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Being one of the richest and most powerful men in the world does have its perks, as Mycroft Holmes well knows.  However, one of those perks was not attempted kidnappings or assassinations, though they were a somewhat regular feature of his life.  When he evades the most recent attempt to end his life prematurely only due to a tactical miscalculation on the part of his would-be assassin, he decides that a second pair of eyes, and wits, might be necessary to see him carry forward with his work.

Gregory Lestrade spent a good bit of his life as a mercenary, so turning his skills towards private security for those able to afford his services wasn’t a great shift in his life.  Of course, he never expected to be hired by Mycroft Holmes, a man considered by those in his elite profession to be the ultimate jewel in the crown, for every attempt to gain Mycroft’s attention for employment had not only failed, but failed spectacularly.

Now, Greg was charged with keeping this professionally-desirable man safe and finding his job was, in no manner, the easy-money situation he’d predicted.  Mycroft’s work was far more extensive, complex and darker than anyone imagined and every one of Greg’s skills and talents was in constant use as he escorted his employer around the world and foiled the unending series of schemes to bring about Mycroft’s downfall.

Mycroft Holmes was, to anyone who met him, a cold, inscrutable man with an intelligence that was as intimidating as it was dazzling.  Gregory Lestrade was, to anyone who met him, a volatile, violent man with a cunning, calculating streak that enhanced his savagery to a frightening degree.  Of course, meeting someone is not the same as knowing them, something both Mycroft and Greg are starting to realize.  And the man each is coming to know, and know well, is an interesting man, indeed…

Greg: I bet you’d look adorable grasping at the sheets on my bed.

Mycroft: No matter how many times you compliment me I’m not making your bed.


Can we just talk about how on the last day of being “bachelor” John Watson, for his ‘stag party’, he’s seen only in the company of Sherlock? Not any of his friends, not Mike, not Lestrade, no one but Sherlock. Who, yes, is his closest friend whom he just got back from the dead - but even so…

It is as if his way of saying “This is my final night of being single and I want to spend it with you, and only you.”

And let’s not forget what he told Sherlock when he asked him to be his best man: “When I get married, I want to be up there with the two people I love most in this world - Mary and…you.

It says a lot; like the fact that if Sherlock hadn’t “committed suicide”, there would have been a great probability that John would have never sought the companionship of Mary [who completely turned his life around], because he already had Sherlock [before whom he was so alone and the one whom he owed so much]

you guys

mycroft is a kingsman

  • the umbrella
  • way too outdated name
  • “he practically is the government”
  • always in a suit
  • snobbish af

Lestrade: Name?

Sherlock: You know my name.

Lestrade: Sherlock, you are making an official request to Scotland Yard to be allowed to carry a concealed weapon. I have to follow protocol.

Sherlock: It’s ridiculous.

Lestrade: Fine. Then we’re done here. Do you want to get some coffee?

Sherlock: My name is Sherlock Holmes.

Lestrade: Reason for wanting a gun?

Sherlock: To shoot people.

Lestrade: Not a good response.

Sherlock: It’s the truth.

Lestrade: You know, I’m writing ‘Self defence in the performance of my duties pursuing suspected felons as contracted out to Scotland Yard.’

Sherlock: So I can shoot them.