holographic concert

Proposal for the Usage of VOCALOID in US Colleges for Study and Educational Use

A piece I wrote for my final project in English composition in college. It’s a bit lengthy (1500+ words) but I am very proud of it. As a long-time VOCALOID fan and now a student at a US university, I wish to help spread awareness, interest, and love for everything VOCALOID in the United States during my years in college.

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HIII so im back from korea!!

it was really fun i learned a lot of new korean and it definitely was a confidence booster bc even tho i wasn’t really good i could still communicate with people and a lot of people complimented me on my korean ;;

there was a lot of gd things that happened to me lmfao i went to all of his stores and when we went to an amusement park there was a ~ gd holographic concert~  and when we went in the attendants told everyone to take a pic on this machine thing and  we did and when the concert started the story was basically like gd was rummaging through his old things and he found a bunch of photos of his exes (which were the audience’s faces) and like ?? he said shit like “i dont miss you at all” / “i hate you” / “ i hope you never call me again” / “i cant believe you’re dating my friend” and he even threw a girl’s picture down on the ground and like stepped on it and shit but my pic still hadn’t come up?? and my pic was the last one and he was like “do you still get red when you drink?” and my first thought was “shit boi he’s gonna drag my ass to oblivion” but then he just kept kinda like. staring at the picture in silence and his thumb kinda rubbed over my face in the picture and he was like “….i miss you”

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world’s first holographic concert in japan.

i mean there’s the gorillaz but she’s 3d if that makes any sense. but the gorillaz are actual people.

everything about this thing isn’t real. down to the voice. the voice was made by a program.

i don’t know how i feel about this.

fans: *ask taylor to perform all too well at the grammys*

taylor: *performs all too well at the grammys*

fans: *ask taylor to perform the entire 1989 tracklist on tour*

taylor: *adds the entire 1989 tracklist to the setlist*

fans: *ask taylor to take over the moon and perform a holographic concert in the sky with her new alien friends as backup singers*

taylor: *will probably take over the moon and perform a holographic concert in the sky with her new alien friends as backup singers*