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Sherlock x Reader: The Anger Issue

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Request from @wanderingwhedonite: Hello! I hope you are doing well! If you would mind, I’d like to request a Sherlock x Reader? If you are okay with this, could it involve Sherlock being confused about his feelings for her and him taking out his confusion in a moment of anger on the reader, but then he goes over to her place and he apologizes and confesses but she doesn’t believe him, so he kisses her to prove it? I know it’s long, but you don’t have to follow it word for word. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it.

A/N: I hope you like it! x

“Why can’t you just get out of my head?” Sherlock yelled.

“Um, I’m flattered?” John replied.

Sherlock rolled his eyes. “Not you John!” He informed the other man in the room. “You’re way too boring.”

“Oh I know! You’re talking about Y/N again.”

“Sherlock, have you ever considered that you may be in love?” Mary asked. Both Mary and John were at 221B discussing their wedding. Sherlock was bored but his mind was taken over by a very special someone. That someone was you.

“Sherlock can’t love!” John exclaimed.

“John is right,” Sherlock replied. “I cannot. It is an emotion that I am not capable of having.”

“Yeah sure,” Mary said but she knew he liked Y/N.


“I’m home!” You called but Sherlock was in his mind palace.

“Y/N!” He exclaimed snapping out of his mind palace. “Get out! Your presence means that I cannot concentrate.” Sherlock cannot focus when many people are around however you make it worse. He didn’t hate you. He… He didn’t know what to think of you. Originally, he viewed you as a good friend and admired you. However, recently he had felt something more. He could not describe it however the truth was that he was too ignorant to acknowledge what he felt. Yes, Sherlock Holmes felt love.

“Sherlock,” You replied. “I have just come home!”

“I don’t care. Get out.” Thoughts of you flooded his mind. Thoughts of you and him together. Why did he feel this?

“Sherlock I refuse t-”

“I said get out!” He yelled and stood up. You gasped in fear and looked at him. Normally, you ignore Sherlock’s temper tantrums as they happen a lot but this felt too personal. You were scared. Tears were forming in you eyes. His facial expression changed as he saw what he had done. His anger was now at himself.

“Y/N, I-”

“Please, leave me alone.” You ran into your bedroom and locked the door behind you. You cried.


Later that evening, there was a knock at your door. You did not leave your room as you were scared to face the man.

“Sherlock, please leave me alone,” You said.

“Y/N, I don’t know what came over me,” He said. He sighed, “I think I love you.”

“Sherlock please don’t lie. I know I should have left the room.”

Sherlock picked the lock to your room and sat down next to you. Then he did something completely unexpected: he kissed you. You were very surprised but somehow the kiss felt right.

“Y/N, I cannot explain why I feel this way. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. You don’t have to explain right now.” He nodded and kissed you again.

  • Sherlock: Alright, so you and I are married.
  • Molly: We are not married.
  • Sherlock: Relax, it’s just pretend.
  • Molly: I don’t want to pretend.
  • Sherlock: Scared you’ll like it?
  • Molly: Okay, if we’re married, I want a divorce.
  • Irene: Are you two like this all the time?
  • Mary & John: [in unison] Yes.
The Woman - Request

Requested by anon:  Hello, could you do one you and Sherlock are like dating and you go to his flat and Irene Adler is there flirting with him but he picks you over her 😍😍xx thanks love

Summary: (Y/N) enters 221B and instantly notices the smell of another woman’s perfume. She then realizes it’s Irene Adler who is willing to convince Sherlock that she is a better woman for him.

Pairing: Sherlock x reader.

Word count: 1,230

Warnings: Irene’s naked so…

A/N: I can’t say that I despise Irene but I despise Irene. Writing this “battle” was so… Relaxing.


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At first it was the smell of a perfume that didn’t belong to her. “Probably a client.” She had guessed until she heard the superfluous laughter of The Woman. Irene Adler, the first woman to break Sherlock’s heart. That dominatrix, clever escape artist, a bad woman.

(Y/N) walked gracefully upstairs, trying not to let her weight on the stairs for too much on the steps for it would creak and expose her. She heard her laugh over and over, speaking incomprehensible words softly, seductively at him.

