holocaust jokes

the signs as hitler jokes

aries: whats worse than finding a worm in your apple? the holocaust
taurus: adolf hipster
gemini: its nein in the afternoon. your eyes are the size of the jews.
cancer: what did the german say when he pushed his brother off a cliff? look mom, no Hans!
leo: doctor doctor, give me the news. ive got a bad case of killin jews
virgo: why did hitler kill himself? he opened the gas bill
libra: dont jewish your boyfriend was hot like me
scorpio: why wasnt hitler invited to the bbq? he kept burning all the franks
sagittarius: hitler was a great cook. he made 6 million jews toast.
capricorn: three jews walked into a bar. jk im lying it was a gas chamber.
aquarius: what did the jewish orphan with no legs get for hanukkah? gassed
pisces: adelef hitler. someone like jew.

Basically, what the internet was like for roughly my first ten years on it was pretty much how people now view the worse extremes of places like 8chan or redpill, only that was everywhere, all the time, and any dissenting opinion on it was like a death wish.

Everyone either rattled off racial slurs and ridiculed people with disabilities or they had to keep their mouths shut, because showing anything remotely resembling sensitivity to a subject made you an instant target, and consensus was you should have known better because “it’s the internet.”

You got flooded with holocaust jokes? “It’s the internet!” You got sent dick pics after showing a photo of yourself? “It’s the internet!”

To be caught “taking anything seriously” was like a thought-crime. You couldn’t go against the cult of TeH ePiC L0LZ or the hive mind would mark you for execution. It was weird as shit.

This only really started to collapse after about 2005, so if you’re still in your teens you’re not that likely to remember how extreme it was. Maybe you think you do, but trust me, it was the unbreakable status quo wherever you turned. The cultural landscape of the internet now is almost unrecognizable.

This is a poem for the nice Jewish girl
You are taught three things that you cannot even remember learning you have known them so long
1)your nose is ugly
2)you should be on your best behavior at family parties as you represent your family
3)there was a war to kill everyone like you a long time before you were born
These things inform everything you do for example
1)if someone tells you you don’t look Jewish you must take it as a compliment
2)you are naturally shyer and more socially conscious
3)you have constant nightmares of that war for the rest of your life
The nice Jewish girl goes to Hebrew school at age five or six and learns her aleph bet
The nice Jewish girl is happy to tell her friends what Hanukkah is and why we don’t have school so much in September and how to pronounce “challah”
The nice Jewish girl lights the shabbos candles every friday night and says words in a language she barely understands
The nice Jewish girl is pretty, pretty in a way that her grandma pinches her cheeks and calls her a “shayna maidel”
The nice Jewish girl is not sexy and she is meant to laugh and privately call the girls who wear too much eyeliner to the bat mitzvahs “sluts”
The nice Jewish girl feels stuck between the secular world and the religious world but she doesn’t ever say that
The nice Jewish girl hates going to Hebrew School though she’d never make a fuss but moans about it to her goyische friends at school
The nice Jewish girl smiles politely when asked her opinion on Israel and changes the subject
The nice Jewish girl has pennies dropped around her in all of seventh grade by some kid claiming to be her friend and all she does is stand there with her mouth gaping open when he reveals this was his “Jew test”
The nice Jewish girl picks up none of the pennies and passes his test as triumphantly as possible
The nice Jewish girl doesn’t tell anyone that they’re always yelling at home and she never feels good enough and the walls are too small in her tiny brooklyn house and she just wants them all to stop
The nice Jewish girl always has her curly hair and her big nose even when it’s inconvenient because no amount of hair straighteners and brushing and makeup can make them go away
The nice Jewish girl sits in the corner, flicking through her iphone, as the music’s too loud and the lights too bright for her to enjoy the bar or bat mitzvah she’s been dragged to
The nice Jewish girl feels like she knows no one and nobody knows her
The nice Jewish stiffens when a holocaust joke is made but says nothing
She goes into the bathroom later to cry and feels like she may throw up
The nice Jewish girl does not throw up
When a friend makes a comment about how the Jews ruined Germany’s economy and that’s why Hitler came after them and the nice Jewish girl wants to SCREAM
She straightens her spine and lifts her chin and politely corrects her with the grace of Esther or Ruth
The nice Jewish girl’s friend does not understand and contradicts her and she wants to tear her own skin off and feels her forehead heating up and pins pricking her
The nice Jewish girl is every untold story in a mass grave from France to Italy to Germany and Poland
The nice Jewish girl isn’t special, she isn’t a phoenix waiting to rise from the ashes, she will not transform into someone cool or beautiful
The nice Jewish girl will always be awkward and shy and mediocre
The nice Jewish girl will simply have to live with herself
The nice Jewish girl lives and dies a normal life making charoset and speaking out only at meetings at the local Jewish Center and works some nice liberal arts job
The nice Jewish girl will marry a nice Jewish boy and hug her children tight with fear
The nice Jewish girl will shake every time she turns on the news and hears they are chanting “gas the Jews” in France
The nice Jewish girl will pass this pain onto her daughter and the nice Jewish girl’s daughter will be just like her
The nice Jewish girl will hate herself and hate her own hate
The nice Jewish girl is me
The nice Jewish girl is you
The nice Jewish girl never existed in the first place
—  A spoken word poem I wrote for my English class
Here's the thing about holocaust jokes

