holocauster tycoon

The Zodiac Signs as Joel’s RCT Playthrough quotes

Aries: “4 people died in an accident on succ.”

Tauros: “Baby, oh baby, prepare for disappointment.”

Gemini: “I’m just gonna put sneaky skulls.”

Cancer: “Are you making a holocaust-er tycoon?”

Leo: “I have become swan, destroyer of world.”

Virgo: “You want to fuck the bee?”

Libra: “Oh my fucking god, da popo be fast on yo ass.”

Scorpio: “I will see how hungry you get in the pit.”

Sagittarius: “And then suddenly everything is desert.”

Capricorn:  “I always thought the marshmallow man looked like a screaming demon.”

Aquarius: “Perfect, Water train.”

Pieces: “GET THIS, GET THIS! So we have the SPOOK ZONE right next to the CAL-ZONE.”