent planet to become engulfed in the flames of warfare is a quiet, peaceful, and highly industrialized planet known as Remnant. The war has been fought to a stalemate, and for now it seems like nothing can break the constant attrition…


Ruby: Ruby Rose is an orphan who lived on the streets of the highly industrialized Vale City until she was adopted as a young child. Vale City was a peaceful place, it being the capital of a country bearing the same name. Vale was one of four major countries that occupied the continent known as Vytal, itself one of the major continents present on the quiet Frontier world of Remnant. Ruby lived happily with her adoptive family and came to love them dearly, especially her new sister, Yang Xiao Long. However, at age 15, the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation moved onto the planet, intending to take advantage of the abundant natural resources. There was fierce opposition around the globe from the Frontier Militia, intent on keeping the IMC from having their way with yet another system. The conflict came to a head when the IMC called in its military branch and a skirmish erupted within Vale City. She and Yang were almost killed by an IMC Titan, but were saved by a mysterious, raven-haired Titan Pilot who they later came to know as Blake Belladonna, friend and squadmate. The girl took them in and they enlisted in the Militia, with Ruby earning her Full Combat Certification in a mere two years. She has seen very limited action against the IMC thus far, but she and her squad are due to partake in a large-scale operation in hopes to drive the IMC at the very least out of Vale City.
Ruby has shown herself to be an exceptional fighter both on the ground and inside her Titan. During training the young girl had revealed to be extremely proficient with a sniper rifle, and often carries a Kraber-AP Sniper, a 14.5x114mm bolt action anti-material sniper rifle into battle. She will occasionally even equip her rifle with explosive ammunition, increasing its already monstrous lethality. She also carries a Hammond P2011 handgun in case she runs into enemies at close range and a Charge Rifle, a directed energy weapon meant to fend off Titans on foot should the need arise. She pilots an Atlas-class Titan which she has affectionately named Crescent Rose. Her Titan sports a custom red and black paint job not unlike her personal outfit (which, if I or someone else draws, is based off of the in-game model for a Female Militia Sniper), bears her family’s rose crest on the chest, and rolls into battle with a Plasma Railgun.

Weiss: Weiss Schnee is the 19 year old daughter of the ruthless CEO of the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation. She was to grow up to be perfect. Perfect poise, perfect posture, perfect manners, perfect everything. She was also to take over as head of the company once her father stepped down. However, as she got older and heard about all of the things her father’s company was doing, she left. She stole some gear and left for a world that hadn’t been touched yet by the brutal IMC, the Frontier world of Remnant. Upon arrival in Vale City, she located the local Militia brigade and signed herself up, mere days before the arrival of the corporation on the planet. Throughout her training she struggled, only barely managing to obtain her Full Combat Certification in two years. Also during her time in training she met and befriended two girls named Ruby Rose and Yang Xiao Long, as well as a Militia veteran who assisted in their instruction named Blake Belladonna. She has not seen action as of yet, but she is more than ready to face down her father and his forces.
During training, Weiss found that she best operated when she could move quickly and with ease, so she has trained extensively with the R-97 Compact SMG, a small, lightweight weapon that suited her style perfectly. It is equipped with an extended magazine and a simple holosight. Her sidearm is a B3 Wingman, a powerful, 8 shot revolver. She also carries a Sidewinder, a weapon that holds a 25-round magazine of miniature rockets to fire on Titans. Weiss’ Titan, fitting with her fast-paced style, is a Stryder-class she calls Myrtenaster. It carries an XO-16 Chaingun into action and bears a simple white and light blue color scheme similar to her own (Weiss’ appearance as a Pilot is based off of the in-game IMC Female Assault model) as well as the Schnee family crest on the back.

Blake: Blake Belladonna is a long-time Militia veteran. Her involvement with the organization started when she was very young, as her parents were active protesters of the IMC and its questionable business practices. Though she lived in Vale, she always kept up-to-date on the war between the Militia and the IMC, always participated in protests, and eventually signed up to fight at 14 years of age. She learned quickly, earning her Full Combat Certification in only a year and a half. Most of her experience comes from small-time raids and skirmishes, one of her more recent deployments unfortunately finding her back in Vale. In Vale City, she saved two young girls, Ruby and Yang, from an approaching IMC Titan and quickly befriended them, recruiting them into the Militia. She helped train the two girls she saved as well as another, Weiss, that she was wary of at first but came to trust her in due time. Two years later, age 19, Blake and her trainees have formed a new squad together. They have not seen action together, but the veteran is confident that they will perform well.
Like Weiss, Blake’s strategy involves staying light, swift, and mobile. Often times the woman won’t even carry a rifle into combat, instead relying on her swiftness and her trusty RE-45 Autopistol, a fully automatic .45 caliber handgun that she uses with great efficiency. She does, however, carry a weapon capable of combating Titans, that being the Mag Launcher. The Mag Launcher is a grenade launcher that fires magnetic grenades that stick to Titans. Also like Weiss, Blake pilots a Stryder-class Titan known as Gambol Shroud. She equips it with a 40mm Cannon and customized hers with a black and dark purple color palette like her Pilot gear (based off of the Female Militia CQC), replacing the blue lights with yellow ones. She has also chosen to emblazon her own symbol on the back of her Titan like her teammates have done.

Yang: Yang Xiao Long is Ruby’s 19 year old adoptive older sister. She loved her sister, and would do anything and everything for her. Ruby saw it as overbearing and overprotective, but Yang was simply looking out for her. She was with her through everything, from the time she was adopted to the pivotal moment in both of their lives during the IMC invasion when they were saved and subsequently recruited into the Frontier Militia. She flew through training, earning her Full Combat Certification in just under two years with flying colors. She quickly made friends with one of their instructors, Blake, but it took her time to get comfortable with Weiss. Yang has seen little combat, but she is overflowing with anticipation concerning the upcoming operation against the IMC. Yang’s equipment, both as a Pilot and with her Titan, exemplifies her fighting mantra: hit hard. She carries an EVA-8 Shotgun, modified with a larger drum magazine and a full-auto capability, and an RE-45 Autopistol, along with an Archer Heavy Rocket for use in combatting enemy Titans. She excels like no other in the realm of extreme close quarters combat, and it is not uncommon to see Yang fighting an enemy Pilot or Grunt hand to hand. Her Titan is an Ogre-class that she has named Ember Celicia, and she rocks a Triple Threat, a grenade launcher that fires a trio of explosives for every shot. Just as her teammates have done, she has given her Titan a custom pain job using the colors yellow, orange, and brown, and she also painted her family’s crest on the chest of her Titan.


Haha, look at that! I said I’d do it by tonight, and I did! This feels really good actually. I feel accomplished.

So anyway, here it is! My RWBY Titanfall AU! Like I said, it’s not much, just an overview and some character bios. Still though, here it is! I plan on doing more work for this, but I really wanted to get this out there.

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