Yeah at first I too used to think they were hilarious. Then I sat down and thought about it. Here I am sitting and enjoying my adolescence care free feeling relatively safe and secure and not worrying about my basic needs.

Whereas anyone who was in a concentration camp or POW camp or transport camp didn’t have the luxury to make stupid edgy jokes because oh right they were rounded up and dehumanized against their will.

So the next time you feel like being edgy, be it irl or in cards against humanity, or even the next time you have the audacity to tell a Jewish person, neigh a survivors grandchild a “cool fun edgy holocaust joke” think about whose memory you’re laughing at.

The MILLIONS of Jews and goyim alike who didn’t have the choice to be a punchline, whose deaths are worth a momentary laugh to you.

May their memory be a blessing everyday and on this Yom ha Shoah

and i just wanted to add, i myself am not black. i can’t even begin to understand the challenges someone faces cause their skin doesn’t match the european ideal from 600 years ago. as a jewish-american who hasn’t always been confident in my heritage, i feel compelled to empathize but i know that as of right now, i will never be stopped on the street cause of my race. i will probably never be turned down for a job or simply judged cause of ethnicity (or not even close to the same degree that minorities face). these are things all non-minorities should understand and work against excusing. don’t turn a blind eye cause it doesn’t directly affect you. understand your role in the world that we have today. be supportive, listen, and learn. 

I’ll never forget the day I woke up to swatstikas covering my local community center

I’ll never forget the time where my local holocaust memorial was shattered twice in one summer.

I’ll never forget the swatstika in my school gym, the drawings of Jews burning in an oven in the school bathrooms, the cruel holocaust jokes thrown at me daily.

I’ll never forget what it’s like being the jewish kid in class, at work, and in life.

And I’ll never forget the day the Nazis marched in MY state.

But you know what else I’ll never forget?

I’ll never forget how many people showed up to protest them. I’ll never forget that when the “alt right” came for MY city Boston stood together and made it clear that they weren’t accepted there, that our love will always outnumber their hate.

