Broke but you need some comics to read? Holmes Incorporated #1 and #2 are both available online for FREE!!  Free free free! 

Based on characters created by Ty Templeton (Not inspired by the new movies or BBC series–Holmes Inc. was originally created as part of a pitch many, many years back, for a comics company that didn’t get off the ground), the anthology series is done by students who’ve taken by Ty’s Comic Book Bootcamp or Writing for Comics classes. 

The writers pitch him three story ideas based on at least two characters, the group as a whole votes…Ty weighs in, and the writer goes off to write their story. The artists work together to design props, backgrounds, characters. Once the writers have a finished script, their assigned artist goes off to produce the pages (Ty picks the artists based on who he thinks will work best together, in terms of complementing each other’s work, and more).

After months of weekly meetings, the group ends up with a lot of new friendships and partnerships. I’ve seen a lot of these guys continuing to work together on other projects.

These issues include Gibson Quarter, Christopher Yao, and sooooo many more.

It’s THAT time again!! Fan Expo Canada 2012 is right around the corner…or straight down the street because it starts THURSDAY!! And copies of this year’s HOLMES INCORPORATED will be available for sale from Christopher Yao at Booth 614, from me and my wife in Artists Alley P30A and P30B, from Rachael Wells at A165. And we should be making an announcement about digital downloads once it’s confirmed with the individual sites.

This year’s cover has been done by Holmes Inc. #1 alum Adam Gorham (Teuton), and he knocked it out of the park!! Adam will be at FanExpo with Teuton writer Fearless Fred Kennedy, keep a look out for him as well!