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Just one thing.
Arthur Conan Doyle was good friends with one of the most known homosexuals of his era. He used to go to dinner parties and the like. Hanging out with a known homosexual was deemed inappropriate in his time. Yet he wrote a stories about two men living together. Whilst writing sexual innuendos all throughout his stories. To me, he didn’t write it blatantly because if it was out in the open he could have been in a lot of trouble. But I really think those that were in his circle or also homosexual could have really related to that and picked up on it.
He also based Sherlock off of a real person and wrote often. Then started to hate Sherlock (this may be a stretch for some people but if that doesn’t sound like unrequited love or a breakup to you idk what does).
Yes, he was married but in those days that’s what you did. No matter your sexual orientation.

hey leipziger buchmesse freunde

my friends @veitstanz und @uniformshark haben dieses jahr einen tisch ergattert in der zeichnerecke (MK 274!) und dank zeitmangel und cosplay irrsinn werd’ ichs leider nicht schaffen was neues zu präsentieren, aber von meiner seite gibts die drei motive hier in A4 zu holn!

ihr solltet auf jeden fall veitstanz’ und uniformsharks merchs auschecken, die beiden haben sich echt ins zeug gelegt und bieten weit mehr als poster an!

bis nächste woche dann!

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