holm gren

If you are like me, and you’re tired of seeing the same -sson last names that seem forever glued to Swedish characters – or if you’re just a person wishing to play a person with Swedish roots – then look no further! I, a Swedish woman, believes in breaking of patterns and as happy I am to see more people take on Swedish characters I just wish people would care more about their names. 

Although the -sson part is rooted to our pasts we are, oddly enough, not still in Medieval times and our last names have developed into a whole new section of options as cultures mix and match! I do not know all of them and this list will be a constant on-going update as people will be able to submit their’s, as well as me doing some research and maybe hearing some new ones out on the streets of where I live. I’d gladly help with any type of Swedish research and questions you may have, or at least as far my own knowledge reaches so don’t be afraid to come to me with your concerns!

The list is A-Ö, and some last names will feel repeated as we mix and match words and meanings. There will be some -sson names to be found, but underused or forgotten only. Also don’t worry about ÅÄÖ, we get it! 

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