• What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: life in captivity??? So was Prompto taken after he fell from the train? Did he get help to leave the base? Whats in the base? What are they doing with hm there? How did he get out? Did he do hollywood stuff beside blowing up everything? Did he see something to anger him and decide to destroy everything? Where did he get the clothes? Do they know who he and what he is? Is Versteal there? Does he meet him? BUT HE WAS IN SUCH A SHITTY STATE IN GRAlea HWAT HAPPENED? DID ARDYN GET HIM AFTER HE leFT THE BASE? WHA T HAPPENED?

Going to see Wonder Woman shortly.  The internet has made it seem like this film is going to single-handedly save the entire female population of this world. 

While I’m happy as hell to have more strong ladies in movies, WW as a character has been around since 1942.  Strong women have been in media for a long, long time.  I think people just dismiss this fact because of the clouds the Hollywood machine tends to blow over everything.  People tend to only think female characters exist if they’re front-and-center, in huge blockbusters or special event comics.  In realty, strong women are around us all the time, in books, comics, films, art, music…everywhere.  Blockbusters are great, but to say that only now women are getting the fair share is to kind of ignore the women and characters who’ve been with us for a long time already.

I am really excited for Wonder Woman.  Maybe this will be the start of bringing some more female characters that have existed for ages up onto the stage.   We’re everywhere!  We always have been.  We just need people to notice us, and hopefully this will be a good start.  <3


Here’s one more before I take my 11 hour flight back home. (I’ll get some writing done)

Turn up your favorite song,

the one from Lana or Lorde,

roll down all of the windows,

and close every door.

Now that I have you,

I can’t stand to be alone.

So, come with me,

and I’ll drive you home.

We’ll tear up the city,

and pass the Hollywood sign.

We’ll blow through the interstate,

and hang out on Vine.

We can get broke in Vegas,

and go party in L.A.

Just sit back, relax,

and we’ll drive every day.~

Mike Kuchar: “Sometimes you see a very beautiful person. And the first thing that comes to my mind is, I want to make a movie of that person. ’Cause I like puttin’ gauzes - ah, cheap, black cloth on the lens with a rubber band - and creating these, what look like 1940s movies, or movies of a beautiful Hollywood style, and blowing these people up bigger than life and making them into gods and goddesses. And I think in the movies that’s a wonderful way of pushing them on the public, and infusing the public with great objects of desire, and dreams, and things of great beauty.” <3

Jules Dassin directing Gina Lollobrigida and Yves Montand in La Loi, 1959

[US title: Where the Hot Wind Blows]

Dassin was an American who was forced to work in Europe after being put on the Hollywood Blacklist