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Queen For a Day

In what’s easily the most appropriate title for a film ever, the BBC is producing a Helena biopic called Mummy Dearest. Production is slated for early 2016, but what we’re most interested in, of course, is the casting. Which of Hollywood’s finest brunette beauties can fit the bill?

We have some ideas, of course. Perhaps it’s Jennifer Love-Hewitt and her flair for horror. Ginnifer Goodwin has a wholesome look and personality, but maybe too wholesome for Helena, let’s be honest. Our vote goes to Angelina Jolie who would add some of Queenie’s sultriness, and it seems they both like to raise children of diverse parentage!

Stay tuned for the latest casting updates!

The enthusiasm Pine lacks for social media he makes up for with his embrace of creative outlets.

“I love music and I love singing… and I love writing about a lot of things that are happening and popping,” Pine said.

“I’ve been trying to have writing be a part of my life,” he added, explaining that he doesn’t keep a journal but does jot down song lyrics, ideas and daily events. Plus he likes to draw.

“You break down some barriers of creativity when you access this part of you,” he said.


Chris Pine, rising star in Hollywood’s The Finest Hours

This seriously inspires me so much.