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Los Angeles Times publisher Harry Chandler had decided to invest in an upscale real-estate development called Hollywoodland, which capitalised on the growing recognition of Hollywood as a movie-industry mecca

At night the billboard flashed in four stages: “Holly,” then “Wood,” then “Land” and then the entire word, “Hollywoodland. 

It was intended only to last a year and a half, but after the rise of American cinema in Los Angeles during the Golden age of Hollywood, the sign became an internationally recognised symbol and was left there.

By the 1940s the sign had deteriorated massively. In 1949 the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce finally came to the rescue of the ailing Sign, removing the letters that spelled “LAND” and repairing the rest, including the recently toppled “H.” 

Thus the Hollywoodland Sign, an advertisement for a real-estate development, became the Hollywood Sign, Not only a major tourist attraction of Tinseltown but a symbol for all aspiring actors and entertainers.

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same anon from several days ago asking about your yoi old hollywood au! oh man youre so sweet and receptive agh. can u give any additional headcanons on any characters or events bc i rlly love world building tbh

I’m so happy to comply!!! Let’s play ‘spot the ships’ in this one:

-          The way Yuuri’s anxiety manifests itself is in line with how nervous, perfectionist actors would behave. He comes late on set and spends too much time fretting in his dressing room. He gets so nervous he forgets lines. He needs multiple takes for scenes. This is all behaviour you can get away with if you are an established name, but Yuuri isn’t quite there yet. Directors get frustrated with him and this sets him off even more. When he does get it together though, he nails it and gives a great performance. One of these performances make Victor fall in love with him.

-          Victor is definitely an inspiration to Yuuri and you can see that in his acting as well.

-          Yuuri’s hometown gang, Yuko and Nishigori, were part of his theatre group in his youth. Minako is an ex-Broadway star who runs a theatre and the Nishigoris own a cinema.

-          Morooka is a reporter who runs a famous gossip column.

-          Since Chris is so similar to Marilyn Monroe, I imagine that people cannot look past this on-screen persona he has. He revels in portraying the ditzy bombshell type but feels suffocated by it too. He has two failed marriages to his name, because his partners were unable to deal with all the attention on-screen Chris got. This hurt him deeply. After his second husband walked out on him, Chris called Victor up in tears late one night. Things happened.

-          Emil has it so badly for his friend Michele. Of course Mickey is oblivious and poor Emil is dead nervous to just come forth and tell him. Since Emil is a well-known comedian that often writes his own jokes, the studio gives him the freedom to work on a script on his own. He comes up with the perfect set-up for a romantic comedy to make his feelings for Michele known. He suspects Michele to turn down the project, unless he can get the help of Michele’s sister Sara. She would rather do projects on her own, but Emil desperately tries to get her on board and convince Michele to take up the project. The romantic screwball comedy is so meta it hurts though. It’s about a guy, his sister and their best friend since childhood. The friendship gets tense when the guy thinks his friend is after his sister, but it turns out the friend has been pining for the guy all along. The movie is called ‘Serenade for Two’.

-          Keep your eyes on Jean Jacques Leroy and Otabek Altin because a couple years back they were in a movie together and there was TENSION, let me tell you.

-          You better believe Otabek takes Yuri Plisetsky all the way up to that Hollywoodland sign to show him the view and deliver that ‘unforgettable eyes of a soldier’ line.

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All I want from the Agent Carter season 2 finale is Peggy accidentally blowing up the “LAND” part in the “HOLLYWOODLAND” sign during a mission. It’ll be 1947 and the sign was shortened in 1949, so let’s say Howard tries to fix it discreetly and Peggy is all “are you sure this is solid enough?” and he’s all like “yeah oF COURSE, I FIXED IT, IT’S SOLID” and then the last shot of the episode is “year 1949″ and the “LAND” part just falling during the renovations. 

And voice-off Peggy saying “Told you”.

Radio star Jane Webb poses on the damaged “H” of the Hollywoodland sign in April 1947, shortly after the signs caretaker, Albert Kothe, accidentally wrecked it in a drunk driving accident. Apparently, Kothe (who survived the crash) had driven his car off a cliff above the H. This incident eventually led to the decision by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and the City of Los Angeles Parks Department to repair the sign, removing the word “land” from it. (LAPL 00041562)

Headcanons to make those Agent Carter S2 “spoiler/plot synopsis” less frightening.

[Here is the plot synopsis/spoiler for those who didn’t see it: (x)]

Trust me. Read those headcanons and if after that you don’t feel a little better, I’ll just spam you all with fluffy Cartinelli comics.

(which I’ll do anyway but stil)

  • The season is gonna start years later, like 1949, only because they could play with the fact that the Hollywoodland sign wasn’t shortened during repairs but because Peggy or a villain blew it up during a mission and they covered it with the story we know. Come on, that could be hilarious. (see this post)
  • If it’s years later, Angie moved out a while ago to LA and is having a career there. Peggy would bump into her, plot-related or not, when she get there for her new mission. 
  •  If Peggy does join Angie in LA, imagine Angie showing her the city and helping the case without really knowing. Or even better, knowingly playing the starlet and/or Peggy’s cover to gather information. (see also this post & this post)
  •  If Peggy does join Angie in LA/Angie joins Peggy in LA and there is a new love interest for one or both of them, and they get jealous. All the jealous shenanigans mixed with the previous undercover headcanon.
  • Years later or not, Peggy just takes Angie with her because for an aspiring actress, what’s better than LA/Hollywood ?
  • They are apart #1: Angie is still in New York while Peggy had to go to LA for her new mission, but they still call each other from time to time. All the emotional/funny/angsty phone calls.
  • They are apart #2: Angie is jealous of this potential love interest Peggy gets while in LA. She gets mad one day on the phone and hang up. Peggy struggle during her missions without Angie’s daily phone calls, the end of the season end up with Peggy going back to NY and surprising Angie with something awfully romantic.
  • They are apart, but Angie just rocks one of her audition and is asked to go to LA. They meet randomly once she get here. Could be just in the streets, or better, on a movie set where Peggy is chasing a villain and gets thrown into a set and the whole thing fall apart. Once she gets out of the remains, she hear a familiar voice saying a familiar line “Peggy? What on earth are you doing?”


Shot in the 1940s, this silent home movie features Hollywood and surrounding areas, including the Hollywoodland sign, Hollywood Boulevard, and Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. Filmed by James Telfer, a Warner Bros. cameraman, the footage shows the Hollywood Hotel, located at Hollywood and Highland. The site would later become the home to the Hollywood & Highland Center and the Dolby Theatre, where The Oscars® takes place every year. The Oscars®, hosted by Ellen DeGeneres, will air on Sunday, March 2, live on ABC.

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