TIGERHEAT LIVE at Avalon Hollywood DJ Ray Rhodes and Maison Empire on Stage

zenisbored95 asked:

Hey bojack my sister says she is to scared and shy to say hi to you. She has no reason to be right?

Of course not. I understand how my celebrity might be intimidating to someone like your sister, but tell her that even though hollywoo celebrities are better than average people, we still like to be approached and fawned over by unfamous strangers. tell her to drop me a line anytime.

queencolondarkwing asked:

Help. I'm dealing with too many non monogamous people being into me but not enough time to date them all because I work all the time? Should I switch to part time to date more or pick and choose? Figured as a celebrity you get the struggle

if there is one piece of Hollywoo advice that I can share, it’s make them work for you.

I think the best part of Bojack Horseman is how the “D” in the Hollywood sign gets stolen, so instead of replacing it, they just start calling it “Hollywoo” and I think there’s a beautiful message there about going with the flow


📣Oooo it’s the ✨ You’re blinded by the🎬You need that 🎥 HOLLYWOO 🎭 (at Hollywood Sign)