“Sher… Let’s have dinner.” Her smooth voice offered. (Y/N) reached the floor and managed to have a look through the small creak the half-closed door had left.

And although it wasn’t a great view, (Y/N) could see them both. Irene was kneeling in front of Sherlock, who was occupying his usual seat. Her suave hand traced a lingering path on his thighs as her deep eyes stayed connected with his blue ones.

“No.” He replied. A sly smirk was formed on his lips. (Y/N) recognized it as a defying look; the one he gave his enemies and whoever dared to test his abilities. A cocky look that showed nothing more but dominance.

Irene let her head lay softly over one of his legs. “Please, Sher. I missed you.” She flirted, making sure to squirm slightly, trying to get dirty pictures inside his mind without him really noticing.

“I’m not available.” Sherlock replied calmly. Irene lifted her head and examined him before letting out a sassy chuckle.

“We both know that’s a lie.” She whispered seductively, “Let’s have dinner.” She insisted, both of her hands shamelessly caressing his thighs, but stopping right before she got to that one spot she desired the most.

“No.” Sherlock repeated. (Y/N) saw how fingers, tapping the sides of the arm holders of his beloved seat. He was starting to get impatient, but even so his face remained still.

“I’ll stop insisting if you give me one good reason.” She offered. (Y/N) noticed that she was only wearing a robe – Sherlock’s robe – and that she was slowly letting it slide off, teasing him.

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Let's have dinner - Sherlock x reader

A/N: It’s finally here! I’m sorry for the delay, but I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did writing it!

Requested by anon: May I have a Sherlock x reader. Mabey one where Irene Adler shows up and flirts with Sherlock AND the reader? Making jokes about how the three of them should have ‘dinner’. And the reader is really uncomfortable and is like. “ Aww hell no!”

Word count: 2066
Warnings: none

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this whole time?
  • irene, molly, mycroft, mrs hudson, greg, angelo, mike, and rosie lock sherlock and john in a room because they're SO TIRED OF THEM NOT BEING TOGETHER
  • molly: ahhhh this is going to be amazing
  • mycroft: it will be such a victory
  • angelo: I've been shipping it since their first date
  • mike: i CREATED their first date
  • mrs hudson talking into a microphone: ok boys once you admit your feelings for each other, you can come out.
  • greg: ha no pun intended
  • irene: *snorts*
  • *all of them sit in the chairs they have previously set up in front of the screen that shows whats going on inside the room and pick up their popcorn*
  • sherlock: *shrugs* well, john what are your feelings for me?
  • john: *shrugs too* i dunno i love you
  • sherlock: yeah i love you too
  • john: *stands on tippy toes and kisses sherlocks cheek*
  • sherlock: *stares directly at the camera* is that what you want? we've been together for 7 years, honestly i would hope that you had noticed
  • everyone watching: O_o huh?
  • john: *takes sherlocks hand* yeah the wedding is in two weeks
  • everyone watching:
  • everyone watching: WHAT WHAT WHAT WHaT kshdbflikvblbf WHAT
  • john: can we come out now?
  • sherlock and john: ugh.

Title: Unfazed

Anonymous asked: “Sherlock x reader, please! Where Irene shows up & flirts with Sherlock to get a reaction from the reader, who’s dating Sherlock, but the reader is super chill about it, constantly making jokes because she’s confident in herself & Sherlock. I’m getting tired of the all the “Irene pops up & makes reader jealous/insecure.” Imagines. You can decide the rest, I just need this & your flufff, you’re legit the best imagine blogs out there, it’s amazing how much you can write. I aspire to be like you💟💟”

Characters: sherlock, irene, Irene’s maid and you

Pairing: sherlock x reader

Warnings: none, I think

Word count: 594


“uhm.. Hello? Could you please let me in? I think I’ve just been robbed” Sherlock stammered, talking over the intercom. The door opened and a woman, supposedly not the woman of the house let him in. “I saw the whole thing and called the cops already, they are on their way” you said, quickly following Sherlock into the house. “you can wait in the living room where the lady of the house is present” the handmaid said, pointing to the large wooden door.

