holmes brothers feelings


Sherlock: Is a phone call possible? 

Mycroft: Phone call? 

Sherlock: Sherlock has a brother he may wish to say goodbye. John has a daughter he may wish to say goodbye.

Little Sherlock being all: “Mycroft, I need to go up to the roof to watch Santa.” And teenaged Mycroft feeling very sentimental- after all, it is Christmas Eve- and not wanting to ruin The Fun for once… so, he actually gets the ladder and they clamber up together, out of sight from their parents.

And Sherlock watches Mycroft stagger around and yelp “Sherlock, careful!” when they’re on the roof, and Sherlock laughs, “Don’t worry, I know he’s not real, I just wanted to come up here. It seemed cool.”

And Mycroft is just the picture of Outrage: “You little horror, you know what I’m like with heights!”


Ilya Dearest,

At first, you were a prince; you were peaceful, and to me, you were the sweetest boy in the world. You had patience and there was an elegance about you. You gave me many gifts. And by that, I mean you introduced me to many things: worlds I had no idea existed, the sweeter side within myself that I never knew was there. And also, of course, a darker side. But even with that darkness that comes with knowing you – being with you – in the end, I need you. You enabled me to grow as a person. Everything that I am today came from you.

Heaven Knows What (2014), dir. Ben Safdie, Joshua Safdie 

What Happened After

Mycroft needs to get him out. Now. 

He steps forward and grasps Sherlock’s wrist. “Sherlock,” he murmurs, quiet enough that John, still facing Rosamund, cannot hear him.

Sherlock does not move, still staring transfixed at John, at the blood spreading on the floor. He sways a little- and that’s too much for Mycroft. 

“Sherlock, come on,” he hisses, and tugs Sherlock away. Sherlock follows, Mycroft can feel his footsteps dragging. “Come on,” he repeats, but less insistent, softer.

They make their way through the aquarium. Mycroft tries not to shiver at the ghostly watery light, the sharks looming above them. The exit sign glows ahead, a beacon of hope.

Sherlock makes a soft “Oh” sound, as if the breath has been taken clean out of him. Mycroft turns and pretends not to notice Sherlock’s knees buckling. 

“This way,” is all he says, even though it’s more than clear where the way out is.

They emerge into merciful clean air. Mycroft takes a couple of deep breaths, but they turn all too shallow as Sherlock bends forward and retches.

The car pulls up towards them, but Sherlock is still retching. Mycroft opens the car door. “If you’re going to be sick, do it outside.”

Sherlock gags, then spits, but manages to straighten up. “N-no, I’m fine.”

“Sherlock-” Mycroft stops himself just in time. He can’t let anything slip. Not yet. It’s not safe. “You’re pale,” he says instead. “The car can wait.”

Sherlock shakes his head. “No-let’s just- I- I need to go.”

He pushes in front of Mycroft and gets into the car.

They drive in silence for long, awful minutes. Mycroft keeps a watchful eye on Sherlock. His eyes are closed, his lips quivering. 

When the car hits a speed bump, Sherlock’s eyes fly open. They are full of tears, and Mycroft’s heart breaks for him, not for the first time. 

“John,” Sherlock whispers. 

Mycroft can see him starting to shake. He has seen many dreadful things in his time, but this, he knows, is the worst.

“I- I made a vow, Mycroft. You- you heard him. I swore.”

Sherlock’s voice wavers and breaks, and the first tears roll down his cheeks.

“Oh, Sherlock.” It’s all Mycroft can say. Inside, he is seething: this was not your fault, brother mine, you don’t deserve this-

“I broke it,” Sherlock continues, his breathing becoming faster and faster. “I-I’ve failed him. Oh, God, I’ve f-failed him-I-I never meant-I didn’t-”

He is totally incoherent, then, his hand clamping over his mouth as he sobs. All Mycroft can do is hold him.

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Fanfic rec. Kidlock/Teenlock!

And here’s another rec! A personal favorite of mine, teenlock and a couple of kidlock, because it’s just too cute too let it pass! (I’m also making an Unilock one later, so don’t worry about that)

Between Worlds of Shadow and Light

Johnlock, complete, 4200 words.

