Right… because God forbid he catches a cold before you throw him off a waterfall

Headcanon: Sherlock and Jim regularly get into fights over which is better: iPhones or Androids. Sometimes they get really into it and start arguing whether Sherlock’s Mac is better or Jim’s PC. Neither of them really care which is better, but once the argument is started neither of them can back down because they both hate to lose.   

sugar daddy’s had enough now! / In which Sherlock becomes accustomed to “a certain lifestyle”, courtesy of one James Moriarty who might have a bit of money to spare here and there… Yes, it’s strictly (sometimes) business, but business is more fun when you both look nice and yes, that expensive brand of shampoo Sherlock uses is part of the budget.

01. Whatever You Like - T.I. / 02. National Anthem (Demo) - Lana Del Rey / 03. Glamorous (feat. Ludacris) - Fergie / 04. Upgrade U (feat. Jay-Z) - Beyonce / 05. Pour It Up - Rihanna / 06. Candyman - Christina Aguilera / 07. Primadonna (Burns Remix) - Marina And The Diamonds / 08. Million Dollar Gold Digger (feat. Kanye West) - Lana Del Rey