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Two important magazine interviews and Harry Styles chose the two most prestegius,genuine magazines that both treated him with the utmost respect and if that doesn’t show you that he prefers quality over quantity,then i don’t know what will

Rebelcaptain // The Philadelphia Story AU

Jyn Erso is the elder daughter of a wealthy Philadelphia socialite family, her mostly absent father, Galen, being the founder and president of Empire Dynamics Engineering. Two years ago she was married to Cassian Jeron Andor, a ship designer and a member of her social and political set. But he failed to meet her exacting standards of a husband: he was too focused on his anti-fascist activism to the point of also being an absent part of her life, and after her childhood, she refuses to settle for a life where she has a house but not a home. Now she is set to marry Orson Krennic, a nouveau riche “man of the people” and rising star at Empire Dynamics.

On the weekend of her wedding, Holo-wood Magazine, a celebrity tabloid, sends reporter Bodhi Rook to cover the wedding. They have the help of Cassian Andor, who has been working for Holo-wood in Mexico, and introduces Bodhi as a friend of Jyn’s cousin, Chirrut, and his husband, Baze. Jyn is not fooled though, and calls out Cassian, but he tells her that if she doesn’t give Holo-wood the scoop they want on her wedding, they will publish an article about her father’s work on a weapon of mass destruction. This in itself is not true, but the technology he is working on has the potential to be misread this way. To protect her family, she allows Bodhi to cover her nuptials.

While Cassian’s outward motives seem mercenary or vengeful, he knows that if Holo-wood publishes the story on Galen, it could not only ruin the family and their reputation, it may also drive Galen further away from his family because he will attempt to distance himself to protect them. Cassian knows that this is the last thing Jyn wants. He still loves her, and in the years since their divorce, he has found that the cause is not enough, and there’s an emptiness in his life that keeps him up at night.

The night before her wedding, Jyn gets drunk with Bodhi and goes for an innocent swim. Orson catches them and is appalled and threatens to call off the wedding. He doesn’t like seeing “his woman” consorting with people outside their social set, and in his anger, he also tells her that he expects her to be more demure once they are married. Realizing that Orson doesn’t know her at all and she him, Jyn breaks off the engagement.

But it’s morning already, and the wedding guests have all started to arrive. Bodhi offers to marry her to save face because whatever happens it will be news, but she declines politely in front of a melancholic Cassian who has witnessed this all.

As the wedding march begins to play, Jyn throws on a dress over her swimsuit to go in and tell the guests that the wedding is off, but as Cassian hands her a dress, they look at each other and realize that they still love one another, and that there is no one else in the galaxy who understands them in the way the other does. In a fit of inspiration, Jyn proposes and Cassian accepts. They remarry and spend their second honeymoon the same way they did their first—sailing away for two weeks on the ship Cassian had built for her two years before: The Welcome Home.