Author’s summary: Martha Hudson is a witch and Sherlock is her apprentice witch-in-training. One day, while exploring the woods around their cottage, Sherlock meets a little boy who he wants to befriend. The only problem is…Sherlock doesn’t know how.

Additional notes: Kidlock and so very adorable!

The Promises of Children

Johnlock, complete, 1600 words.

Author’s summary: Stop worrying. You’re being stupid, he told himself firmly.

And he was being stupid. This was Sherlock. Sherlock: his best friend in the entire world.

AKA: Sherlock’s power’s of memorization are far greater than the average five-year-old’s

Additional notes: marriage proposal when they’re children. And then later in life. So cute!

I forgot my jacket

Johnlock, complete, 8900 words.

Author’s summary: John and Sherlock are best friends who share a dorm at school and text while John is away for a rugby match over the weekend. And of course, it’ll be Johnlock sometime.

Additional notes: I’ve rec this on the misunderstandings one, but it does fit the trope rather well too, so… well.


Johnlock, complete, 4900 words.

Author’s summary: The autumn air is turning brisk, the gym floors are freshly buffed, and Sherlock Holmes is going back to school. But not quite in the way you’re thinking.

[Or, a teenlock AU where Sherlock goes to a school reunion to win over the boy he had a massive crush on in school.]

Additional notes: the summary says it all really. I think it does fit here, right?

Eye Of The Beholder

Johnlock, complete, 1300 words.

Author’s summary: Sherlock notices it happening right away. Of course he does, it hardly takes a genius to do so. Not that he does anything about it. Not because he is self-conscious or anything ridiculous like that. But if he can control how much he eats and sleeps, he should be able to control this too. Never mind the part of his brain telling him not to be stupid. Who cares if he needs glasses? The idiots in his school? His wonderful boyfriend John? Alright… so maybe he is slightly self-conscious. Ridiculous.

Additional notes: Established relationships aren’t really my thing, but insecure!Sherlock? Totally my jam :P

you make my heart shake

Johnlock, complete, 800 words.

Author’s summary: “You’re hoping to woo someone.”

Additional notes: ridiculously short, but ridiculously cute!

Night Ride

Johnlock, complete, 5200 words.

Author’s summary: Sherlock is hopelessly infatuated with the boy next door. Until one night that changes everything

Additional notes: so much pining. Enough said!

Out the Nest and Into the World 

Johnlock, complete, 3200 words.

Author’s summary: t doesn’t bother her. That Sherlock likes a boy isn’t a problem. That Sherlock likes someone IS the problem.

Her son has never been infatuated with anyone. Until now.

She worries.

Additional notes: so cute! I enjoyed these kind of fic more when I wasn’t convinced the Holmes parents were bad parents… but cute anyway!


Johnlock, complete, 11100 words.

Author’s summary: At sixteen, Sherlock hated pretty much everything. He hated his brother, his father, and trips to France to visit Grandmamma. He hated the boys at Harrow who bullied him and he hated his mother because she did nothing about it. There were two things that Sherlock didn’t hate. He didn’t hate his violin and he didn’t hate John Watson.

Additional notes: Warnings for drug use and withdrawal.

Notes From John Watson

Johnlock, complete, 1000 words.

Author’s summary: Sherlock and John are designated locker mates and these little notes always find their way into Sherlock’s part of the locker, which are beginning to both frustrate and fluster Sherlock.

Additional notes: Sherlock is just too adorable for this world :P

Lessons in romance

Mystrade, Johnlock, complete, 49300 words.

Author’s summary: Twelve-years-old Sherlock Holmes finds himself facing his biggest challenge yet: attempting to get his crush’s attention.

Mycroft Holmes finds himself way out of his deep while trying to help. And the handsome police officer that keeps getting his little brother out of trouble is not helping one bit.

Additional notes: lots of Holmes brothers feels and some warning for bad parenting.

And that’s it for now! I’d like to remind you I’m aiming to rec not very popular fics, which is why it’s likely you won’t find any fandom classics here ;)

Other recs: Misunderstandings part 1 and part 2, soulmates.