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the fact that you like taylor swift is disgusting. shes a slut for one who sleeps with every man in hollywwood then she bitches about in in her dumb music, she only writes about loves and shes obsessed with harry

I got this ask this morning but I was out of town and I knew this was going to be a long reply. Firstly I’m aloud to like whoever the hell I want to like so no it’s not “disgusting” that I like her. Secondly, how do you know she sleeps with everyone in Hollywood? do you follow her around or know her personally? because in case you didn’t know magazines and gossip sites ALWAYS start rumors, and last time I checked there is just as many Harry rumors as there is Taylor so if you believe the Taylor gossip why don’t you believe the Harry gossip? We only know of a few relationships that shes been in  

  1. Joe Jonas
  2. Taylor Lautner
  3. John Mayer
  4. Jake Gyllenhaal
  5. Connor Kennedy
  6. Harry Styles

These are the only relationships that we know for sure about and Taylor has been in the public eye since around 2005/2006. You need to start not believing every rumor you hear. Now also some of the songs she writes are about boys that she was never even in a relationship with, lets take a look at those

  1. Fifteen was written about her best friend and her relationship
  2. You Belong With Me: One of her most popular songs wasn’t even written about a guy she was interested in, it was a bout a guy friend who she was hanging out with and his girlfriend called him and started freaking out at him on the phone so Taylor got the line “ You’re on the phone with your girlfriend, shes upset” she wrote the whole song around that line
  3. Love Story was written about a guy she liked but her parents didn’t approve so she went in her room and wrote the song, they never dated
  4. Speak Now was written about one of her friends who’s ex’s was getting married and they were joking around about crashing the wedding
  5. Marry’s song was written about a old couple who came over for dinner and told their story, she then wrote this song for them
  6. Hey Stephen was written about a guy she thought was cute
  7. Starlight was written about the Kennedy’s

You also say that she only writes about relationships but heres some songs that aren’t

  1.  A Place In This World
  2. The Outside
  3. Tied Together With a Smile
  4. Change
  5. The Best Day
  6. Breathe
  7. Mean
  8. Never Grow Up
  9. Innocent
  10. Long Live
  11. 22
  12. The Lucky One

And can I just say that I HATE when people complain about what she writes her music about, Taylor is one of the few artists out there who actually writes her own music, and she is also one of the most successful artists out there, that says a lot. We should all be praising her because she still writes her own music, so many artists these days just buy their songs, they don’t actually come from them.

You also say that “shes obsessed with Harry” how is she obsessed with him? Guess what, shes not obsessed with him, but people like you are obsessed with whatever her and Harry had, people like you can’t just let it go which is pretty fucked up considering that it never concerned you. The girl can’t even step outside wearing a plaid shirt without one direction fans like you being like “OMG she’s wearing a plaid shirt, Harry wore a plaid shirt with a similar color like 3 years ago OMG she needs to move on from him, he didn’t even like her” its fucking ridiculous the way that some  one direction fans act towards her. I seem to remember a time where most of you loved her because of a interview at the teen choice awards where she was asked who her favorite was and she replied with “how could you possibly choose” but the moment she set foot out with Harry you all hated her. 

Time to get over it and move on, Harry and Taylor have, it seems like they are still friends since they have hung out with each other since. And its time to learn that these boys are going to date, they deserve to be happy, and its none of our bushiness who they spend their time with. Stop being rude to the girls in their lives, you don’t need to like them but you need to have respect!

I have no problem with people who don’t like Taylor, we are aloud to not like someone, but I have a problem with people who act like this and only don’t like her because of Harry