I want an episode where the Autobots and Decepticons get holoforms that can taste and the whole episode is about food.

Like picture Starscream and Optimus unapologetically enjoying Pumpkin Spice.

Or Bumblebee really taking a liking to pickles.

Or Soundwave and the cassettes melting over chocolate.

Megatron sipping on an orange cream soda float while trying to give his evil speech of the day™.

Wheeljack and the Dynobots chomping on burgers (and trying to figure out how to work a grill… uh oh).

Arcee enjoying anything chewy, like gum or gummy bears or fruit by the foot.

Ratchet refusing to eat anything until he discovers dip n dots and melon boba.

Ultra Magnus eating the blandest of bland cereals like there’s gonna be an apocalypse.

Jazz enjoying mango mousse and birch beer.

Prowl nibbling on donuts and cakes when (he thinks) no one is looking…

SHOCKWAVE TRYING EVERYTHING IN THE NAME OF SCIENCE (and also because he doesn’t really taste anymore ;v;)