“I’m sorry to intrude but…” you stopped when you saw a naked woman sitting in a chair on the other side of the room. “yes, your friend was robbed, if I’m not mistaken” the woman said, remaining in her position. Her arms covered her breasts and she had crossed her legs so none of her private parts were visible. “exactly” you said, unfazed by her appearance. “I think he needs some medical attention” you said, gesturing to Sherlock’s head wound. “don’t worry, I got everything you will needing right here” she said, standing up and walking over to a closet and retrieving a medical kid from it. You and Sherlock exchanged looks. You both knew the dominatrix would be quite the job but this was far from any situation the two of you had imagined. “you rest yourself, sweetheart. I’ll take care of him” Irene said, standing in front of Sherlock and winking at him. “thank you, this whole ‘adventure’ has been quite tiring” you laughed as you sat down. Irene’s appearance remained the same but you could see the flicker of change in her eyes. Was it nervousness? You couldn’t quite tell but you knew she was thrown of guard by your lack of jealousy. “I’ll make you all better, darling” she practically purred to Sherlock. Sherlock who remained silent, gave you a pleading look as if he wanted to get out of this now more embarrassing, than awkward situation. “shall I go see if I can help the maid with getting some tea? It’s the least I can do for you helping us out here” you said, looking at Irene and Sherlock. “if you would be so kind” Irene said, her voice, surprisingly, unsteady.

“I’m sorry if we’re being any inconvenience to you” you said to the maid. “it’s quite alright. You were in need of help and we’re glad we could offer it” she said, placing the kettle on the stove while you got the tea cups. “I hope you don’t mind me asking, but do you trust him?” she asked all of a sudden, referring to Sherlock. You looked at her in surprise. “yes, I suppose. Why?” you asked her. “well, most people would be reluctant to leave their significant other in a room with the dominatrix but you on the other hand seem not so much as bothered by it” she said. “significant other? the dominatrix?” you asked, keeping up your act. “please darling, you aren’t the first one coming in here with a plan on how to trick her. So drop the act” she said. You scoffed to yourself. “were we really that obvious?” you now laughed. “you were actually quite decent, he on the other hand let it slip when he revealed you were a couple” she said. “yeah about that, how did you know we are a couple? Sherlock didn’t tell you anything. How did you really know?” you asked. “simple, the way he looks at you” she answered. You smiled to yourself. Damn you, Sherlock, for blowing our cover in the sweetest way imaginable.



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Sherlock x Reader: Crying

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Gif not mine.

All you had to do was pick up the tissues and get into your room without being noticed by Sherlock, who was at the kitchen table looking into his microscope. Luckily, Mrs Hudson and John were not in so you didn’t have to talk to them. You loved the pair of them dearly however now wasn’t the best time to speak to them. Today was an off day to you. You woke up not in the best of spirits. Nothing had triggered your bad mood, it was just one of those days. Work had been a bummer too. You had been given a lot of paperwork by your boss and your co-workers had not been pleasant to you. You had left your oyster card at home so you couldn’t catch the bus or tube. You had to walk back to the flat. Normally, you wouldn’t mind a walk but it was raining hard. You just broke down when you got to the door of the flat but had wiped away your tears as you climbed the stairs into the living room of 221B. Sherlock was engrossed in his work so you thought that he would not notice you because he normally does not when he is working. Oh how wrong you were.


“Y/N,” Sherlock said. “I’ve found out what poison…” He trailed off when he saw tears in your eyes as you picked up the box of tissues from the coffee table. “You’ve had a bad day. You tried to sneak in without me noticing your arrival. You had been gloomy this morning so your bad mood had starting this morning. Also, you were happy yesterday evening so nothing big had triggered this. Your mood has worsened throughout the day.” You cried after your boyfriend had finished his deduction. You were tired, drenched by the rain, and you just were not feeling up to anything. Sherlock cocked his head slightly. He had seen you cry before however it was not as bad as this. You were normally bright and happy whereas today you had just completely broke down in front of him. He could tell you felt weak and that you did not want to cry in front of him but you did. Sherlock himself felt a bit disappointed that you were scared to weep in front of him because he was your boyfriend. However he knew that he wasn’t the best person when it came to comforting crying women. He stood up and walked over to you. He wrapped his arms around you and you cried into his shoulder.