Keep defying their hate with your love, because we are stronger united than they will ever be.

hey since tumblr is supposedly all about hating nazis and historical accuracy how come i havent seen a single post about the rape of nanking? did you know that for every 200 posts detailing the holocaust, there is not a single one about the rape of nanking? what the fuck. the japanese facists systematically murdered and raped chinese people and no one is talking about it?

did yall think the japanese facists from ww2 were somehow, i don’t know, better than the nazis??? did you forget that innocent chinese citizens were systematically murdered?? did you forget that they went door to door and raped young girls?? did you forget that to this day, most of japan denies this ever happened??

it’s called WORLD war II, not fucking European War 200. i heard a white guy fucking making jokes about it. right in front of me, a chinese person. if someone made a holocaust joke in front of a jewish person, they would probably get shit, but??? for some reason no one fucking decked him when he made a joke about the rape of nanking. hmm i wonder why

everyone please reblog this im so fucking tired of my history being ignored

Jew jokes

In my experience as a Jew, I learned simultaneously that the holocaust and other great calamities and forms of oppression our people have suffered are very serious, and that few people take them seriously. That being said, I’ve spent a lot of years internalizing the antisemitism I experienced from my peers as a child and regurgitating it in an attempt to de-other myself, connect with goyim and at times avoid conflict. It’s really hard becoming an adult and realizing that you shouldn’t have said what you did, that you have normalized a form of abuse against your own people and most of all that it would be very difficult to walk it all back now and reclaim your sensitivity and reverence for your heritage and history. I feel that I should not be responsible for what my peers say. That I should be able to make jokes and comments about certain aspects of Judaism and Jewishness without worrying about goyim repeating them. I feel that there was a lot of pressure on me to participate in the desecration of my own culture and history and that I am not wholly responsible for the way I responded. I feel that the onus is on the goyim to be respectful and sensitive and understand that I may say some things that they should not say. At the same time I’ve behaved this way knowing full well that the result would be the perpetuation of antisemitic speech/behavior. I have ignored the fact that people judge your comfort level with certain speech and subjects based off of the things you say in front of them and that it is not too terrible of a leap for them to assume that they can repeat them without causing offense. I know that throughout the years I have justified my speech by placing the blame on other people for reacting the way I expected they would. I have spent a lot of time absolving myself of responsibility by blaming the ignorance of others. I carry a lot of guilt for that. Now I am in a situation where my closest friends feel comfortable saying things to me, about me, or about my people that I find disgusting and offensive. Now I have to think about how I draw those lines again and begin the messy undertaking of expressing my feelings about this speech. I feel sad for what I’ve done. I feel sad for what I have to do. I feel sad for what I’ve been through. I feel sad for what I may have caused others to go through and I feel deeply sad about the impressions that I’ve left on other people.

I would love to hear somebody else’s thoughts about this, what they have experienced or how they navigate this issue.

mugsandpugs1-deactivated2019010  asked:

Where can goyim like me educate ourselves on how to support the Jewish community at this time? (If asking is inappropriate for any reason please ignore me)

Can you give non-jews some tips on how to fight antisemitism? I wanna be good ally but I am so clueless ☹️

1. listen to us. pay attention to our criticisms of antisemitism. some good blogs to follow would be @fromchaostocosmos, @littlegoythings, @tikkunolamorgtfo, and @returnofthejudai!

2. call it out when you see/hear it happening. if someone makes a nazi/holocaust/antisemitic joke? let them know that it wasn’t funny. if someone perpetuates a harmful stereotype, like that we’re all capitalists/communists/greedy/lust for the blood of children/etc? shut them down.

3. notice when someone in an sjw circle is being antisemitic. don’t tolerate someone using “jew” and “israeli” interchangeably, or insist that jewish people are somehow more racist than the average white person. feel free to remind people that jewish people overwhelmingly voted for clinton in this past election (source here). one of the best ways to fight antisemitism is within our own communities.

and that’s all i can think of right now! i’m sure those blogs can give much better tips.

I have a lovely teacher who has Jewish heritage, and all the year 9s and 10s think it’s cool and edgy™️️ to make holocaust/jew related jokes. He got tired of the shitty jokes and one day when a student made one of those jokes he said “My grandfather would be turning in his grave, if he had one” and that’s true.

He is a Nice teacher. English has never been this fun