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Halloween In The Funeral House of Horrors

As the evening begins to darken into night upon the streets of New York, the many buildings and homes of the bustling city lit up, and trick-or-treaters began to take to the streets.  It was time for the party to begin, and Madame Grim’s Funeral House of Horrors was all ready for the guests and trick-or-treaters.  The outside of the typically foreboding mortuary practically doubled in the amount of gruesomeness, challenging the party guests’, as well as the young trick-or-treaters’, bravery as they gaze upon it.  A worn down wooden sign greeted all those who approached, the words painted with crimson letters read: “Trick-Or-Treaters shall be rewarded with a bountiful bucket of sweets!  Welcome, party guests!”; realistic-looking blood oozed endlessly down the walls of the mansion-like estate, but the entire building looked like it was alive with bones, skin, and pulsing muscle tissues.  Not only that, but the gargoyles on the roof had bloody severed limbs clutched in their jaws and claws; fake, decaying severed heads were impaled on the black iron gates; and, realistic-looking corpses near dug up graves were scattered all over the manicured lawn.

However, once the guests get inside the building, a much more pleasant atmosphere should put them more at ease.

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