I know Linkara has the plot done for the  current story arc but here is an idea for it:  Linksano upgraded NIMUE and it did not go as plan. NIMUE will lose her mind and hijacks the spaceship to take over the world (of course). 

It is up to Linksano and Insano to destroy NIMUE while Linkara fights Holokara. The only way to make the story more epic is if Mr. T uses one of his increasing number of superpowers to help out Linkara (fool).

Poor Unfortunate Editorial Mandates

I’m off the web for one day and linkarafans has AT4W Disney Day. I…I don’t even know where this came from. Internet, you are ruining me.

Holokara as Ursula because in the entire run of this show, he is the only person to legitimately tempt Linkara with anything.

(LOL. Awesome. -Miss)