holographic paper

Recently finished this mixed media ‘Mirror Ball Hair’ portrait of none other than the ultimate Fantasy Man himself, Noel Fielding! Noel is an inspiration to many people, artists and boot lovers alike. Between The Mighty Boosh, Luxury Comedy and his house fly stand up skit, his charming surreal sense of humour keeps me laughing for days. When life gets too real, it is reassuring to know we will always have Fantasy Man to battle Reality Man for us!


the more colour i try to add to these things the more it takes away when the edit processes

oh i figured it out

you have to sort out the colours before you do any edits to the light levels because it preferences the light level over the colour information when it’s picking which way to resolve the pixels, if that makes sense.
like, on the third one i cranked the saturation to maximum >25 times before i fiddled with the contrast or brightness. whilst on the second one i was changing both at the same time becauusee when there’s more flat planes of colour messing with the light levels encourages certain colours. when there’s as dense information as in these scans- when the pixels are all jumbled side by side - the colour loses out to the binary of the light. see.

although my favourite edit on these is actually the first one, which only has a small bit of editing. the paper appears silver irl.