You found yourself lying in Sherlock’s arms on the sofa while he absentmindedly played with your hair. You were both drifting off to sleep when John walked through the door.

“Oh sorry!” He exclaimed. “I’ve woken you up! Um… tea?”

“Please,” You replied smiling. Sherlock had fallen asleep. Your mood had definitely lifted though.

Sally: [After Mary tells them she talked to John about Sherlock’s relationship status] She’s *spying* for you?

Molly: No. No!

Irene: If you have nothing in common, it’s difficult to hide intense sexual attraction.

[Molly glares at Irene]

Irene: And we hear it’s been a while.

Molly: Okay, stop.

Mary: He is *there* for the taking, honey.

Sherlock: [Arrives] Okay, I’m going to need his medical records for the past year.

[everyone stops and stares at Sherlock]

Sherlock: What?

Molly: Nothing.

Ulysses (An Adlock Fanfiction)

(I am on the roll this week because why not? Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I have nothing else to do so yay for your prompts! Today, I’m going for robertafr’s request, which is: “How about their first encounter after TFP?” Hope you like this!)

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A black coffin with gold embellishments greeted him as he entered the room. 


Blood as red as her lips blinding him. 

Breathing heavily, he found Mrs. Hudson by the door of his bedroom looking worried. If there was something that took a toll on him during that fateful experience in Sherrinford, it would be the fear that with every door opening, he would be forced to make a choice – a choice that always leads to a loss. 

The vision often visited him in his sleep, some reliving memories of actual moments, and some are products of his own secret horrors. But if there is one recurring dream, it would be of The Woman.

Despite his strengthened faith in the people around him, he could not bear to talk to anyone about one of the things he feared the most during the game Eurus had orchestrated. She read through his violin piece more than he could ever admit to himself, that at every step he took at the labyrinth she created, other than fearing for John and Mycroft, he was hoping that Irene Adler would not be someone he would lose that day. 

Part of him was grateful that it worked out as he hoped. But still, the dreams still haunt him. 

He asked Mrs. Hudson to leave, telling her to also rest as the night was already at its peak. As she left, he reached for his phone, the clock flashing 2:37 A.M.

Without thinking too much, he let his weary mind overcome him. Finding their message thread in his inbox, he started to type. 

Are you in London? SH.

He closed his eyes, waiting for the sound of her text alert. It wasn’t until he felt his own eyes grow heavy that he drifted back to sleep. 

3 days passed. His fingers were growing numb against the side of his phone, a silent cuss passing his lips every time it lights up and it isn’t her. 

There were no patterns, for she is still on the run and would obviously have much better things to do, but he couldn’t help to feel neglected. Especially now that he’s rediscovered so much about his own emotions and humanity.

He almost jumped to his seat when his phone finally gave a moan that was ever so familiar to his ears. 

Love is never defeated, a man’s errors are his portals of discovery. IA.

A small smile grew across his lips. 

Taking a small duffel bag under his bed, worn through many of his private escapades, Sherlock left a note stabbed in the usual spot at the mantelpiece for his friends to see, and decided to head on his way. 

“I should’ve sent you something harder.” he heard her say, grey eyes admiring the statue of James Joyce right in front of them. 

He had just arrived in Dublin, chest exasperatedly thrumming, knowing exactly where to find her. 

“John Paul II, September 30 1979: Love is never defeated, and I would add, the history of Ireland proves it. And…” his eyes drank in her image as he spoke, “A man’s errors are his portals of discovery is from Ulysses by James Joyce. Hardly a difficult deduction. I’m much interested in your choice of words.”

The words resonated with him, true enough, as he is hear because of his own personal errors, specifically on claims that love was a dangerous disadvantage. After years and years, he may have found himself agreeing to a former pope’s musings on how love is never defeated.

He couldn’t tell why but he wanted her to look at him almost desperately, at that very moment. And just like the past, as if she could hear the musings of his mind, she smiled and turned his way. 

“And why is that?” she asked, walking towards him. 

“Because you somehow always know how to make me… unsure. Of myself. Or everything.” he murmured, attention still fixed on her eyes as she drew closer. 

