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Happy Gary Gygax Day, July 27.  Every year on his birthday I roll up a new character from a past edition.  This year I return to the 1977 Holmes Basic, where I started, which is an edited version of the original 1974 booklets by Gygax and Arneson.  A small index card is all I need for a character sheet.

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Potterlock - Sherlock and John meet waiting to find wands at Olivander's. They try out a few wands and none of them are working for them so Mr. Olivander hunts around for a very specific box. "These two wands refuse to be separated," he tells them, "I've had to store them together ever since they were made." When Sherlock and John waive the wands they're a perfect fit. When they get sorted at Hogwarts, John goes to Gryffindor and Sherlock asks The Sorting Hat to keep them together.


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Sherlock starts listening to traffic noise on his iPod to help himself sleep more normally. When John learns about this he records subliminal messages under the traffic noise to see if Sherlock will notice. The messages are part confessions of love, part declarations of lust with very colorful descriptions of what John wants to do to Sherlock with his enormous cock. The first night Sherlock hears John's recording he can't sleep a wink.

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Dragon by David Sutherland from the early printings of D&D module B2: The Keep on the Borderlands, TSR, 1980.  In 1981 it was cut from B2 and moved to the later printings of B1: In Search of the Unknown.  Neither adventure includes a dragon encounter, so there’s no official explanation for the lack of wings.

The party battles cyclopean humanoids in the dungeon (Fangorn, aka Chris Baker, reinterpreting David Sutherland’s title page illustration for the UK version of Holmes Basic D&D published by Games Workshop in 1977.  Via Greyharp on the Dragonsfoot forums.)  Fangorn kept Sutherland’s basic elements – a wizard and two fighters by a column vs orc-sized foes.

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"Have you desensitized yourself yet?" John asks a few weeks after he gives Sherlock the photo album of him in uniform. "Why?" Sherlock asks looking up from the paper to see John standing in front of him in his old uniform, "oh!" "I guess not," John smiles as Sherlock promptly faints. When Sherlock regains consciousness John has moved him into their bedroom. "Maybe I should have started with a piece of the uniform instead," John smiles and puts on his dog tags. Sherlock faints again.


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"Sherlock what are you doing here?" John asks his ballet dancer boyfriend shows up in the locker room during half time. "Just providing you with a little incentive," Sherlock says dragging him into the equipment room. "Oh god!" John gasps and then covers his mouth as Sherlock drops to his knees. "John Hamish Watson, will you marry me?" Sherlock asks taking out a ring. "This is my incentive?" John says shocked. "No, the hotel suite I'm going to fuck you in once you say yes is your incentive."

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"Hi can I help you?" John asks the ginger haired woman at the door. "My partner and I are here to investigate a claim that one of the occupants of this residence died and then came back to life," the woman explains. "He didn't die, he just faked his death and stayed out of sight for two years before coming back in order to defeat a criminal mastermind," John explains. "See Mulder I told you!" the woman scolds her partner, "thank you for your time we're sorry to have bothered you, goodbye."

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The explosion roused John from his sleep and he ran from their bedroom to make sure Sherlock was ok. "He's a wizard John!" Sherlock said gleefully. "Our son exploded our kitchen?" John said suspiciously. "I was making him french toast for breakfast and he wanted pancakes. He started throwing a fit and turned the tiny little flame on the stove into a fireball. It was awesome!" Sherlock explained. "No it wasn't, we need a new kitchen and our son is going to get sorted into Slytherin!"

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Potterlock - Mycroft is potions master and he really doesn't like Third year student John Watson. Or at least he doesn't like John until the boy becomes best friends with Mycroft's kid brother Sherlock. After that Mycroft goes out of his way to make amends for treating John badly during his first three years at Hogwarts. John becomes one of his top students and he spends every other weekend teaching John and Sherlock to brew potions that even the seventh years don't get to learn.

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