holocaust remembrance week

It’s a busy week:

Holocaust Remembrance Day
Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide

Let’s stop a second, as we seem to teeter permanently on the edge of WW3, and contemplate what we really mean when we say ‘never again’, or 'lest we forget’.

We HAVE forgotten.

And it IS still happening all over the world to many other peoples.

Take a breath.

Let it out really slowly.

Then ask yourself whether you’re making a difference, or making things worse.

This is about ALL OF US, not just you yourself.

This is about humanity - those neighbors we have that we’re meant to love.

This is about where we choose to guide the future, not just for those who are closest to us and those we love the most, but for all mankind.

Then go out, and show some love, show some mercy, show some compassion.

And do it again tomorrow.

Do it before its too late.