She stopped at arm’s length, almost too close for him to touch but much too far for him to…

And as if she was deliberately trying to make him weak in the knees, she gave him that wicked smile of hers that muddled his brain the first time they met. “Why were you asking if I was in London?”

“Why didn’t you answer?” Sherlock replied, frustration evident in his voice. 

“I needed to handle some things… As always.” Irene said, as if to stress the obvious. 

“I was… worried.” the detective admitted, wracking his brain as to where he’s getting the strength to still look her in the eye upon saying the words. 

Irene’s eyebrows raised in amusement. “Are you now?”

“Yes. I needed to know your safe because…” Sherlock could feel his voice wavering, but he decided against it. He spent many nights, even before Sherrinford happened, on contemplating about this specific moment. 

“Because what, dear?” Irene asked earnestly, drawing in nearer that he could feel her eyes piercing through him, making him feel vulnerable. 

And for a flicker of a moment, his humanity had taken over his logic. As soon as she was close enough, he reached for her, taking her into his trembling arms, lips crushing into hers. 

Her body started out tense against his own, but just like their past encounters, she had melted into him and him to her like they were always meant to be that way. She gripped him by the shoulders firmly, and his hold on her tightened like he was fighting for her to stay. 

And when he finally pulled away, he saw Irene Adler’s flushed face staring up at him with an amused yet curious expression. 

“Care to explain yourself, Sherlock Holmes?” she mused, stroking a curl off his forehead. 

He sighed, quite bashful of his own actions, but still heavily relieved. Giving off a small smile at his own wit, he simply replied, “I believe this is what people call…emotional context.

Adlock Headcanon

Every argument that Irene and Sherlock have usually ends up with them forcefully kissing each other and being pushed up either on the wall or the kitchen counter top. Irene usually starts this to avoid the argument from escalating any further, and when you have Irene Adler molding her lips against your own I don’t think you can easily ignore that for a petty argument.

Sherlock's Daughter: The Break Up

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Gif not mine.

Request from @bunnyboar : can u write about sherlock’s daughter? i love ur blog

A/N: Thank you so much! I hope you like it. x

Warnings: swearing.

That bastard. He dumped you in the most embarrassing way. You were in dinner with your best friend when Dylan walked up to you with his friends and he told you that he only went out with you because you were the daughter of Sherlock Holmes. He proceeded to tell you that you were not anything special and you disappointed him. This broke your heart. You thought you actually meant something but you only made people think of you as the daughter of a great detective. You loved your father dearly however you were not like him. You could not analyse someone in five seconds or deduce a crime scene. A disappointment. That was what you were. To yourself, John, Uncle Mycroft, your family, your other friends, and your own father.


You were walking home from school to 221B and you were wiping the tears from your eyes. The only personality trait you received from your father was his bad luck in love.

“Hello Y/N,” John said cheerily. He had just walked out of the flat and was shutting the door. His smile immediately turned into a frown as he saw your expression. “What is it?”

“Go away!” You yelled at him and flung open the door before storming into the flat. You loved John and he was like a second father to you but he was in the wrong place at the wrong time so he was met by your rage. You were wrong. You had also inherited your father’s fiery temper.

“Hello dear!” Said Mrs Hudson, who had just given Sherlock his tea. You gave her the silent treatment and went into your room. You didn’t even acknowledge your father.


You threw yourself down on your bed and cried into the sheets. At this point, you didn’t really care as much about the break up itself. You just hated the comments an assumptions made against you. You also hated the fact that you were a disappointment to your father. There was a knock at your door.

“Y/N,” Said your father.


“Y/N open the door.”

Again, there was no reply.

“Y/N! I will not ask you again.” He was getting mad now. You still refused to talk to him. He rolled his eyes. “Girl problems,” He muttered to himself before opening the door and sitting on the side of your bed.

“Go away,” You told him.

“No,” He replied.

“Dylan broke up with you and dumped you in an embarrassing way.”

“You are correct.”

“I always am. He wasn’t worth it. He’s an idiot and does not deserve you.”

You smiled and sat up. “I fucking hate him.”

“Language, Y/N.”

“Shit sorry.”

He chuckled. “Apologise to Mrs Hudson and John.”

“Why? You’re always horrible to them.”

