He was losing precious, regenerative blood quickly,
thus losing precious time. Of course, Khan should
have been able to heal before any wounds became
grievous, but the greater the loss of such precious
liquid became, the more difficult it became to heal
properly. He was aboard an unfamiliar Federation
ship, with savage enemies that could possibly still
be lingering. The augment had managed to get
himself to sickbay and, with clothes stained with
blood, both of his and his enemies’, he hoped to
God that he would find what he was looking for.

     “Computer … initiate Emergency
      Holographic … Medical Program.”

He groaned gave a painful groan, sinking to
the floor. Strange, for an augment who was
supposed to possess the strength of a
thousand men, he felt only weakness permeating
his body.

               I’ve lost too much.
                                   I am going to die alone on this ship.

The Nebula || +holodoctor

Jedi walked across the decks of Voyager, on her way to the sickbay. She still didn’t know how on earth she could’ve ended up somewhere like this. This was supposed to be her first assignment, an ensign just out of Starfleet and she had to end up in the Delta Quadrant of all places. Why couldn’t she have taken that commission on the Enterprise instead? That would’ve made things so much easier.

Of course that would mean that she’d be form home for extended periods of time, but at least on the Enterprise she wouldn’t have turned out to be stuck in the Delta Quadrant of all places and end up battling with all kinds of aliens that no-one ever even heard of in the Alpha quadrant. Oh yeah, she was regretting her choice to take this assignment now. She really, really did.

She sighed to herself as she stepped into the infirmary and looked around for a brief moment, smiling slightly when she saw the Doctor walking around. “Doctor?” She asked. “I’ve got the readouts of the nebula that you requested.” She walked over to him and handed him the PADD. “Is there anything else you need?”