Early Riser

A/N: hi y’all this is a oneshot based off of one of many prompts german-goddess-kommissar​ has sent me and i love it so i wrote it. i also apologize if the german isn’t really good, i used google translate instead of my best friend who can speak german fluently

Prompt: “kom has Dsm over for a practice and they’re in like the living room or something with the furniture pushed out of the way (it’s like 5 maybe 6 in the morning) and beca comes out in Pj’s and is just "iT IS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT GO THE FUCK TO SLEEP.” So Kom takes everyone outside and makes then run instead (bonus points if beca trips on the pushed aside furniture)“

Beca rolled over in bed in her sleep, wrapping the blanket burrito she had made from tossing and turning all night tighter around her body. She sighed softly and nuzzled her head into the pillows beneath her, resting as peacefully as ever. She had Luisa by her side (or so she thought) and an unusually, but extremely comfortable bed. All was well in the world of Beca Mitchell.

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