“Yes but that’s me. What else is it? Something else is bothering you.”

You sighed. “I’m not smart like you. I’m not talented and I’m just plain boring. I’m looked down upon for not being like you and I’m a disgrace. You’re disappointed with me. You hated it when I couldn’t deduce the crime scene. Don’t deny it because I saw the look on your face. You refused to take me on a case after that.”

He chuckled and then burst out into laughter.

“What?” You yelled at him.

“Oh my dear Y/N. How wrong you are. You are very smart despite the fact that you may not be able to deduce your way out of a paper bag.” You glared at him. “I wasn’t disappointed with you. I was surprised at first then I was happy. Happy that you were not like me. Everyone would hate it if you were like me. I’m horrible! I refused to take you on another case because I could see that you were upset with yourself. I didn’t want that to happen again. The only solution was to not take you. And I took you on many cases with me when you were a baby in a pram. Everyone else hated me for it. Look, if anyone has a problem with you then they will have to speak with me.”

“So you don’t hate me?”

“How could I hate you? You’re my daughter!” He pulled you into a hug. “I love you Y/N.”

“I love you too dad.”


Requested by @thestrawberryblondehobbitbatch 

Sorry its taken me a while but I hope you like it! x

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Play her

or Eurus’s incapacity to mind her own business 

It’s a Sunday afternoon the first time Eurus brought her up.
Their parents had just left, and Mycroft was trapped in London for some affairs of States. Sherlock had never expected his older brother to trust him so much but apparently, eventually, he had decided to trust Sherlock enough to let him handle Eurus also on his own. Not that it was an easy task, her Sister was staring at him, and he couldn’t read what her intentions might have been, then she suddenly hissed something.

“Play her.”
“Her?” Sherlock ask confused and hoping to be wrong
“Your girlfriend” Euros replied with a smirk
“The woman is not my girlfriend” Sherlock replied with the flattest tone ever, trying to be as neutral as possible but his sister noticed how his voice slightly cracked at the world not so she smiled in victory before whispering “But you would like her to be”

Sherlock stopped that conversation that day playing a new Theme. Sadly for him, Eurus never lost interest in Irene and their relationship.

One time, a couple of months later,  Eurus noticed something in her brother’s face that she couldn’t immediately decrypt even if the signs of the woman latest visit was too evident to her eyes.

“How’s she? Was she happy to see you?”

She asked taking a step closer to the glass that was divding her from her favourite brother and smiled. She really enjoyed seeing how the mention of her always managed to make him tremble, his voice cracking slightly, his pupils dilating more than usual. She wondered for a second if the woman really was worthy of such devotion, but surely she was special, otherwise she would have never made such an impression to both her brothers.

“I don’t know what are you talking about.”

Sherlock replied with his usual tremor when the woman was concerned, not that Eurus was much surprised.

“You do.”

She insisted but then she observed him for a couple of seconds finally understanding what the problem was.

“Oh…You had a fight.”

From Sherlock’s surprised and annoyed reaction she realised her deduction was completely right.

“How do you know?” her brother asked taking a step closer and she only kept smiling “Is this about her husband? Again?” she said moving her head, and he stopped paralysed. Of course, she knew that that was not their first fight about her husband, probably it was around the fifth or the sixth. She hadn’t brought the subject up sooner because before he always seemed ok after but this time Sherlock looked really… upset… angry… hurt. What was wrong with human people? Why did they care so much? Why did they let other people have such an influence over them? And why on earth was her brother letting such a small matter distracting and destroying him? This woman must be really remarkable, she thought smirking at her brother, who with his most serious expression replied

“That’s absurd.”

The little pirate was really, REALLY offended. That whole situation was becoming REALLY HILARIOUS and Eurus took her violin and played the original Irene’s theme, the one her brother had chosen to describe himself the fist time they had met in Sherrinford.
Then Eurus whispered  “You are absurd. We are in the 21th century, punch the guy and get the girl”

Those words only managed to make Sherlock more uncomfortable and staying there, hearing her tone was making him feel exposed so he hissed “Could you just stop?”

