bona--mana  asked:

For a micro fic prompt, flower tattoo + body worship + insecure Hux, please :D?

Of course! (Also, please see this as it’s relevant to the prompt and the fill! cw: flowers/petals.)

It’s not often that Kylo and Hux manage to take shore leave at all, never mind together, but the galaxy seems to pause in perfect alignment to allow them a full two days on I’iraak IV. The small, remote planet boasts none of the technological advancements that benefit the other planets in the system, but it’s renowned for its beauty. Having seen holopics of it as a child, Kylo knows it’s the perfect place to take Hux.

It turns out that Hux really doesn’t own anything other than regulation uniform. Before they leave, Kylo is forced to try and cobble something together from his own wardrobe for Hux to change into once they reach the planet, but it’s black and doesn’t fit well. The main city on the planet - a mere town by anyone else’s standard - has a good market, and Kylo heads there first, intent on buying supplies.

Hux is shy when he changes into his new clothes. He had a difficult enough time with Kylo’s, but now can do nothing to hide his blush. He flushes even more and actually fidgets when Kylo compliments him.

Kylo wants to take him somewhere and show him something, so he lets it go. He takes Hux’s hand - something never allowed under normal circumstances - and leads him from their rented rooms, winding through the streets until he comes to the famed gardens: the ones he’d seen so long ago and had always wished to visit. Now, though, he cares more for Hux’s reaction to the beautiful sight than he does for the view itself. It’s worth it. Hux gasps softly but audibly, overwhelmed by the myriad of colours before him. When Kylo leads him further into the gardens, Hux follows, clearly distracted by what he’s seeing. Even he, General of the First Order, has to admit that they’re beautiful.

‘Like you’ Kylo responds as he stops somewhere they can sit down. Hux is flustered again, but settles without much protest between Kylo’s thighs, allowing the Knight to embrace him from behind and lace their fingers together. Kylo lavishes lazy kisses on the pale skin of Hux’s neck and cheek as they both enjoy their surroundings. By the time they decide to go and find food, Hux laments the fact they ever have to leave. He wishes he could take the flowers with him. Smiling, Kylo suggests something else - something a little more permanent than blossoms that will fade and die all too soon.

He can tell Hux wants it, and with his encouragement, Hux goes ahead with the idea. Kylo watches, holding Hux’s hand, as the beautiful artwork is left on Hux’s exquisite body, the soft colours and delicate detail complimenting the side of Hux only Kylo gets to see.

Once they’ve eaten another small meal and made their way back to their room, Kylo starts the delightful process of divesting Hux of his new clothes, and exploring his body anew. Careful of the fresh tattoo, Kylo lays Hux down and starts worshiping him with his hands and lips, trying to soothe away all the insecurities he knows Hux holds. Despite being confident in his working life, Hux is a shy lover. He twists and uses his hands to cover himself, always afraid that Kylo will despise what he sees - as if that could ever happen.

Kylo takes all the time Hux needs, kissing over every inch of him and whispering a ceaseless litany of praise until Hux is pliant and open beneath him, truly believing Kylo’s words. Kylo’s fingers come to rest close to the tattoo, and he confesses that he’d always wanted to see the gardens, and had known they would be spectacular, but he found Hux to be far more beautiful.

He’s not sure Hux believes him entirely, but they have time enough for Kylo to remind Hux over and over again until Hux knows it’s true: he is far more beautiful to Kylo than anything else in the galaxy.