holographic tape

When you have a to-do list, but forget you're​ gonna have surgery on Thursday… Like what even?! How could I forget that?
Moral of the story: to-do lists don’t mean you have your life together.


My newest Grimoire page! In honor of the eclipse~! This would make a fun project for anyone of any age, even just to hang on the wall, so here it is!

-Black paper
-Shiny paper or tape of some kind (I used tape)
-Two drinking glasses of slightly different diameters to trace for circles
-A silver sharpie
-Your eclipse glasses (optional)

I took some black paper and traced a roll of tape for a circle for the moon, then traced a bigger circle around it (just slightly) for the sun, and cut various sizes of triangles for those crazy eclipse flares. I then put some cool holographic tape on the page, and glued the black papers I’d cut my designs into over it! For the stars, I cut up little bits of the holographic tape, but it would have been cooler looking and easier to have cut out the stars from the original black paper (oh well, lesson learned). I then added some glitter for smaller stars, and cut my solar eclipse glasses down to size, gluing them under the eclipse I had made with the paper and tape. Lastly, I used a silver sharpie to outline the glasses, and write in the date!

I hope you all had a fun and safe eclipse!


I am so happy to share these incredible photos of my Phoebe cosplay with you all!

This was a massive project that was totally out of my skill range to do. But dang am I happy I did it! It was 50+ hours of work and several months of sewing, fabric dying, hair spray, holographic tape, armor making, and tears.

Photos by Dan Seiter Photography