But his sister had no intention of letting that go and continued playing, each note like a blade to his hurt pride; then she spoke again “Nope, brother. You are absurd. And ridiculous. She’s in love with you, Sherlock”

How could he not see what she could so clearly? And she had never even met the girl, not that she didn’t have a thought or two about that… But her attention now was needed on Sherlock so she stared at her brother for a while, he was really trying to seem as calm as possible, emotionless, a perfect machine and yet his hands were slightly trembling and she could almost see his anger in those dilated pupils.

Eurus finished Irene’s Theme and took a step closer to repeating “She’s in love with you and you are with her” she almost laughed saying those words aloud “Emotions. Sentiments. Oh poor brother, she’s fucking you up in every possible way. And yet…”
“And yet what?” he asked half angry, half curious
“And yet you want it again,” Eurus said with a victory smile
“What?” her brother replied confused and she hesitated for a while, appreciating his tension, then, eventually, she answered him “The game, the best game you have had, the best you have ever wished for. The game between you and her”
Sherlock never replied, and Eurus knew she was definitively right.

The next time she saw him something had changed, he was changed, he even seemed in a good mood, and the woman’s imprint was visible all over him. It took Eurus a couple of seconds to deduce what had happened only some hours before.

“So you DID punch the guy eventually, good for you.”

Her words are cutting but utterly true, and Sherlock can’t help but grin in return

“What do you mean?”

His sister stood up from her bed and started walking around the room with the only scope of making him nervous, seeing how… tense he became with those kinds of conversation always managed to amuse her, but at the same time she was curious about the details, so she just hesitated some further before going on.

“Someone here had sex last night.”

His reply arrived sooner that she had expected

And Eurus smiled, it almost seemed he wasn’t lying, he almost seemed honest. Almost. But she was herself, a Holmes and genius beyond Newton, so she just knew when he was faking and in that moment he definitely was.

“This morning then”

Those words escaped her mouth faster than she had imagined and his expression in return is the only answered she needed. Poor little thing. The woman had really fucked him in every possible way…

“Oh my dear brother, it’s all over your face… and your body.”

Sherlock shook his head embarrassed for a blink before saying “What?”
“Her” Eurus replied joining her hands
“That’s…” Sherlock started trying to actually defend himself but his dear sister had no intention of letting him finish that sentence, so she simply stepped in “Normal. That’s normal. She… she makes you look incredibly normal, Sherlock, and we both know you are far from normal, so I assume she must be… special. Very special” she stopped for some instances before going on “Is she?”
“We won’t discuss her” he replied resolute with a slight anger in his eyes, and this only managed to make her even more curious and intrigued “Why not? She seems interesting.”
“Enough!” he cried, losing his temper and Eurus bite her lips, finding that situation incredibly interesting “I want to know her, brother” she insisted once again, but his feelings about it didn’t change “You won’t” he said taking his violin in his hands.
Sadly for him Eurus really adored to torture him, so she spoke again “Mom and Dad know her, Mycroft knows her, John knows her. I want to know her too.”
“I said we won’t discuss her and by the way how do you know that our parents know her?” he said visibly irritated.

Soon after he realised his mistake, or at least he did that as soon as he saw her expression, with an irritating victory smirk on her lips “I didn’t, now I do. Thank you, brother. Now I definitively want to meet her, it will be… challenging, I’m sure.”
He rolled his eyes before starting playing a new theme “Never. It will never happen.”

The following months Mycroft showed up at this door. That was weird, and he immediately realised it must have to do with their evil sister.

“What’s wrong with her now?” Sherlock asked seriously concerned, and the older Holmes sat down and breathed in before finally spilling out the truth “Eurus wants a birthday present.”
“Be careful then, remember what happen the last time she asked for a present?” the younger brother said mocking, the older and Mycroft rolled his eyes before exclaiming “I do remember Sherlock! But things are different now, besides…”
“Besides?” Sherlock asked interrupting him, and Mycroft smiled slightly before continuing “You know how resourceful she can be. Our great nation needs her mind, Sherlock.”
Sherlock nodded bored in return before speaking again “What are you asking? What does she want?”
“3 unsupervised minutes” Mycroft replied staring at him and Sherlock returned that look very surprised “With me?”

Mycroft reply arrived direct and serious
“With Irene Adler”