holographic tape

When you have a to-do list, but forget you're​ gonna have surgery on Thursday… Like what even?! How could I forget that?
Moral of the story: to-do lists don’t mean you have your life together.


This is so simple and effective, holy crap!!

(Tip: The store he recommended for buying holographic tape has crazy expensive shipping to europe, so try out etsy instead! Use the keywords: ‘hoola hoop tape’, that’s how I found mine, and i only had to pay 6$ in shipping instead of 60$ )


it’s another low quality photo with hannah :,)

Recently I got a Happy Planner because they were crazy cheap at Costco!! These are the first two spreads I’ve ever made :) I think they turned out okay, but I am learning more tricks and techniques.

as you can see, I don’t split my day into morning / afternoon / evening — instead I just use the three section for whatever I see fit! Im really excited to use this planner; I got a pack of discounted MAMBI stickers at Michaels and used some sticky notes and other stationary from Target/other craft places :) the holographic tape isn’t showing up so that’s what the weird shiny parts are :/

The first week (the purple spread!) was my last week of high school. It was certainly a stressful week and among final assessments, I needed the affirmation that grades don’t equate success. I wanted to go something good for others and myself on Saturday so that was the main sticker that week!

The second week was the week of my graduation. It was another hard week even though I wasn’t in school because my mental health was at an all time low… but it’s okay to have bad days (or weeks or months or years).

This week I went to New York and didn’t plan for three days, but I will be back next week with another spread hopefully! Thank you for reading this long long ramble post :)

All of these new exotic tapes are SO SHINY they are damn near impossible to photograph! I usually use full, natural sunlight for photo ops, but these will just give you back your own reflection and blinding white light! Finally figured out a little trick and caught a good image of the new “Spirotechnik” tape :)

It’s holographic, btw! Just like those special edition pokemon cards you’ve always loved ;)


New nails!

I am over the cold weather as you can see & I can’t wait for spring to be here… I really had no idea what I was doing when I started this mani!

I used Essie “Lapis of Luxury”, Essie “Lots of Lux” and L'Oreal “Ingenious Rose” (very pretty color IRL!). Silver round studs, neon pink studs, silver spikes and holographic striping tape are all from Born Pretty Store. (Use coupon code: GEEX31 for a 10% off discount!) Knuckle rings are from Forever 21.