holo topcoat

Beware of nail artists that make you feel bad because you can't paint your nails

If you ever feel bad because you can’t do nail art, remember that most of these artists: 1. They only show you their non dominant hand. 2. They don’t tell you how many tries they needed. 3. They don’t show you all their footage of their failed attempts 4. A holo topcoat fixes everything 5. They will never ever show you all the footage of their nail fails. 6. No but seriously, holo. Fortunately, there’s a nail artist that actually tells you the real struggles of painting your nails as a human being. So thanks simplynailogical for giving the confidence I needed to paint my nails, even if I needed to retry it like 17 times and fix it with some holo.

My nails look so cute bc I put on a really cute sparse holo glitter topcoat on at someone else’s house over my already cute pink clear iridescent nails. And it’s a known fact that polished short nails are so cute


11 holo top coat tests later and it’s safe to say I love riding the rainbow Watch my NEW video on YouTube to find out what’s the BEST HOLO TOPCOAT?